Chapter 138: Path of Earth, Ground-Shattering Godly Hammer(Part Two)

But Han really doubt whether someone heartless like Cheng Zhong will remember him, because at this moment everyone’s working hard towards their dream, and when receiving the good news that the first Ghost Axe class carrier is about to come off the assembly line, Han also faintly felt himself soon hitting the essence of Path of Earth.

In the remodified training room, Han is still trying again and again, wanting to raise this ultimate skill to the Taoistic level.

That level is an existence that can’t be seen or felt. If you finally understand it it, it will exist, if you can’t, then it will never exist.

Through the transparent window, Pathless and Night Walker seem to be even more nervous than Han. Soon, Wuyun also came. Recently, the number of times he visited Pathless’s house is even more than all the times in the past years combined.

“What day is it now?” Wuyun curiously asked.

“It’s the fifth consecutive day.” Night Walker turned around and glanced at Wuyun, then started observing Han again.

“Can Han understand the Ground-shattering Godly Hammer?” Night Walker asked.

“Perhaps he can, these two days I feel that Han is getting closer and closer to the Path of Earth.” Pathless thought for a second and said, “Just need a little more.”

Wuyun was shocked for a second and said in excitement, “It only took a little over four months, a lot faster than you, odd monster! By the way, among all your teacher’s students, who’s the one that understood the Path of Earth the fastest? How does he compare to Han?”

Pathless became a little embarrassed and also angry, “Can you guys stop asking these silly questions? I will put it this away, among all my teacher’s students, I was the fastest in all records except for one!”

“I was considered the motherf*cking genius! And Han is f*cking better than me alright?”

Looking at Pathless’s pissed off face, Night Walker and Wuyun all nodded and expressed satisfaction.

Wuyun changed his attitude, stop joking with Pathless, and said in a serious attitude, “Did you guys all see the strange video Old Mo sent us?”

Pathless and Night Walker both nodded, and their eyes became a little worried.


Pathless complained, “Old Mo trusts us the most, but we are stuck in this damn place and can’t get out!”

The three are all very sad looking, older people are often so, with less and less friends, they began to cherish each one.

Suddenly, Night Walker’s eyes lit up, pointed at the Han that’s focused on training and said, “We are trapped, but he’s not. If there’s no other way…”

Inside the training room Han already entered a silent meditation.

If in Path of Heaven’s Sky Break Strike, the sky doesn’t refer to the sky above us but referring to nothingness.

Then what is the Path of Earth’s Ground-shattering Godly Hammer referring to?

Shattering a whole planet?

Han shook his head, thought that it’s not that simple. The ground is heavy, raising countless lives, the Path of Earth must be representative of something else.


Could the thing that the Path of Earth is shattering is actually life itself rather than the ground that’s holding the life?

But why is it life?

Han’s brain began to frantically process, and thoughts took Han back to distant places.

He remembered his childhood, when the adults are gathered together, the faces are all tense and nervous when talking about future.

Those are insignificant lives, and their hopes have no place to rest.

Han also remembered that solider that brought him the greatest shock, Pang Zuolin, 33 years old, 2-star esper, strength descent, from the province of Jiangsu.

That’s one unyielding life! Han will never forget.

When the raiders attacked Earth, this man carried a bronze bull, rushed from dozens story high building and jumped down!

If the soldiers that received formal training sees that scene, they would for sure think that Pang Zuolin is very stupid, because they all know, starships have energy shield which can repel any physical attacks.

But was he really stupid?

The reason Han respected Pang Zuolin that much, whether he knew precisely what the energy shield can do, his final decision would still be the same!

He would still carry that bronze bull that’s multiple times his own weight, and jump down selflessly down the roof!

Victory is never made for those smart people, but for those people that are to put their life on the line for victory!

And the fact is precisely the case, that raider’s starship didn’t activate energy shield due to the low altitude, and Pang Zuolin gave it his all no matter what the result would be! And that’s why that tragic battle had a memorable result.

A soldier will experience many battles in his or her life, and will also forget a lot of battles, but one will never forget one’s first, it can even affect the entire life.

Until now, Han can often hear that voice.

“Civilians under threat!”

“Protect the civilians!”

“Espers, come with me!”

And Han saw all the espers coming from all directions, even though they are mostly not soldiers yet, but teachers, students or workers.

But so what?!

When Earth is threatened, they were there! With their clumsy techniques, they fought the enemies to the last minute!

And Hu Hai, 24 years old, 1-star esper, fire descent, from Hunan province.

Another life that Han would never forget. It was his wedding day, he arrived to the battlefield first in an elegant suit, and he was also left there forever.

When his fiancée picked him up in her wedding dress, Han felt his heart was about to break!

This is life!

One after another insignificant like grass but unyielding life!

Han might not be able to remember all the big and famous names, but he would never forget those most ordinary people and the last moment of glory in their life!

Ground-shattering Godly Hammer, is for breaking the shackles of fate!

The insignificant and lowly fate of those people on Earth must be shattered!

Once the enlightenment is reached, nothing can supress it, and that is Tao!

Path of Earth!

It’s not the ground that’s shattered!

But the life!


With red eyes and tears shining in his eyes, Han’s fist landed on the ground!

Break for me!