Chapter 317: Wall of Sighs

Chapter 317: Wall of Sighs

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Han was slightly hesitated for second, and then he just casually walked towards a dark alley.

In the alley stood a blind man who was dressed in a black robe like a monk, with a bald head, and a pair of blind, white eyes. He was pretty old, with a hunched back.

"You know who I am?" Han asked curiously.

The blind old man said, "My eyes may be blind but my nose and ears still work. Even if we were one kilometer apart, I can still smell the outsider scent on your body."

The blind old man motioned to Han to follow him.

Through the dark alleys, Han was taken to a place like a chapel, with tall dome shaped roofs, moss covered green slippery steps, and two human-shaped statues erected on both sides of the entrance.

It depicted two burly man carrying a bow on his back, not resembling a god, but rather a hunter.

" God King, the first warrior to enter the hive to hunt. All soul hunters look up to this powerful hunter. This temple was built for him, but now the hunters have ceased to believe in the God King. They only want to get the treasure left by him." The blind man sighed and explained to Han.

In the dim shrine, Han was taken to the blind man\'s office, with only two chairs, a table, and a row of bookshelves.

The blind man rolled out a thick scroll made of animal skin from the shelves.

"How long have you been in the hive world?" The blind old man asked.

"One week." Han replied.

"Have you ever seen a soul beast?" The blind old man asked again.


"Do you know why you haven\'t seen it?"

"I don\'t know, maybe it\'s luck."

Blind old man gave a strange smile said, "No, it is because you did not enter the hunting grounds. In this hive world, there is the structure called the wall of sighs. That year when the God King faced this wall, he issued a deep sigh, and then die. Thus, the wall was so named."

"All the beasts enter the hive through the wall of sighs, so the area near the wall of sighs is the hunting grounds for the soul hunters. There aren’t any soul beasts in any other areas."

"Now things are complicated, the new generation soul king Li Xiang sealed the nodes that lead to the ordinary universe and is organizing an expeditionary force to get to the other side of the wall of sighs because a legend claims that the God King left a treasure there."

"But according to the legend of the temple, the treasure was left behind on the other side of the wall of sighs not because the God King hid them there, but because there were demons behind the walls and the God King could not take the treasure away."

"That’s why the God King could only face the wall and sigh, before dying so full of regrets that he didn’t even close his eyes."

"The present situation is very dangerous. King Li Xiang had used his unique technique to block all the nodes, which is equivalent to cutting off the escape route for Soul Hunting city. Once they lure out the demons behind the wall of sighs, the hunters can only wait to die."

"Now only King Feng can stop King Li, he is a great warrior. I hope you can take my words to King Feng. If he does not believe you, give him this scroll."

Han slightly frowned, "Since this is such an important thing, why don\'t you tell him yourself?"

The blind old man shook his head, sighed: "King Feng does not trust me, calling me a quack. And if King Li knew that I secretly contacted King Feng, he will punish me. Killing me doesn’t scare me, but I have two young grandchildren."

"But why should I believe you and deliver this message?" Han asked.

The blind man slowly got up and left the room, "The scroll is here, you decide."

Han was stumped again. He unfolded the scroll, took a breath and began reading.

A few hours later.

The small robot Yuan Yuan put down the scoll and said to Han: "Master, I used the carbon 14 determination method. This scroll was indeed written a long time ago. The text and patterns have not been altered, no doubt, this scroll was kept for a long time."

Han nodded, didn’t say a word, and stored both Yuan Yuan and the scroll.

When leaving the temple, Han did not see the blind old man. The hive World was always dark, Han walked in the shadows with heavy steps back to the inn.

Pushing the door open, Han saw that Feng Wanzhou and that Fat Inn boss had already prepared a table of food and wine, and gotten Jian Jia and Luo Ying to eat. These two girls have been listening to the guidance of Feng Wanzhou since the beginning. They tried to disguise themselves, but their natural beauty was not easy to suppress, so they both still looked very attractive.

"You came at the perfect time. Come try some of our Soul Hunting city’s most famous stew." Feng Wanzhou said with a smile: "Although it is not as good as your strange food, but this is my hometown’s signature dish."

