Chapter 417: Soul Break!

Chapter 417: Soul Break!

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Inside the Training Dimension of the Golden Tome.

After Han had familiarized himself with Powers of the Soul, he began to start basic training under Jie’s lead.

Jie said in a heavy voice, "There are Nine levels of Soul power, the higher the level, the more you will improve."

"To put it simply, the beginner level Soul power will allow your peak power to double. What is your Source Energy right now?

Han said, "The last time I measured it, it was 65 million."

Jie said, "Oh, so you are very close to pinnacle warlord level. To have such strength at your age is pretty good."

"But I only said pretty good. It’s because you have not learned to use Soul power. If you master the beginner Soul Power, your peak power will double and be close to 130 million. That’s the level of a super warlord."

Han was stunned. As his level increased, it became harder to increase his Source energy. Could he double his peak power just by mastering the beginner level of Soul Power?

One must know, there were two barriers one had to overcome to get from Seven Star intermediate to the next level.

Jie continued to say, "If you have level two Soul Power, your peak power will triple and reach 195 million. For level three Soul power, it will quadruple."

Han was very excited, Soul Power could exponentially increase a warrior’s power. If he had beginner Soul power. He could amplify the area of Void End to ten times the area without advancing his level. This was something Han dared not imagined in the past.


The sight in front of Han changed. He appeared in the deep sea and was surrounded by Sardines. The number of small silver fish was like sand in a desert – there was too many to count.

The colony of sardine fish swam around Han. At this moment, Jie said, "What you see is what will help you begin your Soul Power training. Don’t doubt the reliability of the training. After centuries and the summary by countless strong warriors, we have concluded that for a beginner, the most important thing needed to switch on Soul Power is concentration."

"If a person can learn concentration, and can focus on one thing no matter how long it takes. He will one day succeed. Have you heard of the ten thousand, hundred thousand and one million hours evolution theory?"

Han shook his head.

Jie smiled and said, "It’s very simple. Ten thousand evolution meant that if you want to be an outstanding carpenter, even if you have never touched wood or have any knowledge of carpentry, it is okay."

"As long as you can spend ten thousand hours to learn carpentry. After ten thousand hours, you will be skilled in carpentry. If you can spend a hundred thousand hours learning, you will be an expert. If you can spend 1 million hours learning the skills, you will become a master of the trade."

Han nodded and said, "This theory makes sense. It is, after all, a skill. If your intelligence is enough and could concentrate for long amounts of time, there is no reason you can’t learn it.

Jie said, "Soul Power is the same. If your talent is enough and you are focused during training. There is no reason you cannot activate it. If you still haven’t activated Soul Power, it only means that you are not focused enough."

"You have passed the first test and proved that you have enough talent to activate Soul Power. If you didn’t have enough talent, you would’ve been eliminated."

"That’s why. Now that you are here, what you need to do is concentrate and focus on practicing. If you do that, you will be able to get Soul Power."

"I am not praising you. I am warning you that the path to activate Soul power is very long. Once you start training, you cannot stop or else your powers will regress. You need to be mentally prepared."

Han nodded and said, "Rest assured. I never give up."

"Good!" Jie said loudly, "In front of you are one billion of the world’s fastest and most cunning sardine fish. There is only one fish in the colony with a golden tail. You need to stare at it and never let it out of your sight."

"Focus! Focus with all your might. Don’t let anything disrupt your mind."

"I can teach you a technique here. You can try to imagine those things that are important to you. It will help you focus."


The Soul Power training has officially begun. A golden sardine swam in front of Han and flicked its tail.

Then, the golden sardine started to swim towards the colony. Suddenly, a wave of silver sardines swam towards him and submerged Han’s target.

"You have to rely on your senses, not just your vision!" Jie yelled.

One would definitely need perception to focus on one target in such a complex environment. If one were to rely on his eyes, one will soon be confused and disoriented by the millions of fish.

Han did exactly that. His eyes focused on the general direction of the colony and relied on his perception to determine the location of the golden sardine fish.

"The best way to improve your perception is to use your mental powers! Your mental powers stem from your beliefs!" Jie shouted again.


What were Han’s beliefs?




These were things Han could never let go.

In a moment, Han recalled when the battle when he first became a warrior where he witnessed how those with super powers sacrificed their lives to protect the ordinary people and their hometown.

"The ordinary citizens are in danger! Those with superpowers come with me!"

This sentence resounded in Han’s ears. A few years have passed but that memory was still clear as day.

Long Zuolin, 32 years old, level 2 esper from Jiang Su province, Su Qian.

Hu Hai, 24 years old, level 1 fire esper from Hu Nan province, Xiang Tan.

Li Yunjin, 19 years old, level 1 ice esper from Shanghai.

Liang Xuedong, 15 years old, level 1 wind esper from Zhejiang, Hangzhou.

