Chapter 416: Golden Tower!

Chapter 416: Golden Tower!

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The Dark Net, Cursed Zone.

This was a zone that was full of danger, electromagnetic storms, space rifts, all sorts of dangerous environmental hazards were spread out throughout the whole Cursed Zone.

For these reasons, the Cursed Zone was not a suitable place for intelligent lives to live. This place became an optimal place to hide secrets, the technology that had been developed here was close to the power of the Big Five. If anyone wanted to hide something, there was nowhere else that would be safer than the Cursed Zone.

Regardless of how hard the Big Five tried, they wouldn’t be able to invade into the Cursed zone because they didn’t have Sky Howling Wolf’s star map. Regardless of whether it was the regular side or the reverse side of the universe, it would be lethal for anyone who did not have the appropriate star map. It would be like swimming naked in an ocean full of sharks. You could never predict when you would get bitten.

There aren’t that many people in the world who could fully explore every corner of the Cursed Zone. Other than Sky Howling Wolf, there was the Golden Family, and Sky Howling Wolf was still technically a member of the Golden Family. As it could be seen, how powerful it was to be a part of the Golden Family.

Even though Silver Fox was saved by someone last minute and it made the mysterious black man very upset, but he was still able to readjust his emotions quickly, and led everyone to the A17 vortex zone.

Anyone who controlled the star map would know that this was one of the many places that they shouldn’t get close to in the Cursed Zone. Yet the black man was not fazed at all, he led his spacecraft to pass through this vortex at a very magical angle.

All his subordinates including Linda were surprised. An energy vortex was a natural aggregate of natural energy. Energy was concentrated here and could not go anywhere, eventually becoming a vortex.

Even the strongest spacecraft would be crushed by this vortex into a piece of waste metal, but scary energy vortexes like this could be passed through safely if you found the correct angle. Nobody would believe that you could come out of this vortex unscathed until they saw it with their own eyes.

"Master, where are we going?" A warrior with broad shoulders asked.

"You guys will find out soon, even though the Golden Family is extremely famous, I was the only one that returned this time, so I have to be extra careful and use some tricks in order to get rid of the Big Five Corporations once and for all."

"Human-like intelligent species were not anything too special. They were just extremely good at reproduction. We’ve only been gone for two eras, and now there are more humans here than ants." The black man said while laughing.

Linda said, "Master, even if humans win in number, that doesn’t mean they are invincible. The world has a natural order. The stronger the race, the less able they are to reproduce. Since humans greatly exceed us in numbers, this just proves that they are actually weak, so they need to rely on their reproductive skills to make up for their flaws."

"I know." The black man said, "It is just that since there is a great number of them, it would take a long time to kill them all. Furthermore, my family members are still far away, so I want to invite them to the Secret Realm."

Secret Realm?!

Everyone was shocked, the Golden Family always had a family hierarchy that they followed. Everyone knew that their old nest was in the Cursed Zone so a lot of their wealth and land were all kept here, but nobody could find them. Even if they found it, they still couldn’t go in and take anything.

Since this black man could open the Secret Realm of the Golden Family to use his wealth against the Big Five corporations, it means that he was ranked pretty high in the family. Everyone was happy since they all wanted to have a master that was of a high rank.

Deep inside the energy vortex was an entrance to a dimension. This was not that different from the other spaces that were scattered across the dark network. But here was one of the Golden Family’s Secret Realm.


The Secret Realm that had been sealed for many years opened, the spacecraft entered and everyone noticed that this space was just a wall made of gold. They could not see the end of the wall, neither can they see how tall it was.

"Wow, no doubt this was made by the Golden Family, this is such a majestic golden wall!" Someone exclaimed.

"This isn’t a wall." The black man said.

"Not a wall? Then what is it?

"A tower."

"Master, there are multiple levels to a tower, this is clearly just one wall."

The black man laughed and pointed to the sky, "This tower is extremely tall, so you can’t see its levels. To be honest, I’ve never been to the top of the tower either so I can’t really tell you exactly how big the tower is. Regardless, it is definitely really big and probably about the size of a type A planet."


Everyone gasped. It was such a majestic tower, and no one knew how it was built. The cost of the materials would probably be a significant number. Plus, what they were currently seeing was only a small portion of the tower.

Without exceptions, they now all have a deeper understanding of the power of the Golden Family. What the legends had said about the family was all true.

The black man placed his right hand on the golden wall, and the wall lit up, displaying his information.

His name was Lone Abyss. What a weird name, but no doubt he was a member of the Golden Family.

After the wall recognized the identity of Lone Abyss, an entrance was opened. His subordinates followed him into the huge tower and were immediately shocked by what was presented in front of them.

