Chapter 362: Enemy Interception

Chapter 362: Enemy Interception

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Rumble ~

As 9527 voice fell, the battle began and the space station shook violently like it was struck by something.

Han looked up at the screen and saw that the space station was losing speed. A powerful force had pushed the space station out of the transition jump state.

"Its the Stun Interceptor Shell!" Han thought.

Whether in the normal dimension or the reverse dimension of the universe, the mobile space station and the star ship relied on the transition jump engine for the thrust. However, the transit jump principle was different. In the normal dimension it used the wormhole transit jump, in the reverse dimension of the dark net, it used the space law.

Meanwhile, the stun interceptor shell is a device that disrupted the flying vehicle out of the transit jump tunnel. As long as it is detonated in the right place and the right time, it will cancel all transit jump vehicles that passed by the affected area.

Swish ~

A layer of white light spread and surrounded the space station. This was the energy shield.

As 9527 station was shaken out of the transition jump tunnel, enemy figures appeared on the screen. Two identical mobile space station like No. 9527 and a dozen rounded short tail Dark net battleships like fish with big heads appeared. Each was bigger than the super aircraft carrier\'s hull.

Rumble ~

Space station No. 9527 rushed out crookedly. The space station and the star ships began to attack immediately. They had been waiting here recharging the weapon system.

As described by 9527, the mobile space station had six powerful main cannons. Each cannon’s firepower was equivalent to a Dreadnought class, and the six laser beams immediately brightened up this dim world.

Meanwhile, those big head, fish-like dark net warships only had one main cannon, but the firepower was equivalent to a space station’s main cannon, which was also a high-power laser weapon.

"Retaliate! We need to fight back! " Boya shouted. He was a hot-blooded fellow, he could not restrain his excitement at the sight of the battle.

"Don\'t Move!" Han shouted, "Now it is 9527 that controls all the firepower!" "

"Then what shall we do? We can\'t just sit back and watch it right?" Boya asked aloud.

"Learn! Don\'t you get it? 9527 is buying us time, giving me the chance to learn how to manually control of the space station!" Han said loudly.

Everyone was shocked for and second and then immediately lowered their heads to read the instructions of each button and dashboard. Everyone ruthlessly grasped their heads, and forced themselves to concentrate on the controls.

In fact, the control keys they faced were nothing in comparison to the one Han faced. Han was located at the half round Central Command desk with tens of thousands of switches, meters, and pedals that controlled the direction and power of the station.

Han slapped his own head, and forced himself to remember the functions and instruments of these keys. The power of the Dark Brain played a decisive role this time, Han not only inherited Lu Yao’s energy but also inherited an ability to accelerate brain’s processing speed, which significantly enhanced Han’s memory, comprehension, analysis and judgment ability.

Han was not clear whether this was the reason 9527 had him as the second chief in command, or if it was due to 9527’s trust in him.

Han saw the final destination and the path 9527 set up in the preset database. It was a combination of complex numbers used in the dark network positioning system. Quietly, Han ironed the final location in mind.

Swish ~

9527 operated the space station to bypass the stun interception shell control area with no desire to continue the fight. The station immediately went into transition jump state and shook off the All Gods Corporation’s interception.

Han knew well, the All Gods Corporation had predicted 9527’s retreat route, as it had the battleship at the preset location and planted the interception bombs at that location.

This kind of interception won\'t just happen once.

Rumble ~

As expected, a few seconds into the transition jump, another interceptor shell exploded and forced out the space station. On the screen, a new fleet appeared and began eyeing 9527\'s space station.

Han was suddenly shocked, he noticed that the 9527 in the neural control state had a smear of blood on the corner of the mouth and his left hand violently trembled.

He remembered that 9527 said the neural control transformed a person into the space station itself, so any damage the space station suffered would be delivered unimpeded to the brain. If the warships were bombed, the person that controlled the ship would suffer too.

Obviously, 9527 was now injured. He held up with willpower and did not withdraw from the neural control system.

Boom ~

9527\'s station fired all six main cannons, nearly collapsing the same model space stations on the opponent\'s side.

9527\'s space station looked like the same model the enemy had, but in fact it was actually modified.

For example, the space station of the All God’s Corporation Group had portholes, but 9527\'s space station was like a solid iron ball with no windows.

The All Gods Corporation’s space stations needed at least seven seconds to recharge after each salvo, and 9527\'s only needed four seconds.

Although the 9527 space station was more than 50% above the space station of the All Gods Corporation in terms of firepower and defense, it did not provide any absolute advantage on the battlefield.

After all, #9527 was outnumbered and out prepared.

The space station\'s self-assessment system indicated after two interceptions, the outermost energy protection had worn out. The space station itself had suffered hundreds of blows, and if Han was to observe from the outside, he would have discovered the gigantic mobile space station was already covered in scars.

Meanwhile, still connected to the space station through the neural control system, 9527’s chest was already wet, not with sweat, but blood!

All damage would be delivered through the system to 9527’s nerve system, thus 9527 would not have flesh wounds, but there were internal injuries!

Night Walker was the designated medic on the space station. He shook his head at Han with worried eyes. He thought 9527 wouldn’t be able to hold much longer.

Han was not sure what kind of person 9527 used to be, but now he was just a chubby old man due to the lack of training over the years. After years of guarding inside the dark and lonely space station with an unhealthy lifestyle, 9527 was no longer who he use to be. His body condition was probably not comparable to any of the soldiers present.

Han frowned, raised a bold idea in his head. He whispered to Yuan Yuan and gave her some instruction.


"Don\'t say more, do as I say!" Han firmly said to Yuan Yuan with determination.

"Yes!" YuanYuan agreed to Han’s request.

Rumble ~

The third round of interception arrived without surprise and the route data indicated that the distance to 9527’s preset destination was still 60 seconds away. The interception became more frequent, almost every few seconds they would encounter the All Gods Corporation’s interception.

Do not underestimate this 60 seconds distance. There had never been one transit jump that lasted more than 15 seconds when Han used the Particle Module, and it only took 9 seconds for the magical Hyperspace transition jump to send Han from Earth to Star Lord City.

But this time, Han’s group has escaped for a record keeping five minutes. Presumably they had reached the verge of the sky, being countless light years away from the Earth Legion in the Twin-Horse galaxy.

"Grandpa 9527 passed out!" Yuan Yuan suddenly shouted loudly.

After the third round of fierce battle, 9527 was finally unable to hold on and he fainted.

"Put him down!" "Han yelled.

Night Walker rushed into the transparent nerve capsule, pulled 9527 out, stuffed several already-prepared drugs into his mouth, and started to compress his chest.

But when Night Walker looked up, he suddenly realized Han had entered the nerve capsule while he rescued 9527.

"What are you doing?" Night Walker asked aloud.

Han ignored him, but issued an order to Yuan Yuan: "Connect the nerve control system, Get me online!"

"Yes" Yuan Yuan answered unwilling.

Swish ~

Streams of blue lights like silver needles in tens of thousands pierced into Han’s brain, body, and heart.