Chapter 318: Banshee Class

Chapter 318: Banshee Class

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Feng Wanzhou slightly frowned. Li Xiang actually actively invited Han which puzzled him greatly.

Feng Wanzhou was only agreeing to the invitation because of his revenge plan so could not clearly tell Han that participating in the expedition was very dangerous. He could only frown, "Han, this expedition has deep meaning to us soul hunters. All high ranking soul hunters have already joined the expedition. As to whether you would like to join, I will leave the decision up to you."

Feng Wanzhou’s eyes were obviously hinting at the danger. Han saw but Han also had his own plan.

According to Han\'s current knowledge of the situation, the nodes to the regular universe were sealed and even if Worm brought him to the node, they may not be able to get out.

And the one who had control over the nodes opening and closing was Li Xiang. Simply by using the expedition as an excuse, he could find opportunities to get to him. As for the God King’s treasure, if any opportunity arose, Han also very willing to take advantage of a chaotic situation to get some rewards.

Needless to say, Han’s training in the path of Yao has caused some changes to his personality. He had become more willing to take risks, as well as more scheming.

Li Xiang was thinking of bringing Han into the expeditionary force, and finding an opportunity to take care of both Han and Feng Wanzhou, before snatching his soul beast.

And on the other hand, Han wanted to kill Li Xiang, and snatch his God King’s treasure!

Two ruthless people were thinking of the same thing!

"Good, this opportunity is rare! I would like to follow you to the wall of sighs to gain some experience." Han softly said.

Li Xiang responded with laughter, "That\'s a deal! The day after tomorrow, the Expeditionary force will set off!"

Twin Horse Galaxy, the headquarters of the robot army under Han.

Raksha, Burton, Starmark, Source, and Mild Wind, the five robots that Han gave absolute authority to, stared blankly at the blueprints on a computer screen.

This is a small frigate blueprint. It was oddly shaped, like a flying goblin, with a pair of short wings, and a delicate little head that was the command module of the vessel.

"Source, did you call us here to see this? Right now, the legion is using all of our resources to make giant warships. This frigate blueprint doesn’t look bad, but it shouldn’t surprise you to this extent, right?" Rogue asked.

The Star Mark asked, "Where did you get this blueprint? Usually starship designs have a certain level of continuity between them, a certain design style. But this frigate\'s design style seems too avant-garde."

Source excitedly explained, "A few months ago, Han gave me a Venus class transition engine blueprint. This set of blueprints was obtained by Han from the mysterious All Gods Corp, that is, the deep dark net."

And Milky Wind interrupted, "I am aware of that event. The starship’s engine design is excellent, merely going through structural optimization, the engine energy consumption was reduced by 40% and jump speed increased by 50%!"

"After the large-scale replacement of the star engine, whether it is our robot corps, or the human corps left behind on Earth, we all have the fastest maneuvering speed by far, and even our heavily armed flagship fleet has the same speed as any other warship fleet. "

Source nodded: "Yes, Han and I talked about it. This blueprint was obtained through exchanging with someone called 9527. When I got to storing the Blueprint data disc, I found a strange thing."

"What strange thing?"

"Generally speaking, the capacity of a data disc is 1000 p, but the data disc that Han gave me was only 990 p." Source answered.

"Wouldn\'t that be 10 p less than capacity?"

"Yes, so I used a data retrieval algorithm and performed a comprehensive search of the data disc. Now what you see is the final result. The data disc was not damaged, it is indeed 1000 p capacity. The reason 10 p is missing is because there is a hidden segment in the data disc."

"And the hidden segment is this frigate blueprint?" Rogue slowly asked.

Source nodded, "Well, this hidden blueprint is called the Banshee class. I used an algorithm to calculate the Banshee class composite index, the results are as follows."

They each started receiving the data. They were robots with specialized computing units responsible for processing data. The speed was very fast, so they immediately understood the terrifying strength of the Banshee class frigate.

"This is the strongest frigate I have ever seen, none else."

"More than that, not only is there no frigate that can rival the Banshee class, a higher grade destroyer, or even two grades higher cruiser, won’t be able to contend with this Banshee class."

"This data is much like the Moon Goddess second generation cruiser we produced."

"There is still a little gap, but you know, the Moon Goddess is not only two grades higher as a cruiser above the Banshee class, which is only a frigate. It is also a second-generation starship design, which is currently the most advanced star ship in the Milky way. Even Han’s personal ride is only the Moon Goddess class. This Banshee class can actually reach the same attack and defense specifications as the Moon Goddess Class?!"

"We also have to consider the signal radius problem. The Banshee Class is a small frigate, its signal radius is very low. The Battleship’s large main cannons cannot hit the Banshee level, and the cruisers and destroyers that are armed with medium sized cannons are also not able to hit it. Then isn’t it just meaning that the Banshee Class won’t have any threats?"

"Now that Longchuan and the Earth Corps are organizing guerrilla warfare, the Earth Corps is relying on flagships, so the number of their small ships is not large. They are urging us to step up the construction of the Moon Goddess class, but what if we do not give LongChuan the Moon Goddess class, but the Banshee class."

"This is a great idea, although the Banshee class is complex, but after all, it is a small ship. If we fully commit everyone in the Robot Corps to produce Banshee class ships, we will be able to make a large number in a short time. As long as there is enough, it can form a powerful assault force!"

"Then what are we waiting for? Immediately adjust the production line to make the Banshee class!"

"I agree. Anyway Han said, if he’s not here, we should discuss with Longchuan. As long as he agrees, we can begin work!"

"Okay, I\'ll contact Longchuan."

"I\'m going to adjust the production line!"

"With these bloodthirsty little demons, we will kill those three eye race bastards!"

The crowd hurried away, each to complete their own task. The Robot Corps is loyal. Now that the enemy had hit Han’s home, the Robot Corps became as angry as Han.

Only the Robot Legion’s Chief Science Officer Source was left inside the room. He examined the Banshee class all over and couldn’t help but feel shocked. If the All Gods Corps can make such a powerful star ship design, the whole universe could not be their opponents!

These amazing corporations that occupy the dark net, what kind of earth shattering benefits do they get from it?


Source suddenly hesitated. In the Banshee Class blueprint, he found a small black spot. He enlarged the blueprint and this small black spot incredibly became a line of text.

"The Mayan Empire, the Banshee frigate." Source whispered this line,"The Mayan Empire? A group that controls the dark web? "