Chapter 360: The 9527 that No Longer Hid

Chapter 360: The 9527 that No Longer Hid

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When Han released the Black Egg, it did feel really epic that the three super warlords that had Tanding as the lead were a bit scared. Their facial expressions were nervous, and they jumped back hastily.

But when they realized that the little guy that was released was just a fat thing that could fly, they became very annoyed. They felt like they were played by Han since they thought that Han released some secret weapon, but it turned out to be this sh*t.

The warrior that was wearing silver armor murmured, "What the f*ck is this?"


This comment was immediately heard by Black Egg. He became angry. Han was his master, even when Han said bad things about him he would beat him up, not to mention that warrior who was an enemy.


Black Egg fluttered towards him at a speed faster than light, and revealed his sharp claws.

As a legendary level creature with twin-golden-pupils, his battle techniques were really simple. He relied on his lightning speed, strong power, and extreme agility in the air, as well as a body of special black scales which made him immune to any sort of physical damage.

Within seconds, Black Egg got onto this super warlord\'s a$$, like a ray of black light, circling him around and around. The moment he found a good opportunity, Black Egg would use his sharp claws to stab him and use his small teeth to bite him.

As to the Soul Kill ability, Black Egg didn’t usually use it since that was his ultimate skill. He only used it against top notch enemies, and whenever he used it, it would burn a lot of his energy.

Even though these were physical attacks, they still made these super warlords uncomfortable. After all, Black Egg was tiny, super fast, and could fly. Adding all these things together, Black Egg became the best guerilla warfare soldier. He was highly proficient in finding weaknesses in his enemies and taking advantage of those weaknesses.

But of course, super warlords were obviously warriors that well deserved their title. Their reaction time was about 1/100000 milliseconds, and other people could only see that a ray of black light and a ray of silver light were clashing. The speed was fast enough that nobody could tell what was going on and who was winning.


The person and Black Egg finally separated, the guards were surprised to find that the warlord was covered in blood. His armor had been broken by Black Egg, and his face was beyond recognition.

This was only Black Egg’s physical attack, so if he used his soul kill attack, the outcome would be unimaginable.

With the blink of an eye, this battle zone was separated into two. One zone was a fight between Han and the guards of Judgement City. The guards were leveraging their greatness in numbers, blocking Han and his team of less than 500 people, but Han was relying on the strategic prowess of the Wolf Fang, charging left and right in the enemy\'s formation,

The other zone was for experts, Sima Hunfeng and the Black Egg against the three super warlords!

"Go!" Han yelled angrily. Everyone used their powers to attack the enemies at the same time.

Even though Han has less people on his side, but their goals and hearts aligned together better, and their attacks were also more concentrated.


A variety of super powers, as if forming into a dragon with lights and shadows, blocked the enemies that were in front of them. Within moments, there were already a couple of hundred people lying unconsciously on the ground.

By the time these guards realized that Han’s Void Domain had been lifted and wanted to use their super powers, they realized that Han had opened his Void Domain again, so they still could not use their super powers.

This was what they call, as long as it works, you can use it as many times you want.

Speaking of the tactic quality, Han’s Wolf Fang could be easily read by anyone. However, even though the enemies could understand it, they could not find a good counter to it.

Nobody knew when Han would remove his Void End and when he would open again. As the rare battlefield metronome, the pace of the battle was firmly held in Han’s hands!

Back in the days when Han wasn’t as strong and as familiar with these strategies, he also led an army, and inflicted a lot of damage to the Thorn Bird Raiders back in the Milky Way!

And now, as long as there were no top tier warriors in the war trying to rush their formation, Han’s Wolf Teeth would not be broken! It would keep on biting at the enemies’ necks, drawing blood!

Within seconds, Han had led his comrades to break out of the enemy circle, so they turned around to fight again!

The Wolf Fang tactic was a very powerful assault tactic! When there was a target, the Wolf Fang would push forward and chase after the target, and when there was no target, the Wolf Teeth would bite and rip through the enemies’ bodies again and again.

However, this did not mean that this strategy would protect the lives of everyone on his team. This was war, deaths were inevitable. Every minute, there was someone on Han’s team falling.

But whenever someone falls, there immediately would be a brother substituting in for the position to ensure that the Wolf Fang tactic would remain intact!

