Chapter 262: Hunchback and Men-Eating Ant

Chapter 262: Hunchback and Men-Eating Ant

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The bald guy on Han’s team, whose name is Jacques, approached the two strange brothers and said to them in a deep voice, “We are going to settle some personal business after a while, you’d better be clever and stay out of this. I will leave a you a way out!”

The two brothers were called Big Mountain and Big River. Both were not their real names, but that was what was recorded in the system.

After they heard the words from Jacques, the two brothers’ faces blanched with fear and even started trembling, nodding over and over.

Even Jacques was a little bit surprised by how the two brothers were so easily intimidated.

Practicing discernment was essential to a killer.

Jacques observed the two brothers and judged that they were not pretending. They were just like two paper tigers, notwithstanding his threat at all.

“Cowards.” Jacques took a glance at the two brothers with disdain and whispered, “Just follow us, do not go ahead no matter what.”

“Alright, alright. A-as you wish.” The two brothers hurriedly replied.

The bald Jacques went back to the middle of the team and said to the hunchback named Jensen, “All set, we don’t have to worry about the two guys at the back. When the opportunity arises, we will attack Han. First, we kill the two troublesome old men, and we get Han, then we kill the two cowards at the back, and it is completely clear.”

“When shall we get started?” Hunchback Jensen asked.

“Not at this place, it’s too windy and dusty. If Han gets away, it would be difficult for us to catch him. We will start working on it when we leave the black sandstorm and arrive at the black pine forest. Just wait for my order.” Jacques said as he waved his black hands.

At the same time, the two brothers at the far end of the line smirked. The younger brother Big River said, “I really didn’t expect that nine out of twelve would want to kill Han. How unlucky can he be to end up in this situation like this?

The older brother Big Mountain sneered and said, “Well, we kill the ten people in front us as soon as we get out of the black sandstorm, especially the damn bald guy. How come he dare to threaten us? Goddamn it.”

“Hey, it seems like we are getting out of the black sandstorm.” The younger brother was surprised for a moment and murmured. “How could it be so fast? Han is quite capable.”

Big Mountain disagreed, “He could live a little bit longer if we were in the black sandstorm. From now on, you wait for my signal, and we shall do it together.”

Han was always careful, but no matter how careful he is, he would never realize that there were so many people out there who wanted to kill him.


Han rushed out of the black sandstorm first, followed by the two elderlies, Lipton and Dini, and then the rest of the team.

Han looked back. He saw the black hurricane was spinning, rolling up the black sand.

The black pine forest that appeared before Han was different from any pine trees on Earth. The pine trees here were extremely tall, each was around a hundred meters in height, with a black trunk and black pine needles. There was a thick layer of fallen pine needles on the ground, very soft under Han’s feet.

Han did not stay, he continued to lead the team, proceeding ahead for around twenty kilometers, leaving the black sandstorm far behind. They eventually found an open area and stopped there.

“Let’s take a break here, you must also be tired.” Han said to the two elderlies behind him.

The two warriors, even if they were already old, still had the abilities of a warrior, firm and tenacious. They did not say a word even if they were tired.

The taller one Lipton said, “We don’t have to rest yet just for the two of us, we can still hold on for a while.”

Han opened his automatic pill case, handed over two pills to them and said in a deep voice, “Don’t say anymore, someday I will also get old. On the other hand, I feel like the black pine forest doesn’t seem right. We shall stop here for a while so I can choose the direction of our next move.”

What Han said was of course an excuse. At the first moment of them leaving the black sandstorm, he had already finished investigating with his eye of darkness and a direction has already been chosen. Now, it was just an excuse to let the two old man to take a break.

It seems like that Lipton and Dini had taken Han Lang’s words as true. Dini took out a bottle of energy drink, when the bottle just touched on his lips, suddenly a hand came out violently and knocked over his bottle.

“Why the hell are you drinking! Don’t stay here and keep on moving! If you two old bastards are incapable of this just say it out loud, don’t be our burden!”

It was a blonde young man yelling. He had been pretty quiet since the start, why would he be so unreasonable and break out at this moment?

Dini and Lipton fell into an awkward position. They were definitely old, not having the stamina and fighting capability back when they were young, but they had been warriors for life, and went through numerous deadly duels. Being humiliated by a young man at their older age was very embarrassing.


It was at that moment, Han made a sound of contempt in front of the team, pointed at the infinite black pine forest and said, "Go in there if you can, or just shut up.”

Han was in a bad mood. The blonde young man was stunned, and then he yelled like crazy, “What do you mean? Do you think you are the boss of this team? Who the hell do you think you are?”

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

Han rushed to that arrogant young man, not even waiting until he finished his words. His fingers swept over the Lunar Mark , showing his god-class equipment Star-Strangling Boa.

Using such a deadly move, no one at the scene had ever anticipated that to happen.

The blonde young man did not either, his provocation was just a strategy, but Han’s brandishing knife was no strategy, that was coming straight for the blonde young man’s life.

