Chapter 315: Treasure of the God King

Chapter 315: Treasure of the God King

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Sure enough, Feng Wanzhou was a soul hunter. He was able to act so indifferent to Han and the other outsiders because he has already lost his will to live.

An old saying went, words of a man on his deathbed always come from the heart. Feng Wanzhou already made a firm resolution to fight his opponent to the death, so now he did not care about Han’s identity at all.

Han slightly frown and asked, "Old man, who is this person that you are so desperately trying to find?"

Feng Wanzhou laughed bitterly, "What person? The name is Li Xiang, he’s my-"

Suddenly, the conversation direction changed. Feng Wanzhou glanced at Han and questioned, "Why do you care so much? This is soul hunter business, and you have nothing to do with it."

Han had follow up with a smile, "Old Feng, if it was in the past, of course it would have nothing to do with me. But right now my two sisters and I are trapped in this hive. We miss our home and relatives but cannot return because the node has been sealed. Since this Li Xiang person sealed the node, I would also naturally care about this issue."

"Go home?" Feng Wanzhou seemed to be reminiscing, the corners of his eyes gradually moistening. He let out a long sigh and said, "Yes, as long as one has relatives at home waiting for them, who doesn’t want to go home? How did you people even end up here?"

Han told the truth. The transition passage collapsed and thus they were thrown to the opposite side of the universe.

Feng Wanzhou started laughing while he listened. Han’s experience was very bizarre, he was actually tossed over here due to space collapsing.

Han said, "OId Feng, if it’s okay, we wish to go with you to the soul hunter gathering."

Feng Wanzhou hesitated for a second and asked, "Are you not afraid to die? I\'m going there to fight to the death."

Han heavily stated, "As long as we can get home, we are willing to take any risks."

Feng Wanzhou lowered his head and didn’t say anything. It seems the two words ‘Go home’ sparked some memories.

Soon, Feng Wanzhou bursted into laughter and said, "Fine! Looking at how you are eagerly wanting to go home, let’s go together to the gathering! Anyways if we continue on like this, we will eventually die inside this hive!"

At the Three-eyed race’s fleet.

Lisa and Riley were called into Cerberus Arthur’s office.

The three old friends looked at each other with complex expressions, but none of them dared to call out to each other.

Arthur\'s throat itched. With an awkward and hoarse voice, he said, "I didn\'t think you two were still alive."

Lisa and Riley were shocked. These words symbolized that Arthur was willing to recognize them.

Riley said: "Since your old ass survived, why can’t we?"

HaHaHa ~

Being reunited after a long time, the three men tightly hugged each other. Since everybody here was a man, there was no reason to be embarrassed.

Arthur said, "Do not blame me. I had just arrived here that day and didn’t confirm the situation so I did not dare to meet with you. Now I have the situation of this ship thoroughly under control. Only in absolute safety do I dare to find you."

"You know, you old dog is more cautious than anyone else, or you wouldn\'t have lived so long," said Lisa while smiling.

They talked about how they came to the three-eye fleet. Funny enough, Arthur was also thrown out of the space explosion, but he arrived at a location closer than Lisa and Riley. Arthur also magically infiltrated the three-eye fleet, and his identity was not a slave, but as a three-eyed.

Arthur is definitely worthy of being a master of disguise. He is the foremost scout of the Milky Way. After two years of hiding and spying, he had laid deep roots inside the three-eye race’s fleet, and has even become a manager.

Riley said excitedly: "Now that there is Arthur, we can accomplish big things! Let\'s capture a ship and get back to the Milky Way!"

Arthur shook his head and said with a low voice, "What\'s the use of going back now? Even if the Milky Way Alliance is incompetent, they should already know that the three-eye race is approaching them now."

"This…" Both Lisa and Riley were stumped. The intelligence that they learned from infiltrating the three-eye fleet was not enough allow for the Milky Way Alliance to reverse the situation.

Arthur continued: "If we return to the Milky Way now, it is only for our own reasons, that we can see our relatives and friends again. But if we continue to infiltrate the fleet, we can do good for the galaxy. It is possible that at the critical moment, we can deal a critical blow to the three-eye race!"

"Suppose that at the most stressful moment in a massive battle, we suddenly fight our way out of the fleet, disrupting communications and their formations! This will mess with their morale and give our side an advantage. If we do that, it would be a lot more beneficial than us returning right now."

"I know that for two years, it was not be easy for us to hide at the darkest and lowest floor of the battleship, and I know that if we are determined to fight at the last moment, we are likely to die and we will never see our loved ones and friends again."

"Therefore, I will not force you. You should decide for yourselves."

Just after a few seconds of thinking, the twins laughed at the same time.

"You old dog. You are definitely trickier then us. In order to help the Milky Way, so many of our brothers are dead. Ma Jingkong, Miss White, Han, we naturally cannot be cowards!" Lisa stated proudly.

"For the Milky Way!"

"Yes, for the Milky Way!"

These three warlords that managed to sneak into the three eye race’s fleet by accident toasted each other, with fervent expressions on their faces.

Warriors were one of the most lovable people (k k k kawaii). They usually have a simple train of thought. Whoever decided to pick a fight with their home would have to prepare to fight to the death with them.

Even if they had to sacrifice their lives, they still wouldn’t give up.

Lisa and Riley did not know that Han was not dead. In fact, Han was luckier than them. He was just thrown into the galactic wilderness, and soon returned to the Milky Way and because of his adventures there, he received a pretty sizable harvest.

Of course, the life of Han in addition to being lucky, was way more troublesome.

Han was in a very sticky situation. He was leading two noble-born girls, following a random stranger that was a soul hunter, to the hive dimension’s soul hunter stronghold, Soul Hunting City.

Feng Wanzhou’s eyes flashed as he pointed forward towards a city that sat within a crevice that opened up the ground. He said, "Look, this is the soul hunting city. Since the establishment of the Soul Hunters Guild, all the Soul hunters come here to exchange information, trade goods, and get drunk. I spent a lot of good days in this city."

Han looked as far as his eyes could see and concluded that the scale of the city was pretty small. It looked like it could only accommodate ten thousand or twenty thousand people. Other than a big fortress built in the middle of the city, all the roads, and houses looked dilapidated."

It is definitely not easy to find such an open space in this hive dimension, as well as to build a base and a city. This area was also situated pretty well, being able to be accessed from all directions.

The honeycomb world on the back of the universe was magical. It is huge and no one knows the specific volume of the hive. It is also very narrow, because there are so many different paths that will magically bring people to places they could never imagine.

Sometimes, a person may have only taken a small turn in the hive dimension and returned to the regular universe, only to find that the exit point was tens of thousands of light-years away.

In short, the hive was known for its complexity and confusion.

Even these soul hunters understood, that all the paths in this small area of the hive was mapped out step by step by their predecessors.

Hunting for soul beasts was exceptionally dangerous, so Han mainly saw very straightforward manly men in the city.

Once in town, Han felt himself being watched.

Everyone was using prying eyes to look at Han’s group of four, while whispering comments to themselves far far away.

"How does Old Feng still dare to come back? Is he not afraid to die?"

"I don\'t know, who are those following Old Feng?"

"Whoever it is, if they follow Old Feng, they are bound to be unlucky."

"Old Feng is after all the soul king of the last generation. An anorexic elephant is still bigger than a horse. If he also wants to fight for the God King’s treasure, we might be able to see a junior facing a senior, the pinnacle showdown between two generations of soul kings."