Chapter 105: Another Half of Heart of Darkness (Part 1)

Chapter 105: Another Half of Heart of Darkness (Part 1)

Things suddenly changed!

The dark wind vine was growing at an alarming rate, as if there was an giant invisible mouth inside the dust cloud, chewing the vine into pieces and swallowing it.


Carrying the power of darkness, the Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade cut straight down.

“Eye of darkness, open!”

The combined version of the Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade was a double-edged sword, nearly two meters long. Kunlun must be inside that cloud of dust, so as long as Han could see where the enemy is, he could land the blade on Kunlun’s head.

All the dark energy gathered in his right eye, but when Han was able to see everything that’s happening inside the dust cloud, his whole body couldn’t help but tremble.

The thing inside the dust cloud didn’t resemble Kunlun at all. It was a bloody, big mouthed monster that was dragging the vine into its mouth.


Suddenly, the pulling power grew stronger by a few hundred times, directly pulling the four bloodthirsty vines off Han’s left arm along with some skin and flesh, even some white bone was exposed.

At the same time, Han endured the pain from his left arm and slashed down vertically with his blade.

Just when the blade was about to land on Kunlun’s head a black claw suddenly reached out from the dust cloud that was formed from the previous explosion and punched Han right in the chest, sending him flying.


The scene was extremely thrilling. In less than a second, a few exchanges had occurred.

Just when Han was about to drop to the ground, he twisted his body in a very extreme way and abruptly stopped the fall. Soon after, he felt a bitter metallic taste inside his throat and he spit out a mouthful of blood, and stuck the long blade into the ground to support his body.


The automatic medicine kit opened under Han command, and he immediately took a handful of all kinds of drugs. He placed the hemostatic medicine on the wound on his left arm and made a simple bandage with his handkerchief.

And across from Han, the dust cloud from the explosion gradually dispersed. Kunlun stood there coldly, a giant mouth grew out of his shoulder. It was the big mouth of a monster that was 1.5 meters in diameter. The Bloody Black Wind vine was caught and swallowed by that big mouth, leaving Han a wound on his left hand that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Han gritted his teeth, Kunlun was truly very powerful. Those four vines were like powerless weeds in front of him and they were taken care of in a breath. On top of that, Kunlun even seized the good opportunity to deliver a punch which dealt serious internal damage to Han. At the moment, Han felt like his internal organs were rolling round and there was a burning pain.

You know, Han’s battle suit was called the Elliptical Matrix which had texture smoother than a loach, and that relieved a great portion of Kunlun’s attack damage. If there was no Elliptical Matrix and Han took the full punch with his chest, he would probably be dying right now.

Of course, Han didn’t let Kunlun feel too good as well. The cut on that monster’s head was left behind by Han. If Kunlun’s critical strike didn’t send Han flying, Han probably would have already cut Kunlun in half.

Kunlun reached out his hand and felt the wound on his head. It was very deep, even the skull was cut open.


Crazy roars probably meant that Kunlun was really angry at that moment and there might be some very serious consequences.

Just then, Kunlun really got confused and panicked after receiving a series of frenzied attacks from Han, but after all, he was an elite that was way above the power of Han. Once he adapted to the situation, the outcome would not look too optimistic for Han.

“Damn human!” Kunlun’s voice was very high pitched but also very cold. The tone became extremely hoarse, perhaps it was because now he was a lot closer to transforming into a beast than from his original half human half beast state.

Not hard to guess, Kunlun was created when the prehistoric civilization combined their own race’s genetic material with the star beast’s, but it was unclear why Kunlun didn’t evacuate with the prehistoric civilization and was instead left at A-19. Perhaps even the prehistoric civilization despised Kunlun’s half-human half-beast look, not very sure.

After consecutively letting out a few large breaths, Kunlun said in a deep voice, “You succeeded, you successfully provoked the inner anger that belongs to the warlord star beast. Now the star beast half is destroying my sanity, do you know what will be the consequence?”


Suddenly, the half-human half beast Kunlun shot itself towards Han. Its speed was so quick that it was out of Han’s neural reaction rate.

Han hurried sideways to dodge, using his usual unconventional moves and doing everything possible to distort his body to achieve the best dodging effect.


Kunlun’s fist still landed on Han’s lower abdomen. The Elliptical Matrix’s peculiar structure relieved some of the impact, but Han still felt like there was an earthquake happening inside his body, and his abdomen felt as painful as if it was stabbed by a knife.

“The consequence is, your body will be turned into powder and your bones will be crushed into pieces.”


Without waiting for Han to land, Kunlun landed another punch on Han’s face, chipping away three of Han’s teeth.


The third punch landed on Han’s chest, the pain was incomparable. It should be the ribs fracturing under the strong impact.

When Han finally supported himself to his feet, his face had become increasingly pale. Those bloodthirsty vines had already consumed large quantities of Han’s blood and source energy, and now Han was severally damaged by Kunlun consecutively, resulting in fractures, teeth flying, and also severe internal injuries.

“Aren’t you very good at offense? Why did you stop attacking?”


The 4th fist landed on Han’s shoulder. It became another severe fracture. Han’s right shoulder turned numb and he couldn’t move freely anymore.

Hanging by a thread, Han still maintained his alert posture. He gritted his teeth and straightened his body, with his finger slightly pressed against the dimensional ring.

Clearly Han couldn’t take it anymore, but he still refused to admit defeat, this kind of stubborn attitude really annoyed Kunlun.

“What a tough one. Up to now, I can still clearly see from your eyes that you want to fight back.” Kunlun said in his high pitch voice, “If you don’t admit defeat, then I will beat you until you accept the outcome.”