It was like the inside was a different world, there were odd stones everywhere, cold wind blowing through the tower, sending shivers down everyone’s backs.

"Go, take my letter. Invite the Mass Demons, Nightmares, Holy Spirits, Godsend, and All Gods Corporations to this place."

Lone Abyss thought for a second and added, "And add that weird Wolf Fang team. The different tribes now all listen to them so they are basically the leaders of the Cursed Zone. Tell them that either Han who shot me with the arrow come, or they don’t come at all."

His subordinates frowned, "Master, but you didn’t say how many of them should come."

Lone Abyss laughed, "They can send however many people they want here. Even if they send their whole corporation into the Cursed Zone, as long as the Golden Tower is here, none of them will leave here alive."


In a remote but beautiful mansion in the All Gods Corporation.

This was the mansion of Lu Shui. As one of the founding families of the All Gods Corporation, their home was one of the most beautiful in the whole corporation. The dimension in which it was located was even named after Lu Shui’s family. The status this family had in the All Gods Corporation was apparent.

Lu Shui Jian Jia was sitting in the garden staring blankly into space. Ever since that accident happened, she often did this and nobody knew what she was thinking about. But every now and then, people can hear that she would be murmuring about something with Han’s name. It was apparent that even though her father and grandfather tried to stop her with all their power, she never stopped thinking about it. Furthermore, the more time that had passed, the more she thought about it.

Her father was strict, but her grandfather was loving.

Today, Lu Shui Qiu Lin returned.

As one of the pillars of the All Gods Corporation, he often did not return home. When she was little, Jian Jia would see him once a year, but now he would show his face in front of Jian Jia whenever possible. Regardless of how busy he was, he would always return home once in a while to see his granddaughter.

The old man almost cried when he saw the state that Lu Shui Jian Jia was in. He knew what she wanted and what she was thinking, but he couldn’t help her.

Han could’ve been friends with anybody but 9527. 9527 was the number one enemy of all Gods Corporation, the Leader of All Gods Jacquet once said that he would happily trade half his land for the life of 9527.

Sometimes this was just how life was. When the enemy betrays you, you couldn’t really say anything because why should they behave any differently?

But if someone close to you betrayed you, then it would be extremely unacceptable.

So regardless of the status, Lu Shui Qiu Lin had in the corporation, he would never say he forgave Han. When he decided to be together with 9527, he was destined to be an enemy of the All Gods Corporation forever.

Han must die!

Lu Shui Qiu Lin sighed and remembered the mission he had, so he decided that he should turn around and leave without talking to Jian Jia. However, Jian Jia heard his sigh.

"Grandpa…" Jian Jia said without any energy.

After Lu Shui Qiu Lin heard the voice of his granddaughter, his determination was immediately gone. He came to the side of Jian Jia and asked her about whether she was eating well and sleeping well.

Jian Jia kept on nodding her head even though her face looked terrible.


Lu Shui Qiu Lin sighed, "Grandfather came back today to pack some things. I need to leave to a far away place and I don’t know when I will be back. How can I not worry about you when you are like this?"

Jian Jia said, "You are going away?"


"Is it to visit other corporations?"

"This … I can’t disclose, it is extremely critical."

Jian Jia said, "Grandfather always worries about me but I worry about you too, I will go prepare some snacks that you like, remember to not be too tired, it might hurt your body."

The old man was moved to the verge of tears. Jian Jia had been unruly ever since she was little, and most people couldn’t get along with her. He couldn’t believe that she was so caring and nice to him, he was moved from the bottom of his heart.

When she turned around, Jian Jia returned to her own room and stole one of the dimension stones her grandfather had on him.

She quickly searched through the dimension rock. It was almost as if she always did this, she scrambled past most things and quickly found the leather folder that Lu Shui Qiu Lin kept important documents in.

When she opened the leather folder, a letter fell down. Jian Jia picked it up and lost all color from her face.

On the letter, it said that the Golden Family had sent a representative to invite people from the Big Five Corporations to meet at the Cursed Zone where they will activate the treasures and secrets of the Golden Family.

Luo Shock Scale, Dark North, Time Activator, Bruce, her grandfather Lu Shui Qiu Lin!

The Big Five sent out such an impressive and famous team!

They were just missing the top notch Gods like Luo Shui Han and Jacquet. Everyone else who were going was in the top three of each corporation, the strongest amongst the strongest, the warlords of the warlords!

When she saw the sixth name Jian Jia was even more frazzled, it was Han! Han might go too!

"The Golden Family…"

"Han…" Jian Jia was stunned momentarily and repeated to herself.