Chapter 218: Han’s Path of God!

Chapter 218: Han’s Path of God!

In simple terms, you get to face other people in the communication station, but you face the dark net in the transition station.

In the communication station, Han could trade with other people, but if he wanted to exchange for things provided by the dark net, then he would have to enter the transition station.


The secret door hidden in the transition station opened and 9527 walked out from the mezzanine. If not by chance, Han wouldn’t have guessed at all that someone was actually living between the floors and walls. He always thought that the transition station was completely maintained by the system.


Yuan Yuan called in his sweet voice, 9572 felt that his whole body melted, and Silver Fox just rushed up, patted itself on the chest as if asking to be complimented, showing off how it helped Han won many battles.

“You little thing.” 9572 laughed, lightly tapped Silver Fox’s little head and said in a soft voice, “I know you did well, but it is your responsibility to help your master, so you can’t be arrogant too easily.”


9527’s face drastically changed color. Frowned, his eyes stared at Han.

“Someone placed you under runes.” 9527 deepened his voice and said.

“Runes? What’s that?” Han suddenly felt really uncomfortable and he asked in curiosity.

“In simple terms, it’s like a setting. The moment a rune is placed on you, then the person that placed it can control you to do something at a specific time or under specific conditions.”

“But this time you got the summon rune, which means, don’t know which moment, you will be summoned by the person that placed the rune on you. As to where you will be summoned to, that will be up to that person.”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, someone wants to kill you. But killing is usually forbidden in communication stations and transition stations, so he could only find ways to meet you during mission or on the battlefield, and that way, your death would be justified by the rules.” 9527 explained.

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox suddenly shuddered in nervousness. Silver Fox kept on scratching 9527 with its little paws, and Yuan Yuan said, “Grandpa! What can we do now? Our master is now in a trap! Will he really die? Can you break the runes on our master?”

9527 frowned, shook his head and said, “No, runes and scrolls are two big settings of the dark net, I have no power to unlock them. Unless, you find that person that placed the rune on you and also kill him.”

Han thought for a second and started cleaning up the things inside Lunar Mark. From the recent killing of god race members and trading in the communication system, Han got a lot of good stuffs, and the quantity was large enough to make him forget.

“What are you doing?” 9527 asked.

“Since the battle is inevitable, then I will have to get ready.” Han plainly answered.


Silver Fox left 9527 and dove right back into Han’s Lunar Mark. 9527 called its name, that little guy just poked out its little head out of Lunar Mark, waved its little claw at 9527, not wanting to come out.

9527 sighed, “How lucky. This little thing is really loyal, hearing that you are possibly in danger, it already returned to your dimension storage tool, afraid that you would be summoned away suddenly and it will be left here, and that way the little guy won’t be able to protect you anymore.”

Han smiled, also putting back the Demon Claw and Ghost Claw and said, “Yep, these little guys indeed are all very good to me. Since I’m already here then let’s begin the training. Now I have over 10,000 points, you give me some advice, what should I exchange for that’s good?”

9527 pouted and replied, “You think that’s a lot of points? You went through so much hard work to get that. In my opinion, you shouldn’t think about what to redeem, just use it to train. After all, this transition station of mine, and countless big and small transition stations in the entire dark net has countless goodies. You can redeem them with points any time, but first, you have to strengthen yourself and try to survive.”

Han felt that 9527 has a valid point, so he went straight into the training room. As for Yuan Yuan, he didn’t have combat strength anyways. even if Han gets taken away suddenly, Yuan Yuan wouldn’t be able to help, so Han just let Yuan Yuan stay with 9527 and also improve their relationship a bit by the way.

Since Han’s level reached quasi-warlord, the focus of training naturally switched to the Six Paths of Void.

As Han’s only martial art technique at the moment, the Six Paths of Void has finally progressed into the later half of the learning, which was the 4th ultimate skill, the Path of God.

