Chapter 419: The Girl on the Verge of Eruption

Chapter 419: The Girl on the Verge of Eruption

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Han took over the golden card and looked. He frowned and said, ‘This is an invitation?"

9527 said, "I don’t think so. Even though it is called an invitation, but considering the history of the Golden Family, it could fully be interpreted as an ultimatum."

"The meaning of the invitation is that the owner has returned. Inferior humans should return to where they came from or the Golden Family would not let any enemies go."

Han thought and said, "If that is the plan of the Golden Family, why would they put so much effort into a meeting? They have the power to kick out all humans. Could it be because they no longer have the power?"

"Didn’t you say that the last time the Golden Family appeared, they seemed to be in a war. After so many years, the war within the Clan may have weakened them, while humans had the chance to develop and even create tremendous powers like the five major corporations."

9527 said, "What you said makes sense, but I still don’t think we should take chances. We don’t have to accept such an invitation."

"Now, the territory has altered a new batch of Dark Net ships. Let us leave from the veins tunnel to another location. We can escape from the Golden Family and the five major corporations."

Han shook his head and said, "Where could we hide? We don’t know where the Veins tunnel leads to and what kind of enemies it leads to."

"Under the pressure of the All gods corporation. We can only live in the Cursed grounds, but I would still like to return to Earth. To continue staying here is not a solution, neither is walking down the veins tunnel."

9527 said, "Your words make sense. The highways of the Dark Net are built upon data. If we leave here and walk along the veins tunnel to another location. It would be difficult for you to return to Earth via the highway of the Dark Net anytime soon."

"You have to weigh the costs and benefits. There is danger in meeting the Golden Family. For one, the All Gods Corporation would not let us get away."

"From what I know. The representative that All Gods Corporation sent this time is Lu Shui Qiu Lin. The grandfather of Jian Jia."

"Jian Jia’s grandfather." Han was dazed. He felt nostalgic after hearing Jian Jia’s name. They used to be good friends but were forcefully separated before they had the chance to say good bye.

9527 said, "Don’t think just because you are good friends with Jian Jia, Lu Shui Qiu Lin will go easy on you. He is the most reliable supporter of Jacquet and is truly loyal to him. If Jacquet asked Lu Shui Qiu Lin to kill you, no one will be able to stop it."

"Furthermore, Lu Shui Qiu Lin has the powers to kill you. He is at the level of peak super war lord! He is much stronger than even Sima Hunfeng."

"There is also Luo Shock, Dark North, Time Activator, and Bruce. They are all within the top three ranking warriors within their corporations and are all peak super warlords! The five major corporations have brought out their strongest teams to meet the Golden Family."

Han was deep in thought. "Doesn’t this just prove that this meeting is important? There must be a reason why the five major corporations have all dispatched their strongest warriors."

9527 shook his head and said, "You insist on going?"

Han said, "Yes. It is a meeting that is hard to come by. I have no reason to not attend. Furthermore, it is still uncertain who is friend or foe."

"Anyway, it is not a good option to leave via the vein tunnel. Once I leave here, it is uncertain when I can come home. Oh yeah, you have been watching Earth right. How is my hometown?"

Han would always beam with a smile every time he spoke of his hometown. Even though he was not on Earth, he was still attached to it.

9527 looked at Han’s gaze and said lightly sighed, "I knew you can’t stop worrying about your hometown. Earth’s situation is very good. Long Chuan is leading everyone in rebuilding a new homeland on Twin-Horse Galaxy."

"Earth’s territory is much bigger than before. Almost the entire Twin-Horse Galaxy is under the control of the Earth army. Your robot army is spectacular as well. They are following your plan and building an army which could rival the Milky Way Alliance."

"Of course there are two latent dangers in your hometown. One would be logic chips. To make robots, a lot of logic chips is required but the Milky Way Alliance has sealed them."

"According to the news from the investigation satellite, Long Chuan might decide to snatch the logic chips back from the Milky Way Alliance."

"But there are risks in doing that. The Three-Eyed race is no longer a threat, and Milky Way Alliance has resumed ruling with a domineering force. If Long Chuan tries to snatch the logic chips now, a war might break out."

Han didn’t think it was a big deal, "I believe in Long Chuan’s judgment. If he thinks he should act, then it can’t be wrong."

"It was in my plan to vigorously expand robotic powers. The powers of humans are limited. It would be difficult to complete the huge constructions in a short amount of time. I need enough intelligent robots to replace human labor."

9527 said, "I do not object to this but I must remind you. Even on the Dark Net, everyone is careful with intelligence technology. For example, Queen is not an intelligence system with no restrictions."

Han asked and retorted, "Yuan Yuan is a fully intelligent system. Do you think he is a threat to you?"

9527 was speechless. How would he be able to live without Yuan Yuan now? The little fellow was of tremendous help to 9527. He was more even more outstanding than Queen in many things.

9527 continued to say, "The second latent danger is Ye Guhong, the grandfather of Ye Weiwei. He is once again on the road. He has brought the people from Ancient Maple Leaf and is seeking Ye Weiwei’s mother. I dispatched a satellite to follow them and discovered that he is on his way to the Abyssal Star Region."

