Chapter 363: A Direct Blow to the Enemy's Head!

Chapter 363: A Direct Blow to the Enemy\'s Head!

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Arrays of silver needle-like blue lights threaded Han’s brain, body, and heart.

Han felt like he was in hell from the pain landing unexpectedly, and every cell in his body was burning up. Quickly this pain disappeared and was replaced by an even stranger feeling.

Han felt he was floating in mid-air while transition station 9527 became transparent. Han could clearly see everything in the surrounding area, and his brain was connected to the distributed neural control system. Han’s thoughts spread rapidly through the neural vines to reach every control system in the transit station.

If Han wanted to fire a missile, all he had to do was signal in his head, as he had become one with the transit station.

Han needed more time to adapt when faced with this brand new experience, however the angry and strong All Gods Corporation wouldn’t give him this chance.


Han’s body shook violently as he was pushed out of the transition jump sequence by a strong force. Even though the attack was directed at 9527 transit station and not Han, due to his neural link connection, Han shook around abruptly with unspeakable faint stings pricking his body.


Han saw the dark net. It was just like a dark network of blood vessels, placed behind the universe. Time and space existed as chaotic data in the dark net.

Across from Han were two attacking space station and twelve large-scale battleships in the shape of fat-headed fish.

Identical to the three previous ambushes, strong attacks followed once Han terminated the transition jump. Arrays of white light broke the darkness and took full charged runs at Han. Meanwhile, Han learned through the nerve system that its protective energy shield was only at nine percent.

Yes, the protective energy shield needed time to recover. The All God Corporation knew this and increased the frequency of their attacks to not allow transit station #9527 to recover its protective shield. Once the protective shield looses effectiveness, the station could only rely on its heavy armor as the second layer of defense. If the armor were to be penetrated, then there would be the third and final layer of defense, the structure layer.

"Time! We need to escape the battlefield hastily! Before enemy reinforcements arrive!"

Han heard 9527’s voice and with the help of the Night Walker, 9527 recovered some energy and understood that Han was able to use the neural link connection to control the transit station.

Han frowned a bit, of course he knew the importance of time! With the aid of Space Law’s powerful transport ability, the All Gods Corporation’s reinforcements would arrive shortly after spotting Han, so Han could not linger on the battlefield. He needed to finish immediately and re-enter the transition jump state until the enemy’s next space shock interceptor missiles stopped Han again.

With both being space battles, one of similar size in the dark net will be several magnitudes more difficult than in regular space. In regular space, battleships could not expect reinforcements once in battle. Since space laws were not permitted in this universe, reinforcements would need to jump into battlefield one by one. In the dark net, it doesn’t matter how long the distance was, the reinforcements would arrive in a few short minutes.


Han was calculating the All God Corps reinforcement’s arrival time while another intercepting battleship landed on top of the transit station.

Everyone inside the control center heard Han scream sharply in pain, they couldn’t believe their own ears and eyes! Han was famous for a lot of reasons, but one of the most fundamental reasons was that although he was young, he was a really tough guy!

How much pain must he have suffered to let out a scream like that?

Everyone on site had seen Han in battle before, so it didn’t matter how much he was damaged via punches or knife wounds, Han would never let out even a single grunt and had always joined the battle again right away!

What happened today? Could it be that neural linking was more painful than being ganged up on in actual combat?!

After regaining some conscience, 9527 with a wry smile spoke, "This is the reason why I told you to use manual control, do not use the nerve link! Not because manual is more high-level control, but because no one can bear the pain from the nerve link! It is beyond hell!"


Everyone was stunned. Including Han, everyone had thought that 9527 fainted after only 3 rounds of battle was because he lacked exercise as a fat old geezer. After all 9527 was not like Han and his colleagues, who were a bunch of young muscle men.

Now everyone understood. 9527 was not too weak, on the contrary he was TOO strong!

Beyond hell’s pain and torture, if it was up to myself, I probably won’t last a single minute! But 9527 held on for three full founds! Not a single word! Everyone echoed the same thought.

Han’s scream finally resided, everyone saw Han’s young face was completely distorted, and his veins popped out from his forehead all the way to his neck and wrists!

Just as everyone thought that Han couldn’t hold on any longer, Han himself knew that deep down, this cruel pain brought him more fighting spirit, not fear.

No doubt it was heart aching pain. While pain stimulated Han’s nerves, it also stimulated his zero-degree brain region. After accepting all seven dark crystals, Han’s zero-degree brain region\'s size doubled.

Before this moment, Han did not understand what this represented before. He only knew that he was under attack from the All God Corporation, and his life was threatened.


Han’s zero-brain domain suddenly accelerated. In this nano-meter-scale magical brain domain, the source energy and the dark energy were already perfect merged together. It became Han’s special property, and it was the reason how he broke the Dragon-Breaking Rock with the Flying Feather Bow. His energy was mixed! Not only did he possess the source energy, he also has the dark energy!

Han felt his eyes burning, his body burning, and his brain burning!

Don’t give up!

Never give up!

Han screamed on the inside and forced himself to focus against the pain. The space station quickly charged towards the soldiers from the All Gods Corporation. Han didn’t choose to escape, instead he went directly at his enemies!


The All Gods Corporation soldiers were in disbelief. Han didn’t choose to escape but decided to get closer?

You know, close up combat caused excruciating pain and was way beyond that of a normal battle. Even 9527 himself would choose to escape than to get close up.


Han screamed loudly, the pain from nervous system was driving him crazy, but he still somehow willed himself to stay.

Suddenly, Han charged to the middle of the interception battleships against the enemy’s heavy fire.

Then, a miracle happened!

Those portable attacking space station, the fat-headed fish like battleships, all of their main cannons failed repeatedly. They could only use back up cannons, or even smaller scale defensive cannons to initiate attacks.

A strange smirk appeared on Han’s face.

Yes, Han’s prediction was correct. They used the fire control system to control attacks. Han clearly remembered where the weak point of such system was. Once an enemy got too close, the fire controlled system would enter self-protective mode to prevent the AI system from attacking themselves and allied units.

Then, it would shut down all the main cannons, and only enable close-up mini cannons.

Against a modified super large combat station such as 9527, these small cannons\' damage potentials were like mosquito bites that stung, but nothing fatal.

"Shoot!" Han screamed.

His six main cannons aimed directly at its enemy and fired at the same time. A huge eye blinding light source exploded!

The All Gods Corporation used an AI fire control system, but Han didn’t. Han was linked to the station by his nerves! Though the neural link was unprotected, it would still retaliate no matter how close the distance or how much explosions might spread to its main cannons.

After the first round of barrages, the six fat-headed fish-like dark net battleships were history. With such close proximity, it was like firing a cannon at point blank range!


Another round of barrages was fired and all twelve of the large-size dark net battleships perished.

This was Han’s strategy!

First step, forcibly charge into enemy’s battle formation.

Second step, use the close proximity to disable the enemy’s most powerful main cannons.

Third step, after the enemy’s main cannons became obsolete, Han would take out his own battle cannons, and aim them at the enemy\'s head.