Chapter 418: Soul Injury

Chapter 418: Soul Injury

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Jie never mentioned that Han should initiate Soul Power in one go. It was not very scientific nor possible.

But Han chased after the golden sardine like a crazy dog. No matter how the fish colony tried to stop him or bite him, he refused to give up.

This situation shocked Jie. There was the type of person that the more you force him, the more he resisted. Han was that kind of person.

Mental power was different from source energy. It grew as a person’s mentality developed. Contrastingly, source energy was a materialization of energy. Once it was depleted, then it was gone. No one could continue to persevere.

One could persevere for mental power. As long as one had a strong will and mentality.

The attack of the sardines was not only reflected on Han’s body but also mentally - they lashed out and damaged Han’s mentality.

Jie could not believe what he saw. Han’s mental power was severely damaged but he relied on his will to continue to enhance his mental power and endure the attack.

It was like a man who broke a leg but continued to climb up a mountain while bleeding.

That was the ultimate representation of a man of iron.


Suddenly, a flash of white light began to pour out in Han’s mind. The sardines immediately subsided.

Soul Break!

This was Soul Break!

Han’s mental powers were no longer an invisible entity but have evolved into a light visible to the naked eye.

Han had succeeded!

He has acquired beginner level Soul Power!

The Power would be an enormous aid in Han’s future battles!

Jie was so excited he wanted to shout!

Soul Break in one go! Han had forced out the power of the soul in the first time during his first training!

He was not a genius, but a super super genius!

Why would someone like Han exist in the world?

His existence was completely unfair!


Han was nearly crazy. He completely did not realize that he had forced the mental power out. His goal still was to catch the golden sardine.

Jie was shocked to discover that when Han was in a frenzy, he was a beast!

The innocent sardine was caught between Han’s fingers. Han glared with his eyes and fiercely took a bite!


Han woke up and saw that he was in the Training Dimension. He finally realized that he had materialized too much of his mental energy and fainted.

His head was pounding. Han covered his head and moaned in pain. Jie’s voice entered his ears.

"What should I do with you. Since the establishment of the Golden Tome, I have seen all kinds of people but no one like you. I never said you had to Soul break in one try."

Han was dazed and asked curiously, "So..I have Soul Powers now?"

Jie said, "Yes. You managed to force out your Soul Power right before you fainted. At the same time, you chewed the golden sardine to death like a crazy dog."

Han was about to be excited when Jie said, "Don’t move! Even though you have forced out your Soul Power. But at the same time, you have drained your powers. You are injured right now, its soul injury."

"Soul injury?" Han asked with confusion.

Jie explained, "Soul injury happens when you tried to mobilize mental power past its limits and it led to a mental injury. Your headache and blurred vision are both caused by Soul Injury."

"You need to rest. You will not be able to train anytime soon."

"Isn’t that horrible?" Han asked.

"Horrible? Well not really." Jie asked, "Your training method was a double-edged sword. Even though your Soul was injured, but you successfully forced out Soul Power in one try. If it was someone else, they would need to train for a long time before forcing out their Soul power. But you only tried once."

"Never do that again. I was chosen as the guardian of the Golden tome because I am part of the Clan of Spiritual Plants and my energy was the mildest and natural. I can protect warriors like you the best."

"Unfortunately, I was unable to protect you from harm this time. It was because you were too violent. There is no one like you, who does not give up and would continue to persevere even if they had only a shred of mental power left."

In an abrupt change of conversion, Jie started to talk about how his Soul power was activated and how he utilized it most meaningfully during battles. Han listened carefully and nodded once in a while.

"Because of Soul Injury, even though you have beginner Soul Power you would not be able to utilize it soon any time soon. Therefore, you only have to remember these important points."

Base Camp.

Han suddenly woke up and sat up on his bed. He actions gave Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying who were next to him a big scare. Next, Black Egg flew over with his rounded belly. He stared at Han and seemed to have discovered something but shrugged his shoulder and ran into Ye Weiwei’s arms without a care.

"Tell us quickly! What have you been doing? Why did faint for such a long time?" Luo Ying asked Han curiously and bombarded him with questions.

Ye Weiwei said in a low voice, "It’s good you are okay. When you fainted, some things have happened to the territory. You should go over to 9527. I don’t know the details either."

Luo Ying pouted when she heard the words. "Why the rush? He’s finally awake, let’s play for a while. I feel like Han is different now."

Ye Weiwei said, ‘We can play anytime. But business is more important.’

