Chapter 361: Neural Control

Chapter 361: Neural Control

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"Master, the first wave of interception is expected to arrive in 4 minutes and 17 seconds, please prepare for the battle." Queen reported in her synthesized voice.

9527 nodded, and said gravely, "In simple terms, I was able to pass freely within the realms and systems of All Gods Corporation, and no one could find me because I had an advanced micro-motion algorithm." "

"Now that the algorithm has lost its effectiveness. The mighty scanning array in the All Gods Corporation can easily hunt me from the Dark Net. So if we want to escape, we have to fight until it is safe." "

Han Lang asked, "Where is safe?"

9527 shook his head, "One of the key reasons why these large corporations like the Dark Net is strong is that they mastered the hyperspace law transition jump system. To be safe, I need to turn off my system, completely removing the connection with the main control system. But now, I am still in the system, which is like the relationship between a host and virus."

Han had some programming knowledge. As 9527 put it this way, he immediately understood.

The All Gods Corporation was like a computer, and 9527 was a virus in this computer. Now the situation was akin to that of an antivirus software searching for virus 9527 to have it killed. The only way to avoid being killed is not to keep on hiding, but to jump out of this computer and escape into other computers through the Internet.

"How troublesome! "The head of Head Hunter Race Fran said, "I don\'t understand what you\'re talking about at all."

Han Lang didn\'t say anything. The complex Dark Net and rules of the Dark Net world were indeed not something that everyone could understand. Going through this period of time, Han gradually began to understand that on the back of the universe, and in this chaotic Dark Net, military force was not enough. One also needed to be smart and to understand science.

Everyone entered the control center of the space station. This was not only the first time that other people entered the core of 9527 space Station, but also Han’s first time.

The moment he entered the center, Han was stunned by those complex controllers. Digital monitors, lit screens, sliding-type pointers, dial-typed control buttons, control buttons, touch-enabled control keys, and independent control systems – this was all too dazzling.

Han found it inconceivable. Generally, large fleets would completely abandon manual systems, as the battleship was huge, and the system and machinery that required control were too many and very difficult to learn. Training qualified crew alone will cost plenty of time, and the efficiency of the manual operation was also low and fallible, far from being convenient and simpler than the smart or semi-smart system that replaces human control.

The station 9527 was not a star ship, but a mobile space station 10 times larger than a super aircraft carrier! This huge monster actually retained the most primitive manual control system?

9527 said loudly, "To avoid being tracked, we now have to turn off the smart control system and turn it into manual operation. I need at least six people who understand the energy weapon control!" "

"I can!" Pathless was the first one to raise his hand.

"I have a large-sized space-weapons license!" Boya said, raising his hand.

9527 did not even take a look but just pointed at the row of seats on the left side to the center, and said: "Sit here, those who know the Energy Weapon! There\'s not much time left. Three minutes, and you need to know how to use this weapon system! "


Boya turned pale and swallowed down spittle. In front of him are hundreds of pointers and digital meters with different meanings, and hundreds of different models of control keys and knobs. 9527 actually wanted him to learn these in three minutes. Absolutely crazy!

"I still need four machinists to gather at the engine room and the reactor!" 9527 asked.

Han raised his hand this time and murmured: "I’ll go. I understand machinery!" "

9527 glanced at Han Lang, shook his head and said, "You have a more important task! You, you, you, and you, you four separate into groups of two and enter the energy core. Once it is overheating, find a way to tackle the problem yourselves! Always keep the engine and energy set running smoothly! "

"Understood! "

"This is on us!" "

9527 raised his head and shouted: "Those who understand multi-array radar sit here! Light radar, here! Gravity radar, here! Magnetic radar, here! Hyperspace radar, sit here! Those who understand particle radar, here! Gamma-ray radar, here."

Han almost suffocated. He once stubbornly installed four different sets of radar array in his own fleet Goddess, and was called a lunatic.

But this space station 9527 actually had 12 different sets of radar arrays!

Time was running out. It was too late for 9527 to pick a guy. He directly told everyone about the corresponding responsibilities of each position. Those who understood sat down and learned how to use themselves.

It didn’t occur to 9527 that although people found it difficult, most of the major control system had found the right person.

Thanks to the diversity of Han’s team, except the pure warriors such as Ke Lake and Fran, and the formidable men from Oblivion Realm, many of them liked to act alone.

Take the Three Addicts for example, in addition to their major field of work, they all could navigate star ships, use radar array, and had manually operated the weapon system in the past. They could repair the transition engine if there were minor errors or glitches.

At such times, their versatile nature was helpful.

Additionally, with Boya as the lead, most of the soldiers from outside of the Milky Way also had some hobbies, which could also be used in one way or another.

It wasn’t long before the 139 seats in the control center were all occupied. Certainly, many of them were sweating out of anxiety, since the systems of this space station were not only complex, but also very advanced that the people did not know how to use it.

"I feel like a fool. It seems that I have to learn a skill in the future." Seeing everyone was able to help while he was standing there like a fool, Fran felt rather embarrassed, and said to himself.

"Uh-huh, I think so too." Ke Lake echoed.

"Who said you\'ve got nothing to do? All of you. Go to the lower level! They control six super main cannons! There are 72 big cannons, 256 conventional cannons, 1200 defense cannons, 4800 tracking cannons downstairs. Anyway, there are countless weapons that no one is controlling! You guys will do the job!" 9527 said to Fran.

"But I don\'t know how to do it" Fran said, looking awkward.

"Learn if you don’t know it! Pull out the manual!" 9527 did not allow excuses and said.

Soon, Fran and the others went downstairs, sweating. Everybody was assigned tasks, only leaving Han with no task.

"There\'s your position." 9527 lifted one hand and said.

Han looked to where 9527 was pointing – unexpectedly, it was the commander seat in the middle of the control center!

"This is not quite inappropriate." Han startled.

9527 said, "Since I said it’s appropriate, then it is. From now on, I am the First Commander of the space station, and if anything happens to me, you will take over. Also, Yuan Yuan will help you! "

Han found it hard to refuse, so he went to the seat reluctantly.

"Master, 30 seconds countdown to connection." Queen said to 9527.

"Roger that. Connect the neural control system right now!" 9527 said.



Suddenly, a barrel-shaped machine with a transparent hatch door was lifted from the center of the control downstairs. 9527 opened the door and walked straight in.

"Shut down yourself automatically when I connect to the neural control system!" 9527 commanded the Queen.

"Yes, Master." "

Clicks, clicks~

From the transparent cabin shot out strings of blue light that are even thinner than hair. These filaments went into 9527’s body like needles, and into his nervous system, connecting him and the space station as a whole. The process was so painful that 9527’s chubby face twisted.

Meanwhile, Queen\'s voice never sounded. There was silence in the Center.

"What the hell just happened? What\'s going on?" Ye Weiwei asked Han.

Han thought for a moment and said, "In order to avoid being tracked, Queen has been shut down. 9527 now replaced the Queen with his own nervous system." "

"That’s right." At this point, 9527’s voice spread from the sound diffusion system. He murmured, "From now on, I’ll replace the Queen. The neural control system will integrate me and this space station as a whole. If the space station is attacked, I will feel the pain as well. "

"If I can’t handle it and I’m unable to neural control the space station again, then you guys will be taking it over and go into manual control. Good luck."