The so-called stew, was in fact a pot of mishmash. The taste was not good nor bad. The hive doesn’t have any food production, all relying on imports of vacuum packaged meat and vegetables. This coupled with the fact that the people here were mostly rugged male created this simple eating habit."

While at the dinner table, Han told Feng Wanzhou about the temple and the mysterious bald man, as well as gave him the old man\'s warning and the scroll.

"I’m not reading." Feng Wanzhou pushed the scroll to Han and said, "This old quack always scams people. Who does not know that the so-called God King was actually the same as us, hunting Soul beasts to live. Just because he came earlier than us to the hive, how does that make him a God?"

"As for the things he said about demons being inside of the wall of sighs, I do not believe it!"

Han saw that Feng Wanzhou was resolute, and stored away the scroll again.

Feng Wanzhou may have felt that the way he just talked was too blunt, so he coaxed Han a little, "If Li Xiang invites me to join the expeditionary force, I will not miss the opportunity. As for you, I have already talked it over with Worm. He will take you to the nearest node and see whether you can pass through. If not, you can only return again."

Worm slightly nodded towards Han. Han was startled. Feng Wanzhou in fact had already made arrangements for him, and this made Han feel slightly touched.

The next day, a middle-aged man came to the inn and invited Feng Wanzhou to the hall to speak. His attitude was quite polite.

At this time, Worm, who was also the fat boss of the inn, found Han and whispered, "Let’s get on our way now."

Han gestured through the window downstairs and curious asked, "Who is that?"

Worm answered, "He is Li Xiang, the disciple of King Feng. Poor King Feng treated him better than his own son, yet in the end Li Xiang still plotted against King Feng. While the two of them talk, we will leave from the back door."

Han nodded, since he was not a soul hunter, it was naturally not good to get himself entangled with these soul hunter business. He called Jian Jia and Lao Ying before opening the inn’s back door.

"Worm, where are you going?"

Han jerked suddenly, and only saw that there was a guy with small eyes with a few soldiers in battle armor, blocking the inn back door. Seeing Worm and Han’s group of people, he vaguely asked the question. This was actually Li Xiang’s butler, Cen Deng

"I am just sending these guests away." Worm smiled and said.

Cen Deng replied, "Not leaving through the front door but rather the back door? Are you doing something shameful? King Li has already ordered that during the preparation stage of the expedition, no one is allowed to leave the soul hunting city. This matter has great importance, even you cannot violate it."

"In addition, these other guests seem to be very strong. King Li wishes to see them."

Han frowned. He did not want to start a fight with Li Xiang’s men here because that will likely implicate Feng Wanzhou, so he had no choice but to follow Cen Deng to the hall.

Feng Wanzhou and Li Xiang were still exchanging fake small talk. When he saw Han and Worm come in, he slightly startled and then immediately calmed down.

Li Xiang stood up, walked to Han sides and patted his shoulder. He said with astonishment, "Teacher, this little brother really is handsome ah! I feel like we are already close friends just by meeting him. Look at the fluctuation of source energy on his body, he should already have reached the warlord level."

"Great, such young age and he has already reached such a degree of combat strength. It really opens the eyes of us common people."

"Teacher, in regard to this expedition, why not let this little brother go with us? One more men will still make a difference."

Han slightly frowned. This Li Xiang guy was obviously abnormal. They just met and he already wants him to join the Expeditionary force? According to Han’s knowledge, the expedition was to find treasure hidden by the God King. He is just an outsider, isn’t that not suitable?

Han actually wanted to see what kind of state the soul hunting city was in. He also wanted to see the treasure left by the legendary hunter, but he was afraid of messing up Feng Wanzhou’s plan, so he did not open his mouth. But, deep down, Han was still that extremely curious Han.

Now Li Xiang unexpectedly invited him to join the expedition, there’s actually a small part of Han that wants to give it a shot.

On the other side, Li Xiang narrowed his eyes and looked over Han, sizing him up.

Han didn’t know that they already noticed the black egg. LI Xiang doesn’t actually want Han, but the black egg that is on Han. So only by getting Han to go with him, would he have a chance to act.