Han smiled and said both of them, "Weiwei is right. Business is important. I will go and find 9527 right now. You guys can wait for me here."

Once his words ended, Han stood up and stretched.

Even though he was in a deep sleep for a long time, Han felt very energetic, perhaps it was due to Soul power.

It was a pity that while Han was too rash when activating Soul power which led to soul injury. Even though he has acquired the power, he was unable to use it at the moment.

Han left the room to find 9527. Luo Ying looked at Han’s figure and whispered to Ye Weiwei. "Have you realized? He has changed."

Ye Weiwei nodded and said, "There seems to be some changes. But I don’t really understand."

Luo Ying blinked her eyes and waved to the Protector Banshee next to her. The Banshee whispered a few words next to Luo Ying’s ear.

Luo Ying’s expression changed. Her mouth was slightly agape and she looked surprised.

"What’s the matter? What happened to Han?" Ye Weiwei asked urgently.

Luo Ying repeated what the Banshee had told her to Ye Weiwei in a low voice.

"Soul power?"

"Yes! Han has acquired Soul power! That’s amazing!" Luo Ying seemed lost in thought as she looked at the empty corridor which Han had walked out from.

Han saw 9527 at the commanding center. Silver Fox and Yuan Yuan pounced on him and greeted him warmly.

"Don’t worry! I am good! To be precise, I am in better shape now!" Han vouched while patting his chest.

Han had discovered the changes in Silver Fox. Silver Fox seemed to have become stronger while Han was gone. Han could detect the strong energy fluctuations on his body. But at the same time, the fluctuations were very quiet. They were only visible when Silver Fox pounced onto Han emotionally. Once Silver Fox had regained his composure, the energy once again disappeared.

This phenomenon was similar to Jie, but Jie was a plant and Silver Fox was an animal. How could they be alike?

9527 said heavily, "You have come back just in time. I am worried about something."

Han nodded his head and placed Silver Fox on his shoulder, "Ye Weiwei told me there were urgent matters you wanted to discuss. Oh yeah, what happened to Silver Fox? He seemed to have become stronger?"

9527 looked at Silver Fox and said, "Silver fox is now a meritorious member in the base camp. This little fellow risked his life and infiltrated into the Golden Family’s nest and brought back a lot of important information."

Han was stunned and touched Silver Fox’s head in shock, "Golden Family? Wow! That’s my boy!"

"But, don’t take these risks in the future. If something happens to you I will be very upset. You should leave these risky things for me to do instead."

Silver Fox was touched by Han’s words. Silver Fox thought that the luckiest he had been in his life was to meet the Han. To help his master, he was willing to undertake those risks! Now, he felt that it was all worth it!

Han frowned slightly, "Golden Family? Weren’t they…"

9527 said, "They have returned. Look. This is the intelligence Silver Fox has brought back."

Han took over the small pictures 9527 had passed over. The smart Silver Fox had drawn all that he had experienced into a comic. As such, even though there was no communication in words, the group could quickly understand what Silver Fox was saying.

Han looked at the photos one by one. It started with Silver Fox following the subordinates of the Golden Family into the space rift and continued until the fight with the eight-clawed monster. For credit, Silver Fox exaggerated the appearance of the multi-genetic fellow.

After Han finished looking, he looked at Silver Fox and said, "If this monster was so scary, how did you escape?"

Silver Fox was at a loss for words. His story was incomplete, there were only parts about how hard and heroic and handsomely he fought but nothing about how he left.

Silver Fox perplexedly shook his head.

9527 said on the side, "I have asked this question many times but Silver Fox refused to speak."

Han nodded and said, "Then there’s no need to ask. Silver Fox must have his difficulties. I have complete faith in him."


The two eyes of the Silver Fox brimmed with tears, and tears threatened to pour out!

As expected of Master!

Before today, Silver Fox was interrogated by 9527 every day. But Han had only one sentence: "I am fully confident in him!"

"As expected, Master treats me the best!" Silver Fox shouted in his mind. At this moment, he was anxious to charge and assault the enemy in place of Han. He would do his best until his death.

Yuan Yuan was so touched he wanted to cry. Black Egg witnessed everything coldly. He was not familiar with the close relationship between Silver Fox and Han. But for some reason, he felt very jealous. Why were the relationships among these guys so good?

"You get jealous so easily." 9527 sighed and said.

He passed a golden card to Han and said, "The current situation is that the Golden Family not only came, but they have brought a written challenge to battle to the entrance of our home. They specified they want you to go. It depends on what you want to do now..."