Even though this tactic had only existed for a few years, the maturity and depth of this whole strategy could be written into some education material! It became a classic of the generation! As of today, regardless of who his enemies were, Han’s Wolf Fang remained undefeated!

And on the other side, the battle between the four super warlords and Black Egg was not looking too well because of Han’s Void End.

There was no solution, Han’s Void Domain was unreasonable. Anyone within 100km of him would be unable to use any super powers, regardless of whether they are warlords or super warlords.

But even though this was a group of super warlords, they could only use the traditional method of fighting, drawing out blades to slash. And under these circumstances, Black Egg definitely had an advantage.

Even though this little thing was arrogant, he was still very clever, nobody had taught him anything yet he learned to support Sima Hunfeng by himself and attack from the outer circle.

Sima Hunfeng was like the main attacker while Black Egg was the support.

If Tanding gave Sima Hunfeng a lot of pressure, Black Egg would immediately draw a sexy curve in the sky and fly towards Tanding.

And then, Black Egg would bite and rip like a maniac! Using his speed and sharp claws, ripping Tanding’s face apart and forcing him out of their battle formation!

Then, he would turn around and grab onto another enemy to continue biting and ripping.

Overall, this little guy’s strategy was very effective, he would bite whoever came close to Sima Hunfeng.

As the strongest man in the Milky Way, one Sima Hunfeng would already stress people out, and now there was another lingering Black Egg. This made Tanding and his two partners extremely stressed.

Whenever they were attacking Sima Hunfeng, they must be extra careful and could not unleash their full potential since Black Egg was right there watching. Nobody knew when he would suddenly attack.

Even though Black Egg was not the world’s strongest combat-type soul beast, but he was definitely the most annoying one to deal with.

Not to mention that he can move at a speed of light, his claws were extremely sharp, and he could fly. But the part that angered people the most was that he had an indescribable level of resistance to attacks.

His body of black scales was always protecting him. Even if Tanding was able to hit him into the air, he would fly right back more viciously.

Up until now, the three super warlords were kind of dizzy from being scratched by Black Egg, while Black Egg came out of these fights unscathed.

"What is going on! Why is it only the two of you!" Tanding yelled irritably. "You guys don’t understand? We have to finish this fight quick! We can’t give military chief Kabri a chance to interfere!"

Tanding definitely had a reason to be irritated, killing Han and his crew had been the secret instructions of the executives of All Gods Corporation. Within the All Gods Corporation, of course not everyone agreed with this decision, or else the executives wouldn’t need to do this behind the military’s backs.

So Tanding wanted to finish this battle as soon as possible, and kill Han’s crew all in one go. Then, even if the military does show up, he could easily explain that Han was revolting against the prison guards and that was the reason why they killed them. At that time, Han would be dead, and even if Kabri was unhappy with the result, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Tanding.

But the current situation was that Tanding was losing to Han and Sima Hunfeng!

The guards exceeded in numbers, but they could not beat Han’s Wolf Fang Tactics.

The three super warlords on his side were also only tied with Sima Hunfeng and Black Egg.

Earlier when Tanding was dragging out the time, so was Han, and this made Tanding even more worried. Han usually had some sort of trump card saved until the end, would there be one this time?

"How do we know! The executive board\'s army came with us! But when we arrived at the Judgement City, there were only the two of us!" A warlord in silver armor yelled, he looked really worried as well.


Just after he stopped talking, a ray of white light shone through the world in darkness, with blinding illumance.

Tanding was shocked temporarily, then he proceeded to yell excitedly: "Haha, the executive\'s guards are here! This is the top tier fighting army of the All Gods Corporation!! Let’s see who would still want to fight back!"

Boom boom boom.

The ray of white light exploded in the darkness. The one appearing in the sky above Judgement City was not the military of the executives, but a space station, Phantom Station #9527!

Han frowned slightly. At this point, 9527 space station looked very damaged and there was even black smoke coming out of the body. It seemed like it had just been through a terrible battle.


The huge space station descended, no, it smashed down!

Everyone started running, if they didn’t run, they would become meat sauce!


9527 was definitely crazy, he actually let the space station smash onto the city. This city was floating in the Dark Net, and this huge commotion tilted the city. Numerous structures came crashing down. The ground, the plazas, statues, everything became tilted.

There was smoke and dust all over the air. Within this mess Han heard the door to the space station open and heavy foot steps. Then he saw a fat but twisted face, yes, that was 9527.