Han remembered the names of each and every one who died in battle.

At any moment, when faced with any difficulties, when Han recalled these people, his heart will be filled with power! That was a form of guardian power!

A few years had passed and Han was already a war lord. One of the only two warlords from Earth. But his motivation and goal were still the same. It was to protect his hometown and those who mattered to him!

He wanted to be stronger!

He wanted to be more and more stronger!

Han screamed inside in his mind. His eyes gradually turned red. His heartbeat was pumping faster and hormone secretion had reached an incredible level!

Yes, the desire to protect, that was his belief!


"Very good!"

"Han’s mental power was exponentially increasing! I wonder what this young man had experienced for him to be so tenacious." Jie muttered with excitement, he was surprised by Han’s performance.

As Han started to recall his first battle, his belief started to strengthen and his mental energy increased rapidly!

The increase in mental energy affected Han’s biology and his perception. He could clearly see the golden sardine in the mass of sardines.

The number of sardines became more and more, their speeds became faster and their formation became more complex.

Han had to continue to strengthen his belief to react to the more and more adverse situations.

The training was set up like this. Through an almost impossible goal, it would force the mental energy out of Han. Through the repeated use of mental energy, it would ultimately teach Han the meaning of Soul.

Jie’s mouth was agape. Han’s performance was not just a surprise, it was breathtaking!

He could not believe the young Han could withstand so much pressure. Logically, the older the person, the more experienced they were, and with that came a clearer understanding of what was important to them.

But Han was different. Even though he was young, he still knew what his beliefs were, and he never gave up on his beliefs.

If one were to investigate Han’s upbringing, they would understand why Han had such a strong mentality.

Back in the day, everything on Earth was gray and gloomy. Han grew up in these circumstances and pressure. Everyone on the streets was somber; adults were worried that Earth would become a colony and they would become servants. They were even more unwilling to accept that their children would also become servants.

Thus, Han’s generation had such a sad childhood. It was hard to smile back then because everyone was somber. No one liked to smile. When children constantly saw the repressed faces of the adults, their personalities would also be affected.

In reality, not only Han. Others from Earth such as Li Yu, Long Chuan and the young Li Qi, Monk, Chen Zhong were all full of spirits. None would back down from a fight.

It was because that generation grew up in repression. When one mentioned protecting their hometown, everyone fearlessly fought to protect Earth. Han was only one of the more outstanding examples.

Han could guarantee, if such an opportunity and strength fell onto Chen Zhong, this fatty would exert even more strength than him!

It was wrong to say that Han was the most stubborn and tenacious. The entire generation was repressed which caused Earth to produce a few generations of stubborn and tenacious warriors!

Han was not on Earth right now…who did the hometown rely on? Han’s stubborn and tenacious brothers!

"60 percent!" Jie shouted in his mind.

It was only the first practice but Han had already activated 60% of his Soul Power. This result was phenomenal!

Jie told the story of the ten thousand and hundred thousand experts to tell Han that he must be patient to slowly activate Soul Power.

But he didn’t know that Han had never slowed down in his life!

Once he became an esper, he was like a machine that worked non-stop. He was more hard working and improved faster than anyone!

Back then, the Three Addicted teachers were even afraid when Han started training because Han worked like a dog without a care for his life! It was as if a strong energy was pushing him forward every moment!

For Han, rest was a luxury. He always had reason to stop himself from resting, and he always kept an insane work ethic.

"Oh my god, 70 percent!" Jie could not believe his eyes.

70 percent in one session?

Han was condensing tens of thousands of hours of training to a few!

It’s crazy!

The situation on the training grounds had become crazy!

The sardines no longer only used their mass numbers and fast motion to disrupt Han’s perception and vision. They have started to attack Han.

"You won’t be able to escape!" Han yelled.

His mental energy had reached its limits and Han could no longer feel any pain. Han ignored the bites of the sardines and continued to focus on his target!

No difficulty or pain could stop Han’s progress! Continuous improvement was the ultimate belief of Han!

"80 percent!" Jie said emotionally. "What a tenacious mentality! It’s even stronger than Howling Sky Wolf. It’s stronger than anybody!"

Those who knew Han would know that he was the stubborn Han. Techniques or talent could not compare to his stubbornness and tenacity!

Geniuses were not rare. But Han was the only one with talent, tenacity and refused to back down from battle!

One either had Source energy or not have it.

But mental energy was something deep within a person’s character. The mental powers of a person depended on the focus and tenacity in a person. Han was the most focused and tenacious human.

"90 percent!" Jie yelled wildly. "Is he going to activate Soul Power in one go!?"

Jie’s words have just ended when a roar from Han came from the distance.

"One does not survive without madness!"

"Come! All of you! I will not back down today! Who can defeat me!"