After this period of practice, Han had familiarized himself with the moves, and now he just lacked a layer of comprehension.

An ultimate skill without comprehension, is just like a person in a hollowed body, without soul, it was just a zombie.

Only comprehension can allow an ultimate skill to achieve the biggest leap of improvement, turning a move into a power that penetrated heaven.

Han practiced over and over in the training room, the powerful source energy radiation around Han could help him replenish any lost energy immediately.

This was where the magic lied in the transition station’s training room, using incredible source energy replenishing speed to improve the practitioner’s training intensity. Speaking from this perspective, the training room could provide Han up to 7 times the normal training speed.

One must know, this was only the enhanced mode, if Han activates the even more high quality insane mode, his training speed would be even faster.

It’s just that Han doesn’t need it right now, nor is he willing to use it. After all, under insane mode, an hour will consume 1000 points.



Han’s training was still continuing; his brain was still thinking nonstop.

Just what is god?

A bunch of human that underwent genetic mutation and call themselves god race, how ridiculous is that? Han doesn’t think this kind of god was rare, nor does he want to become like them.

The dark net was already a very magical existence, such a mysterious and ominous thing, was it god?

I’m afraid that’s still not god. The dark net only cared about the elites in the universe, so in Han’s eyes, the dark net was powerful, but it was not godlike at all.

As for those elite masters that called themselves gods, Han couldn’t care less. No matter how strong someone else was, even if they could split heaven and break earth, they still couldn’t become god.

After a long period of thinking, Han still could not understand what was god. In his heart, he simply believed that there was no god in the world. There were only people that called themselves gods.

The inability to understand the meaning of god caused Han to not be able to understand the path of god. Sometimes he would even doubt that he might never be able to master this skill, because he was simply an atheist.

How can someone that doesn’t believe in the existence of god understand the path of god?

Now Han was getting a bit anxious, the source energy was cooking his body, increasing its temperature, turning Han’s brain into a big mess.

“The damn path of god, where the hell is the god in this world? It’s just a bunch of idiots calling themselves gods. Those idiots, just need to kill them all!” The anxious Han thought.

Kill those guys that claim to be god, when this thought got into Han’s head, he suddenly hesitated for a second.

Why not?

Who said that Path of God was all about becoming a god?

I don’t believe in god, don’t want to be a god, then what?

Han kept on thinking along this evil idea, and his thoughts suddenly became clear, and even his movements gradually became powerful!

He began to slowly understand now!

The Six Paths of Void, it was not a consistent existence. Everyone had their unique understanding, just like Han and Pathless Origin. Although they were teacher and student, but Han’s Six Paths of Void was a lot different than Pathless’.

Because Han also added in his power of anger and his desire to protect into his Six Paths of Void, these beliefs allowed Han’s Six Paths of Void to reborn!

Now, Han began to comprehend his path of god now, and this time, he was even further away from the “correct” path!

Han’s warrior’s path, the starting point was already forbidden techniques. This was a typical deviant path.

Now, Han seemed to want to make his path even more deviant, and a lot of terrifying thoughts began to take place in his mind.

“Who said one must become a god?!”

“What the f*ck is a god anyways?!”

“I don’t believe it!”

Han became more and more excited, and at the same time his power was also increasing, his techniques getting stronger!

It seems like, if Han followed this chain of thought, he wouldn’t necessarily master the Path of God, but he will for sure come to an unique insight that only belonged to him.


Just when Han was about to reach enlightenment and finally felt that the Six Paths of Void’s fourth ultimate skill was within his reach, the atmosphere suddenly changed inside the training room!

A powerful force crossed the boundaries of time and space, came to Han’s side, and opened up a black hole under his feet.

The black hole was like a demon opening up its big bloody mouth and swallowing Han whole!

It was the summoning, the trap of the god race!

The evil plot against all human beast tamers finally activated!

It was such a bad time, Han just found his path and was taken out of the transition station and sent to god race’s trap.