Chapter 138: Path of Earth, Ground-Shattering Godly Hammer(Part One)

Chapter 138: Path of Earth, Ground-Shattering Godly Hammer

Wu Songlin unfolded copies of convoy starship blueprint, lowered his voice and said, “If you are just by yourself then it’s better to use convoy ship, they are fast, agile, and not eye-catchy. During these years, Milky Way is getting more and more chaotic, if you drive a large ship out by yourself, it’s very easy to be noticed. So a low-key appearance with hidden lethal strike is the best path.”

Han nodded, “I think so too. For ship outer structure we will just use vulture type. This model is one of the larger ones among convoys, solid work, and more importantly it has more room for modification and we can stuff more firepower in.”

Mo Xiaobei smiled and said, “Vulture class is indeed a good choice. We actually just by chance have a retired Navy Vulture class, no need to order from somewhere else, and that can shorten the duration of our work by more than 20 days.”

“Navy Vulture?”

“It means Navy standard (TL: the army that fights in space is also called Navy here) Vulture class. In fact, the marauder type spaceships we customize doesn’t need anything else, just the chassis. And since Navy Vulture is a military standard ship, the strength of its armor layer is two levels higher than civilian version.” Mo Xiaobei introduced to Han.

Wu Songlin said, “It’s good to have high-strength armor plating, but the ships I modify also have a biggest feature, and that is reinforced structural layer.”

“In general, there are 3 layers of defense for normal warships, defense level at 3, 2, and 1. The outermost layer is the strongest energy shield which is 3, followed by the armored layer which is 2, and then the weakest structure layer which is 1. I will use black crystal titanium to recreate the structural layer, so the originally weakest layer becomes as strong as the energy shield layer, or even stronger.”

Han hesitated for a second and said, “Isn’t black crystal titanium used to make high tier weapons for soldiers?”

Wu Songlin shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yep, if you think it’s too expensive we can also lower the standard a bit.”

Han immediately waved his hands and said, “No need, can’t save money on things that protects your life. We will just use black crystal titanium.”

Wu Songlin smiled and said, “Trust me, if you are introduced here by Pathless, I will for sure use the best material for your ship and ensure that every penny you send is worth it.”

“After I finish enhancing, your ship’s defense capability should be at 3, 2, and 4. And that way, it will get really interesting when you are exchanging fire with enemies. Even if the enemies can breach the first two layers and get to your ship’s structure layer, the result is that your structure layer is still solid and can’t be destroyed! When your enemy sees that your armor layer has been breached, he will probably lose focus in the battle and deliver a cheeky one-liner catchphrase before firing his weapon only to not even dent the structure layer. And that misjudgment of the enemy will give you the chance to counterattack.”

“Next is the power system. Vulture class is originally equipped with a controlled fusion reactor and a set of convoy class transition propulsion engine. I’m planning to change that with a dual power system, both military grade. After all, you will need that for mobility because the ship will become heavier after the modification, and the original engine will not be sufficient.”

Han thought for second and said, “Can we do a three engine system?”

Wu Songlin hesitated, “It’s not impossible, but you need to sacrifice some cabin space.”

“Then we will use the three engine system, we can avoid some disadvantage if we are faster.” Han decided.

Wu Songlin didn’t say anything, but he suddenly had a bad feeling about this Han guy.

A few minutes later.

“What? You don’t even want a kitchen?! What are you going to eat and drink?!” Wu Songlin and Mo Xiaobei shockingly asked.

Han said as if it’s not a big deal, “I can eat energy bars and drink water. A water molecule collector shouldn’t take up much space, right?”

After a few more minutes.

“Not even a single bedroom?! Where are you going to sleep?” Wu Songlin and Mo Xiaobei was shocked again by Han.

“I can just spread a couple of blankets in the cockpit. If it doesn’t work, I can sleep in the hallway.” Han said very seriously, “I don’t need a bedroom, but I must have this warehouse space to store dimension concussion bombs”

Finally, the plan on how to modify this Navy Vulture-class is finalized, Han looks fine, it’s just Wu Songlin and Mo Xiaobei’s forehead are covered in sweat.

Wu Songlin looked at the finalized blueprint, sighed, “I’ve spent my whole life modifying ships, it’s my first time seeing someone like you, even cutting the washroom in half. The whole ship is either mobility or defense, if not both then weapon. Even in that little space in the washroom you want to install a second set of array fire control radar, I really ADMIRE you!”


Han paid a deposit, then drove away in his shuttle in content.

Wu Songlin’s shipyard in the Oblivion Realm is still considered a presence with relatively large scale, usually taking less than one month to modify each ship. But now, this abnormal Vulture class spaceship of Han’s will probably not finish within two months, and that’s considering frequent overtime works.

The work amount is too great, Han’s requirement, is basically taking a whole cruiser apart, and fit everything into a small convoy ship, how can the difficulty be not high.

And Han rejected any compromise, even a little bit, because he felt that man are meant to suffer throughout his life, but the key is to not fall twice in the same place!

That starship battle with Wang Qin made Han realized the importance of a powerful ship. He now remembers, not only does this starship have to be armed to the teeth, in the future if Han switch to any other models, it also need to be full armed!

Falling twice at the same place is something Han absolutely cannot accept!

People say, fix the fence after losing a sheep, it’s not too late yet. (TL: old saying) But after Han lost his metaphorical sheep, he immediately built a Great Wall. Oh well, that’s just due to Han’s extreme character.

After that small storm, Han’s life was quiet again, just practicing hard, studying hard, and when he couldn’t go on anymore he would take some drugs.

Han knows very well, that a single moment one can experience on the battlefield is in fact traded by many years of hard work. A man not only have to be ruthless to enemies, but also to himself!

The arduous training resulted in admiration from the heart of those three old men. Not to mention Pathless and Night Walker, even Wuyun’s attitude changed dramatically. Not only did he teach Han anything he wanted to learn, he even chases Han to teach things he didn’t ask to learn.

The Demon Thieves gained their fame not only because of their crazy demonic character, but it’s more about the word “addict”. Those three are severely obsessed with things in their field, to the point of total mastery.

Once they become obsessed with something, then they will be very determined, no one can stop them, and they will even commit murder or arson just to get their ways.

And the three Demon Thieves spent their whole life studying their obsession and do not like to deal with outsiders, and obviously never took in apprentices. For one time, the Han that jumped into their life suddenly became the spiritual sustenance for all three, and carried a lot of their hope.

Many times that’s how humans are, if Han met them during their most famous years, regardless of how talented or hardworking they are, the three old men wouldn’t look at Han twice, because during that time the three would all be busy with their own obsessions.

And now, after being trapped in the Oblivion Realm for decades, they are all bored to tears and don’t know what to do, even Pathless started a nondescript business on dark net, which shows how bored they really are.

And just during this time, by chance, Han jumped out, got caught by the three old man, and without explanation, Han obviously became the target, and he will be forced to learn even if he doesn’t want to.

Anyways, the day is just that painful and happy at the same time for Han, with a blink of an eye Han already left Earth for a full six months. Thinking that it’s almost autumn season, it’s almost Chong Yang festival, where the families will gather around for feast.

As the saying goes, when in a foreign land as a stranger, one miss family and home especially during festivals.

Thinking about the brothers left guarding Earth, Han inevitably feels a bit emotional.