In all the times Han has met this old man, he has never seen him so mad, with a darkened face, round eyes, and a string of human heads in his hand!


9527 walked in front of Tanding and smashed the string of heads onto the ground, sneered, "This is the reinforcement you were waiting for, I have given them to you!"

Tanding’s face turned paper white, he was stunned!

"You actually came?!" Tanding said while shaking.

9527 raised his eyebrows and asked: "Not only did I come, but I also killed all the help you were looking for! The two that were with you, they were just fish that luckily escaped my net."

"How did you do it?!" Tanding asked, still shaking: "That was the executive board\'s army!"


9527 laughed: "Dumb*ss, you seemed to have forgotten, these warriors were recruited and trained by me! Executives, the whole All Gods Corporation, was designed by me as well."


Tanding swallowed, tilted his body and gritted his teeth. It seemed like he was going to start a fight with 9527.

The two warriors in silver armor behind him held him back.

"Don’t be hot headed! We would never win against him!"

"If he can intercept the strongest army, he can also stop our hyper space’s connection, without any miracle, there wouldn’t be any more of our reinforcement on their way."

9527 laughed coldly, "At least you guys know your place, don’t think I can’t recognize you guys with masks and armors on. Your grandfather is Hong Laosan right? To be honest, your grandfather would have to call me teacher."

The two in silver armor nodded their heads helplessly.

Han was kind of stunned too, 9527 was this strong? The All Gods Corporation was actually designed by him?

"Let’s go! As long as I am here, no one would dare to attack us." 9527 said to Han arrogantly.

Tanding could not control himself, although he was being held back by the two people, he was still yelling, "Even though you were the master designer behind All Gods Corporation, but that was in the past! Now, you are our enemy! You are All Gods Corporation’s enemy!"

"You’ve been hiding for so long, and you finally showed yourself today! Even if you can run away from the Judgement City, you would not be able to escape the Corporation’s chase! Regardless of where you run to, we will be able to find you!"


9527 laughed without turning his head.

"Dumb*ss, you don’t understand, the fact that I didn’t leave was not because I cannot leave, it is because I don’t want to give up on so much that I’ve constructed by myself."

"Tell these old dumb*sses for me, from today, I am no longer connected to All Gods Corporation in any way. If they want to come kill me, then by all means, come!" 9527 yelled loudly.

Pluto was already at the entrance to the space station, yelling at everyone to come aboard, Han was basically the only person who understood what was happening, while Sima Hunfeng and the rest of everyone else were extremely confused. Everyone entered the space station speedily, and 9527 closed the gate after them.

"You can stop looking at them now, they wouldn’t dare come after us." 9527 said to Han who was standing at the door.

"Queen, let’s follow the predetermined route, we need to get out of here." 9527 said to the AI system Queen.

9527 didn’t go back to the control room immediately, instead he stood in front of the porthole, watching the tilted Judgement City disappear into the darkness. He sighed lightly, almost as if he aged significantly within seconds.

"So what exactly happened?" Han asked Pluto.

Pluto said, "After you told Yuan Yuan to send the SOS signal, we got going right away. It was just that the All Gods Corporation turned on a blocking system against 9527, so we had no choice but to activate a unblocking script."

"According to 9527, once we activate the script, it was like giving up our source code to the All Gods Corporation to track us, and this space station can no longer stay invisible within the corporation’s internal system. So now we must leave to somewhere far away."

"And what will come next you can probably guess, 9527 released the super space bomb and stopped the help, and forced the interrogation city offline. This ultimately saved you guys."

Han nodded slightly, even though Pluto made everything seem simple, but he could imagine, from him breaking out of jail to 9527 arriving, it hasn’t been 10 minutes, yet so much had happened.

Han quickly came up to 9527, and said with a smile, "Sorry, we made you expose yourself, where are we going next?"

9527 tossed Han a look and shrugged, "It doesn’t matter where we are going, we have to escape the All Gods Corporation first. Let’s go, gather everyone who has learned how to fly in space, operate space navigation, and operating weapons, and tell them to come with me to the central control room. Luo Ying is there alone, I am kind of worried."

Han began to understand, 9527 space station was no longer invisible. Just because they escaped the Judgement City did not mean they had escaped the All Gods Corporation’s chase.

As everyone was walking in the hall, they all heard the voice of the Queen, "Master, the first round of interception will arrive in approximately 4 minutes and 17 seconds, please prepare for combat."