Chapter 316: Black Egg got detected

Chapter 316: Black Egg got detected

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Han and Feng Wanzhou found an inn to stay in. In Soul Hunting city, almost all houses have a few rooms that could be rented out. The one that Feng Wanzhou found was in a store. In the top floor, there were a few rooms. The facilities were very simple, but at least it was quiet.

Feng Wanzhou was obviously familiar with the fat boss of this establishment. When he saw Feng Wanzhou, he was very respectful, and even closed the shop ahead of time. The fat boss and Feng Wanzhou quickly went into the room and started discussing matters.

"Do you see the way those people looked at us on the street today? It\'s weird." Jian Jia said.

Han was aware of course. In fact, the people in the city do not so much as hate Feng Wanzhou, but are actually just afraid of greeting and chatting with him because of a special reason.

Han already guessed it in his heart. Presumably Feng Wanzhou wants to confront a person whose status is very high. Thus, everybody is afraid that that person will retaliate against people who are tied to Feng Wanzhou, so they deliberately kept their distance.

"Take things as they come. Wait and watch it change." said Han.

Luo Ying said, "I think also, Old Feng is actually quite formidable. I estimate that he has reached at least the pinnacle of seven star. In this Soul Hunting city, I have not seen a higher level of existence than Old Feng."

Han frowned. Often times, those with higher ranks don’t actually have too big of an advantage in a fight. If all the people in the city were enemies of Feng Wanzhou, that would be really troublesome.

"You stay here, I\'ll walk down the street." Han told Luo Ying and Jian Jia.

"I\'ll go with you."

The two little girls jumped out together. When people are relying on each other, it is very easy for feelings to develop. For the past a few days, they have unwittingly started relying on Han. As long as Han was by their side, they would feel at ease. If Han was not close, they would start feeling anxious.

"Don\'t be silly, did you see any women in the streets? Don\'t think that you can disguise yourselves in front of these guys. In a place where there are no women, young, handsome men are also dangerous. Be obedient and stay here."

Han talked like a big brother that lived next door. Even though he clearly refused, both Jian Jia and Luo Ying easily accepted his reasoning.

Han walked alone onto the street. This was a very small city. Almost instantaneously, everyone became aware of Han’s identity, as the man with Feng Wanzhou.

So, when Han was ready to enter a bar, the bar suddenly closed. When he wanted to go to a restaurant to inquire about news, the restaurant lights suddenly extinguished.

Han only wryly smiled. It seemed that the Soul Hunting city’s people saw him as a scourge.

Han came to the fortress near the center of the city. He saw that this fortress was brightly lit, heavily guarded and that the doorway had a stone with only a few words written on it: "The Soul Hunters Guild."

From experience, most guilds are just some businesses that loosely organized themselves to help each other out. The Soul Hunter’s Guild was more like an army that separated itself from the soul hunters from the streets.

Han shook his head and returned along the original road.

Han was not afraid of them. First of all, Han himself was already a high level warrior, with many means of fighting at his disposal. Also, with his recent progress in the Path of Yao, he already forgot how to spell the word "Fear". As someone that practices demonic attack since his debut, only people who have fought him before can understand how fearsome he really is in combat.

It’s just that, Han now wanted to get out of the Hive world and go back to the normal universe. Regarding how the nodes open and close, Han still did not understand. This was the main reason for his worry.

It’s not like Han could make another transition portal, and then deliberately destroy it because he does not know to what world he will be thrown to next. It may even be farther away from home.

Suddenly ~

At the time of Han helplessness, to the right of the street, in a gloomy alley, reached out a hand. A skinny pale hand with fingernails longer than the fingers, extremely frightening.

This scary hand gently curled at Han, seemingly wanting him to go over. The master of this hand was hidden in the dark alley.

Back at the palace, the president of the Soul Hunters guild, Soul King Li Xiang, was actually very idealistic.

He wanted to change the previous loose organization of the guild, and focus all the soul hunters together towards one goal.

So after he took office, he kept trying to recruit for army and control the nodes. Finally, until today, he blocked the nodes from the hive world to the outer world with a special technique.

The reason Li Xiang assembled all these soul hunters was not because he wanted to unite them, but actually for them to be used towards his final, secret goal.

At this moment, skinny like a stick, with sunken eye sockets, he was hiding in his study room, constantly swearing.

"This old thing is not dead? He\'s actually back!" Li Xiang gloomily shouted.

Next to him was a middle-aged man that was a little fat and a little pale, with a big smile on his face. This was Cen Deng, Li Xiang’s butler.

Cen Deng said, "Feng Wanzhou is after all the last generation Soul King. As one of the most powerful people of the hive world, he won’t die as easily as we think. Although Feng Wanzhou did not die, his sons did not come back with him. Presumably his sons have died. Although we did not completely succeed, we did manage to clip Feng Wanzhou’s wings."

"What should we do next?" asked Li Xiang. "When I told him that there would be a top tier soul beast there, he trusted me and even brought his sons."

"But what they found there was a horrific Soul Sucking Beast. The Soul Sucking beast escaped and his sons died, if I was Feng Wanzhou and had such an encounter, how would I think?"

Cen Deng calmly replied, "Will definitely hate your highness."

Li Xiang slapped the table and said, "Isn’t that obvious! The mistake I made was that I didn’t send people to go there and make sure that he dies. He actually escaped from the Soul Sucking Beasts and returned."

Cen Deng reprimanded, "Your Highness, I think that complaining about the past is no use. The most important thing is to seize the present. Feng Wanzhou not dying is the reality. Complaining is useless. The king should take the initiative to see him and see if we can dispel his misgivings."

Li Xiang shook his hand, "I followed Old Feng for many years. I know him, once he resents someone, if he doesn’t get revenge, there’s no possibility of dispelling any misgivings."

Cen Deng said, "Even if it is not possible, you still need to pretend that you want to. In addition, the king should invite him to the expedition army. Use the God King’s treasure to bait him. As long as Feng Wanzhou is willing to go with the King together on the expedition, we can kill him outside of this city. If we were to eliminate him inside the city, there will be rumors. The soul hunters are already resenting you The King because you have sealed all the nodes and broken contact with the outside world. We cannot commit another error and get more public dissatisfaction."

"In short, Feng Wanzhou’s threat is only a small matter. For us, it is more important to get the treasure of the God King. Killing Feng Wanzhou can only be done if our master plan allows for it."

Li Xiang frowned for a long time. Cen Deng was right, the expeditionary force has already been established, and was about to depart. As for Feng Wanzhou, even if he lets him off for the time being, what could possible happen? As long as he gets the God King’s treasure…

Suddenly ~

One of Cen Deng’s men came in, and whispered a report into Cen Deng’s ear. He was startled and hurried to the window and looked out.

"What\'s the matter?" Li Xiang asked.

"The scanner found a top tier soul beast in the city." Cen Deng said.

Li Xiang was shocked, his face showing his fear, "This Feng Wanzhou brought a top tier soul beast into town?"

Cen Deng replied, "It’s not Feng Wanzhou, but this young man. He is hiding a top tier beast on his body somewhere."

Li Xiang hurriedly went to the window and looked outside, just in time to see Han loitering around the castle, finding that the castle was heavily guarded before shaking his head and turning away.