"Abyssal Star Region is one of the rarer star regions which is twisted. It is connected to the Dark Net and has a bad reputation."

Han said, "Ye Guhong is an expert. He must know that."

9527 whispered, "I am not worried about Ye Guhong, I am more worried about Ye Weiwei."

"Weiwei? What’s wrong with her?" Han asked with confusion.

9527 retorted, "Do you really think that Ye Weiwei is an ordinary girl?"

"Yes." Han nodded and said.

9527 said, "An ordinary girl would not have the Thunder Storm power. Also, Ye Weiwei is very kind hearted. She is scared that once her super powers become stronger, she would accidentally hurt others. Thus, she does not even train and seeks ways to lower her level."


"But what?" Han asked.

9527 said in a low voice, "Her level could not be repressed. With no training, Ye Weiwei has already reached the warlord level."

Han was stunned for a moment, "Ye Weiwei has surpassed the war god level? We are now a team with all members above the level of a war god! When did this happen?"

9527 said, "When you were unconscious, Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying were responsible for taking care of you. She did not undergo any training but directly became a war god in her sleep. This was detected by the power detection security system."

"Let me ask you. Do you know the age of Ye Weiwei?"

Han thought and said, "When I first met her I was 16 and she was 14. Now, four years have passed, I am 20 and she is 18 years old."

"It’s 17 years and 6 months." 9527 said meaningfully. "There is a type of physique which matures slowly but would advance by leaps and bounds after adulthood."

"I suspect that is true for Ye Weiwei. As she gets closer to adulthood, her level will no longer be repressed. Even if she does not train, her powers will still become stronger. The reason Ye Guhong is hastily looking for Ye Weiwei’s mother seems to be related to this as well."

Han felt that this entire situation was too far from normal, his heart was in turmoil.

"Those who are closely involved cannot see clearly." 9527 sighed and said, "Because you have a dominating super power like Void End, you never perceived Ye Weiwei as a threat. That’s not the same for the rest of the group."

"What was Ye Weiwei wearing when she first met you?"

Han said, "A black leather jacket. It is a special piece of clothing that prevents thunder strike attacks from leaking."

9527 said, "There was a period of time when Ye Weiwei stopped wearing that stuffy tight clothing. However, once her level reached warlord, she was forced to wear it again. That was because when you were not around, she accidentally struck Pu Luodi."

"Your teacher, Night Ruins inspected and secretly told me that the strike caused organ damage in Pu Luodi’s body. He would be unable to battle for a few months."

Han was astonished, "I first met Pu Luodi with Boya. He participated in nearly all battles and has the strength of an intermediate war god!"

9527 said, "Yes. In our group, Pu Luodi’s was always of intermediate strength. He was not the most outstanding but still a force to be reckoned with. It was this Pu Luodi who was struck by Ye Weiwei’s thunder strikes and suffered organ damage."

Cold sweat began to break out on Han’s forehead. He sat on the chair and muttered to himself, "So if Ye Weiwei continues to develop, she will bring disaster to our group?

9527 said, "Well, I won’t go that far and call her a disaster. Everyone likes her. But if she is not careful, she could hurt someone."

"Night Ruins didn’t tell Ye Weiwei about Pu Luodi, but Ye Weiwei seemed to also have noticed that her level was insuppressibly raising. That’s why she started wearing that leather clothing again."

Han deeply frowned. He understood Ye Weiwei’s pain. The kind Weiwei never thought about hurting anyone, but her powerful ability always created trouble.

Han could never forget Ye Weiwei’s pain and coldness when he first met her. It was not because Ye Weiwei wanted to be cold to others but because she was forced to. Whoever got close to her would become hurt. It was almost her destiny.

It was only later when Han appeared that Ye Weiwei saw hope.

What about the future?

If Ye Weiwei’s super powers continue to grow, unless Han stayed with her forever, Ye Weiwei will continue to hurt others and fall into a lonely life.

9527 pondered for a long time and finally said, "Oh well. I will just tell you."

"You’ve know Ye Weiwei for almost four years. Have you inspected her leather jacket?"

Han quickly shook his head, "How would I take off a girl’s clothes? I have never inspected it. Isn’t it just a special leather jacket?"

9527 shook his head and said, "When you are clever, you are cleverer than anybody. But when you are retarded, you are the dumbest guy on the whole planet. A special leather jacket? Only you could suppress her top level super powers. How would a leather jacket have the same effect as your Void’s End?"

"I secretly looked. There is a crystal at the waist of Ye Weiwei’s leather Jacket. It is not the leather jacket that suppresses her powers, but the crystal."

"As Ye Weiwei approached adulthood, the power of the crystal weakened."

"I suspect that the reason Ye Weiwei’s level was increasing rapidly recently, and the increasingly violent thunder strikes are related to the weakening of the crystal."

"I hate to say this but if we don’t stop this, I am afraid one day her Thunder Storm ability would become so powerful that even you would be unable to stop it. There is nothing absolute in the world…even if your Void End is one and only, it is not absolute."