Chapter 177: Hopeless Alliance (Part One)

Chapter 177: Hopeless Alliance (Part One)

After going all the way back, Han finally arrived at the Alliance’s HQ, the Eternal Star System.

The Eternal Star System was right in the middle of the 12 permanent management nations of the galaxy, and from any of these countries’ capital, one could arrive at the Eternal Star System within 3 days. The transportation was very convenient.

Of course, this convenience was only available to the twelve giants. If any other countries’ representatives wanted to come to the HQ, it would still be a long voyage. Since the 12 permanent nations occupy 1/3 of the entire Alliance’s territory, 50% of the population, and 60% of the military power, they wouldn’t consider if it’s convenient for other small countries as long as they felt convenient themselves.

In addition, in the capitals of these 12 permanent management countries and even some other places, there were also divisions of the Alliance HQ. However, those were just to conduct ceremonies or to commemorate a war, and their statuses were far less important than the eternal galaxy.

Han was outside of the HQ’s 1400th floor’s Executive Conference Room, waiting to be summoned.

There were 10 of these buildings, symbolizing the 14,000 member countries in the Alliance.

Such a high building, when looking out of the floor to ceiling windows, you couldn’t see the earth, but you could see space, and also the cloud below your feet.

Han looked out of the window and was dazed in front of the scenery, coming here made him suddenly feel sorrow. Many people have already died for the Milky Way and the Alliance, but the Eternal star system was still filled with songs and dances.

Through the security check, Han couldn’t help but think, if he was a dark apostle, such a measly level of security would have no chance of stopping him.

Because the dark apostle was originally a lifeform with recombined DNA, they could easily recombine their DNA structure to disguise as anyone in this building.

Against such powerful enemies, technology was losing their original effect. The security system of the HQ was something learned from the prehistoric civilization, and now the real inventor of these technology is coming back.

This was simply a war between students and teachers. The human civilization was learning from the prehistoric civilization but they have never gone beyond them, and if a war broke out between the students and teachers, mankind will lose very badly with no power to fight back.

When Han was thinking, he was summoned. He walked into the conference room with big steps and saw many familiar faces; Prime Minister Mode who had always been very disgusted of him, Qinshang Empire’s Military official Paz Diais, Doyle from the Mang Star, and so on.

There were more than 12 people. Some countries’ military officials and secret police representatives also participated in this meeting.

Han did not appear very nervous when faced with the presence of important figures. One reason was because Han had already seen some of them before, and the other reason was because Han already experienced several life and death situations, and people that had directly faced death naturally had a more indifferent temperament in comparison to ordinary people.

This meeting was presided by the highest commander of the expeditionary mission of the A-43, and he allowed Han to stand in the foreground to talk about the expedition experience.

Without any exaggeration, Han told everyone that brutal expedition in detail.

During the entire process, no one talked nor asked questions. Although they’ve already seen the video report Han sent back, but when they heard Han personally talking about the experience at the relic, their attention was caught once again and they just quietly listened.

When the report was completed, Han took out the dark apostle’s dead body from the Lunar Mark and placed it at the front.

“Everyone, this is the dark apostle’s body. According to my personal experience, I estimate that their combat strengths are at least at the 8-star level, and at the same time they are like human esper soldiers, possessing super powers.”

“It is not known whether all the apostles have the same rank, but I think, the dark apostles that survived have no reason to be weaker than this one, after all they were produced with the same method.”

“Why doesn’t this dark apostle have a head?” A great figure from the military asked.

“That’s because his brain was crushed.” Han said.

“Oh, since you can crush the head of the dark apostle, that means even if these dark apostles really existed, they won’t be too much of a problem.”


Laughter came into the meeting, everyone knew that Han’s level wasn’t high, and the fact that he could kill dark apostles showed that they weren’t that strong.

Han bit his lips and deepened his voice, “I don’t have all the credit to kill the dark apostle. At that moment, Ms. White burned her zero-degree brain region and desperately caught onto him, I used Void End and took his super power, and then plus Riley and Lesa the two warlord elites kept him under control, and that finally completed the final kill.”

“In order to kill the dark apostle, Ms. White had to sacrifice herself.”

“That doesn’t say much too. By the way, what level are you at currently?”

“I haven’t tested for a long time, but I’m definitely at least 5 stars in rank.” Han replied.

“And that means, even if dark apostles really existed, all we need is to dispatch two warlord elites, 1 quasi-warlord, and one 5-star esper like you. Hum, seems like the dark apostles’ combat power is still quite weak.”

Han became a bit angry now, with a hoarse voice he said, “The dark apostle got its power taken away, he was a terrifying dimension-descent esper, if his power was not taken away, we couldn’t have beat him.”

That military official started putting out his fingers to count, “Okay, okay, as you said, if the dark apostles are really at 8-star level, that kind of level is indeed terrifying, but it’s for normal people.”

“But, if we dispatch 10 warlord espers then we can kill the dark apostle for sure, and I believe we can control the casualty rate at 30%, which means, among those 10 warlord elites only 3 will die.”

“There are 99 dark apostles, and it costs us 3 warlord elites to kill every dark apostle, so the worst outcome would be no more than 300 warlord elites being sacrificed.”

“Don’t forget, if we can send 10 warlords to fight one dark apostle, we can also send 20, 50, or 100 warlords to eliminate him!”

“Doesn’t matter how you calculate it, those 99 dark apostles cannot shake our huge alliance! Their number is too few, not enough. There are trillions and trillions of people living in the Milky Way and trillions and trillions esper soldiers here, even if everyone spits, it will be enough to drown the dark apostles.”

“Soldiers’ lives aren’t just icy cold numbers!” Han was furious, he tried to suppress his voice and said, “What’s terrifying about the dark apostle is that they are recreated life forms and their DNA structure can be changed!”

“As long as they like, they can disguise to be any one here, and such destructive power is far more than combat!”