The blonde young man quickly jumped backwards, his reaction and evasion speed was near perfect. Han missed his slash.

However, Han’s Star-Strangling Boa was a god-class piece of equipment.

Its slash came with a semilunar arc.

In a nutshell, the blade of the Star-Strangling Boa did not need to even touch the enemy to secure a kill. The semilunar arc that came along was deadly.


The blonde young man’s head was suddenly cut off. It was only when his head was already three meters high in the air then did the blood spurt out from his chopped-off neck.

If you ask what was the Path of Demon?

That was it!

Only if these guys met Han a few days ago, they would not have ended up like this.

He was unfortunate, extremely unfortunate; provoking Han after Han had understood the Path of Demon.

What was Han worrying about the most at that moment?

It was that only after he understood the Path of Demon, did he find that he was not crazy and evil enough!

So Han Lang reminded himself every moment, to be more ruthless, crazier and more evil.

To be evil, that is to kill!

Some people were determined to be good people. However, Han Lang was determined to be an evil!

All the time, he disciplined himself by the standard of evil.

Whoever provokes shall die!

That was straight forward.

There were only six of the seven killers left and the fight had not even started. The rest of the killers were all waiting for the bald Jacques’s order. However, even Jacques himself frowned, things were completely out of his expectations. This Han was quite cruel.

“What do you mean?” Jacques frowned at Han and asked.


Han Lang replied with an eye full of maliciousness.

‘You want to avenge him?’

Jacques was startled, slightly shaking his head

Han walked a few steps ahead, picked up Dini’s water bottle from the ground, handed over to him and said, “Whoever wants to leave, just leave, we are taking a break.”

Dini and Lipton were too grateful to say anything, Han really helped them out. They just wished that they were not too old to fight with Han instead of being taken care of.

Bald Jacques obviously did not anticipate this to happen. He clenched his teeth, wanting to make a call to attack, but could not make up his mind.

At the moment, the hunchback turned his eyeballs and said, “I am also tired, let’s take a break.”

It was until then did everyone sit down, Han was sitting together with the two old men, and the six killers was sitting very close to each other. The big mountain and big river brothers were sitting pretty far from the rest of the team, seeming to be afraid.

“Just wait, let me create an opportunity.” Hunchback Jensen murmured.

The rest of the killers were shocked. All knocking their heads and thinking to themselves. “We shouldn’t have let that frivolous blonde guy set the trap. Now not only did they let the opportunity slip, the blonde guy even died from this.”

In the current situation, it would be more desirable for the highest-ranked hunchback Jensen to set up the trap. Jensen and Jacques were the strongest two of the bunch of killers.

Around two minutes later, the hunchback Jensen suddenly stood up, took out some strange-smelling black little pills and shared among the others. He said, “I was told that there are some kind of man-eating ants in this black pine forest, it will only take them few seconds to turn a living man into bones.”

I just happened to have some of the ant’s feces, taking them with us and the man-eating ants will see us as their same kind so they wont attack us.

Everyone took the feces balls and placed them underneath their noses. It sure emitted some strange smell.

Dini also said, “I have also heard of that before, in the black pine forest, no matter how strong of a star beast you encounter, it is far from the dread brought by the man-eating ants. Those ants are so tiny that we will not be able to see them with our bare eyes. As for the speed of gnawing, they are more efficient than a meat grinder. If you have excess feces balls, give us some also.”

Hunchback Jensen sneered, “Don’t you worry, we are a team, everyone will get their share.”

Having said that, Jensen walked to Han, where the group of killers narrowed their eyes.

Killers paid great attention to start attacking secretly when the opponent was unprepared, so they wished to find a chance. The blonde man suddenly challenging Han Lang was a trap set up by them.

If it was as usual, just killing someone wouldn’t cause them so much trouble, killing Han Lang when they found a chance was not so hard for these killers.

But the key was, the four major genetic beast clans wanted him to be captured alive.

That was the reason why the killers lead by the hunchback and the bald man were so cautious. They had an opportunity that Han would never have thought of to capture him alive.

In the meantime, hunchback Jensen had already approached Han. His back had always been hunched, at that moment it was even lower. The bulge-like bump on his back was pointing right at Han Lang.

Suddenly, when Jensen was no farther than five meters from Han, Han suddenly twitched his ears, and blocked Jensen with one arm, stopping the hunchback from approaching him.

Stop! Han Lang shouted.

At that moment, Jensen felt a wave of fear, raising the hair all over his body. “Did he see through our trap? That is impossible, how could he?”

“Something was going on around here, we have to leave immediately.” Han jumped up and said.

“But the pill?”

“Throw it to me, quick!”


Hunchback Jensen had no choice and threw the pill to Han Lang.

Once Han Lang has caught the pill, he slightly twisted the black pill with an extremely subtle action using his fingers, and then put it away.

It was only after this that hunchback Jensen let out a long sigh of relief. He winked towards the other killers stealthily, conveying a simple signal, “All set, you just wait and see!”