Chapter 216: Seeing Fran Again

Chapter 216: Seeing Fran Again

“Fran? How come you are here too?” Han said with surprise.

This was Han’s old acquaintance, from the Turbid Galaxy. The Headhunter race’s leader Fran. He had fought a life and death battle before with Han and Ye Guhong, so it could be regarded as a friendship above life.


Fran didn’t say anything and just gave Han a big bear hug as he yelled with his heavy voice, “Brother! My good brother! I missed you”

“Everyone come over here, this is Han, my brother!” Fran shouted at the alien elites behind him. The alien race was usually all very open, not sophisticated like humans or gods. Although these people and Han weren’t the same race, but they are all very sociable and can hit it off very quickly.

So Han quickly met many alien friends, the majority of the aliens were all aboriginals of dozens of nearby wilderness galaxies of Milky Way. They weren’t that good looking, and their temper was similar to the rough Fran.

Han actually fit in quite well in this kind of crowd. It was actually pretty simple to socialize with aliens, you just need to be sincere. Swear if you want to swear, and just get into a fight if you are not happy, and after the fight, everyone is still friends.

Now it put the human compatriots into an awkward situation. To adapt to what was happening as they just tilted their heads and saw Han hanging out with a group of aliens.

“You guys come here, these guys are all friends.” Han shouted at those human compatriots.

The Human elites hesitated as they walked over, Han smiled and said, “In fact we are all not in a good situation right now, the god race now wants to come back to the Milky Way, it’s not just us that will have to fight them. All the places the god race passes through are all filled with smoke of war. Fran and the other aliens also see the god race as enemies.”

“Since we all regard the god race to be enemies, then that makes us friends haha, so we should get close together and help each other out.”

Han’s “enemy’s enemy is a friend” saying actually couldn’t withstand too much logical scrutiny, but the simple-minded aliens don’t really care. They just think that this saying makes sense so they believed in it. Although they didn’t really get as close to the humans as with Han, but at least they won’t be hostile towards the humans now.

Then, Fran began to explain why he came here.

“That’s because I met a very strange old man, he calls himself the prophet Qiu De.”

“Prophet Qiu De.” Han hesitated and quickly said, “I know this guy. A while back someone even personally asked me to find him, who would’ve thought that he actually went to the distant Turbid Galaxy. How did Qiu De convince you to come here?”

Fran said, “Qiu De told me a lot about dark net, and it’s clear that he respects the dark net a lot. As for the reason, he said the same thing as you. If the god race is coming back, we would be screwed too, so instead of waiting for death, we might as well fight with them to the death.”

“Qiu De said, in a universe war, us Headhunters and the humans in the Milky Way still won’t be match for the god race. I didn’t like those words, but that is the truth, so he suggested that if I want to fight, then come here and fight because I can meet more god race enemies here.”

“I thought it makes sense too. I don’t like waiting for death, so I might as well come here and kill some gods, every one will count.”

“My people also really wanted to come too, but unfortunately Qiu De didn’t get too many invites to the dark net’s deeper level, so from our race, he just invited me.”

“Qiu De said, his mission right now is to contact all the strongest elites in the galactic wilderness around the Milky Way. Look, these guys also came here from the wilderness galaxy, although the people that invited them might’ve not been Qiu De, but they are probably people similar to Qiu De.”

Han nodded. The Protector Chuli didn’t lie, Prophet Qiu De indeed had a very deep connection with Sansheng. Through trials Sansheng invited a large group of dark net elites and at the same time, Qiu De visited all the nearby galaxies and invited the top level elites from the alien races.

The next step will probably be inviting the two biggest powers in the Milky Way, the Alliance and the Oblivion Realm.

It’s just that it’s not going to be easy trying to convince the Alliance and Oblivion Realm, because the old traditional forces were usually the most stubborn ones.

“This Path of All Gods is f*cking retarded! I came here dozen days now, killed countless people, passed numerous tests, but this damn system just won’t let me go to #2 Communication System. You tell me, isn’t this screwing with me? Many people that aren’t even stronger than me all walked ahead of me now, how can I keep my reputation.” Fran complained.

Han laughed and said, “No rules is the only rule of the Path of All Gods, no one knows about what the requirements are for leveling up, but you should trust your strength. If the system doesn’t let you level up, you just continue killing! If killing 100 isn’t enough, then kill 1000! If killing 1000 isn’t enough, then kill 10,000! If that’s still not enough, then we will kill them all! Let’s see if the system lets you level up or not!”

Fran was first stunned, then he started laughing as he patted Han’s shoulder, “Now I know why we can be brothers, holy shit, our temper is exactly the same! Alright! This damn system doesn’t let me level up, then I will just kill all the enemies!”

The surrounding aliens also feel that they share similar temper as Han. If say becoming Han’s friend moments ago had something to do with Fran, then now they like Han purely because of his character.

“Have you seen Ye Weiwei or Ye Guhong recently?” Han asked Fran about the Ye family. Speaking of it, Han indeed missed Ye Weiwei a bit, because this girl was always very happy when hanging out with him.

As a man, it’s always a good feeling if a beautiful girl always feels excited and happy when she sees you. But as for any additional feelings, so far there wasn’t any.

“Haven’t seen them, but other members of the Ye Family did visit often. Ye Weiwei and Ye Guhong probably already went to an even further galaxy. I actually miss them too, if Qiu De sees them, he might actually invite them to the Path of All Gods too, that way we can all meet again.” Fran said.

“Having said that, is the warriors’ Path of All Gods just killing?” Since there’s no more news about Ye Weiwei, Han began to ask about other things in curiosity.

“There are other options, but I chose primary warrior, so more than half of the missions needed to be completed through battle. What, you haven’t received any missions?” Fran was a bit puzzled.

Han shook his head and said, “Nope, but even if I did it shouldn’t be combat missions, because I’m registered as beast tamer, so the system would probably assign me some technical missions.”

“Beast tamer?” Fran was greatly surprised, “You little brat’s combat strength isn’t below me, and you actually registered as beast tamer? Oh boy, just how many things did you learn?”

During the warm conversation, Han didn’t notice at all, in the crowd of god race, a guy already got his eyes on Han from very far away.

It was a god race with a scar on his forehead. The god race that went through intense genetic mutation, everyone’s ultimate goal was to activate the third eye on their forehead. The god race feels like, having the third eye is the feature that makes them indefinitely close to god.

And the scar on this guy’s forehead, seemed to be left behind due to a failed attempt to activate the third eye.

He turned around, sneakily pull out a paper that was not even the size of a cigarette box, written with words and pictures that no one could understand.

With a light flick of finger, this strange paper disappeared. At the same time, Han in the distance shivered once, as if something lightly poked his back. He turned around but didn’t see anything suspicious.

These were runic scrolls. The longer ones were called scrolls, shorter ones were called runes, and this was a type of powerful tool that could only be used on the Path of All Gods.

Every piece of rune requires a large amount of points to exchange for, and runes were hidden, just like the precious room that 9527 guards. One must complete specific missions in order to be able to see that trading option.

Now, Han had unknowingly accepted the power of rune.

“Then we will see each other later. There will be one day, when we will meet again at the final destination, #9 Communication Station.” Han said to Fran.

“Alright, deal!” Fran gave Han a big hug again.

Then, Han just randomly found a big black rock with a palm-mark on it, and moved his hand slowly towards it.


Just at that instant Han’s fingertip touched the giant black rock, he magically disappeared.

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