Chapter 264: Han’s Army

Chapter 264: Han’s Army

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The two brothers’ conversation was done with source energy so Han couldn’t hear it. He was also more focused on the three enemies in front of him: the bald guy, the hunch back, and a big bearded assassin who was pretty much half dead.

Jensen’s mutation had completed. He was originally an ugly hunch back, but at least he had a humanoid look. But now, after the hump on his back opened up, he looked more like a monster that was waving its claws.

What’s more surprising was how many spiders were hidden in that hump of his, they just kept coming out nonstop. There were over tens and thousands, and it invoked a really creepy atmosphere.

Since the battle already started, then there was nothing left to hide. The bald guy Jacques sneered, “So you found out about us a long time ago. How?”

Han lightly said, “Because you guys were being too sneaky on the way, constantly discussing something with the people nearby. But the one that really exposed you guys was still that hunchback. He actually gave me a pill that specifically attracts Star Soldier Ants. It would have been a nice plan if I knew nothing about pharmacology, but sorry, that’s my area of study too. What’s more coincidental is, my expertise is in the poison field as well.”

Jacques hesitated, then gritted his teeth, “Even if you saw through the hunchback’s conspiracy, how did you manage to put the fake pill back onto his body?”


On top of Han’s shoulder, a big tail squirrel appeared. That was Silver Fox, coming out of its invisibility.

Han sneered, “Forgot to tell you guys, I’m never alone. The reason I knew you guys were discussing something behind my back was this little thing. As for the fake pill, very simple. I placed some glue on that pill, then had this little thing calculate the steps of this hunchback guy and place it under his step.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at the hunchback’s left foot, isn’t there a black pill glued under his left boot? That’s assuming this monster still has feet.”

Creak~ Creak~

Silver Fox lied down on Han’s shoulder, clamoring arrogantly, as if doing such a big favor for its master made him feel really proud.

Jacques’s face color changed a little, he didn’t have to check the hunchback’s foot to know that Han was saying the truth. What Han also got right was, the hunchback was no longer hunchback, but became a monster that stands upright. Its black claws already stretched out of his battle boots. They no longer look like human feet, but more like talons tightly grasping the ground.

In their surrounding, those green eyes increased in number. Han and the others stopped moving and started an internal conflict, and that gave these cunning monsters a chance. They were quickly closing in on their prey, tightly trapping in these people.

“Why here?” The bald guy swallowed his spit and said, “You knew that we would exhaust ourselves from fighting each other, and then those evil creatures hidden inside the forest would all jump out. None of us will survive.”

Han said as if it was not a big deal, “You for sure won’t survive, but I will.”

Bald Jacques became a little angry and growled, “You can survive? Kiss my ass! Judging by the current situation, I don’t even have to do anything and the hunchback can finish you off by himself! Look at those poisonous spiders, over tens of thousands! These are the result of his life time of work! You won’t be able to run!”

“Run? Who the f*ck said I’m going to run?!” Han suddenly shouted with a higher voice, “I already told you guys, I’m never by myself! You want to compete quantity? Very well, I will grant you your wish!”


Han’s fingers gently slid across Lunar Mark, and then two giant spiders appeared in front of Han!

“Seven-eyed Starry Spider!” The bald man Jacques suddenly hesitated and said.

These two Starry Spiders both had 7 eyes, and they were among the top tier existences among the Starry Spiders species.

Right after Jacques’s words, they saw both Starry Spiders opened their mouth, and even more Starry Spiders began to be released from their giant mouth!

A hundred, a thousand! Ten thousand!

To compare army size, Han was never afraid of anyone!

So the hunchback knew how to breed spiders? Han had them too! And their innate strength was higher, and the quantity was larger!

The situation on the battlefield was suddenly reversed!


Big River swallowed spittle. Such a high number of Starry Spiders also terrified him, and then he said to his big brother, “This should be all of Han’s cards right? I didn’t expect that he actually has such a rare species with him.”

Big Mountain slightly frowned, “Maybe. This brat really likes hiding his cards. He has such a powerful army and yet he waited until now to take it out.”

The bald man Jacques saw Han’s spider army, he was first shocked and then immediately began roaring loudly, “You cunning despicable guy! You think you are great just because you have a bunch of spiders? Even if our fight ends in a lose-lose, you won’t be able to escape those monsters that are hidden in the dark forest!”

Instead of saying anything else, Han touched his Lunar Mark again.

Then, one after another, all kinds of genetic beasts majestically appeared! Aside from Demon Claw and Ghost Claw, there are also genetic beast #4, #5, #6, #7, #8!

This was Han’s second army, the genetic beast army!

Ever since learning the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts and puppet technology, Han didn’t rest at all. Fusion beast #1, #2, #3 were indeed sold by Han, but he still had the even stronger #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8!

After these beasts were summoned, those monsters with green eyes inside the dark forest immediately became restless. Beasts had the instinct to flee from predators, and Han’s fusion beasts clearly had the superior combat strength that terrified and oppressed these monsters.

Jacques’s face became dark green. Han really hid a really good handful of cards. 2 Seven-Eyed Starry spiders, 2 claw beasts, 5 fusion beasts, and plus the little clever thing Silver Fox, Han really did bring an army with him!

Han raised one arm towards the bald man, cold light burst out of his eyes as he said loudly, “Who said I’m going to be satisfied with a lose-lose situation? If I’m going to fight, then I will make sure it’s a complete domination!”

“Go! Leave no survivors!”


There was no suspense in this battle, Han brought an army of mad beasts and completely rolled over the two and a half enemies in front of him.

During that fight, those monsters inside the dark forest wanted to find an opportunity to ambush Han.

But in the end, they were completely stunned by Han’s unprecedently strong genetic beast army, and none of them dared to strike.

The Mountain and River brothers witnessed the entire process of how Han killed these assassins. They exchanged a look, and the meaning was obvious. Although Han was stronger than they expected, but now he had already exposed his hand so they felt that Han was no longer that scary.

In the warrior community there was a saying, that the hidden enemies were the most terrifying. But now, Han’s strength was completely exposed, so all the Mountain River brothers had to do now was to find the perfect opportunity to strike.

Silver Fox very expertly collected all of the assassins’ dimension rings. Han took a look and grabbed them. The victor gets the loot, it was the law of the jungle.

The two old man Lipton and Dini were of course completely shocked of Han’s strength, Looking at the young Han made them speechless.

“Still not demonic enough, what else should I do?” Han muttered to himself. Just stomping a group of enemies was still not enough to Han.

All he wanted to do was reach the demonic state and unleash the monster inside his chest.

But it’s still not enough. Han was still yet a soldier that embodied demonic power. He was just very tough, domineering, cunning, iron-blooded, and merciless. But he still had a long way to go before reaching the level of a demon.

Ten genetic beasts surrounded Han, and Han didn’t have any intention of putting them back into the Lunar Mark after taking back the Starry Spiders.

“Let’s leave this place. Outside of this black pine forest, it should be the test of the Fire Mountain.” Han said to the two old soldiers.

Lipton nodded, and then looked over at the Mountain River brothers in the distance and asked, “What about these two? If we leave them, the monsters inside the forest probably won’t let them off easy.”

Han glanced at the Mountain and River brothers. They are indeed the killers hired by the big Zhu Clan of the All Gods Corporation, and their existence was on a completely different level in comparison to the scrubs hired by the four Beast Tamer clans.

The Mountain and River brothers were all hidden very well, not even Han noticed their true identities.

From a probabilistic point of view, what are the odds that 75% of the people on Han’s team all wanted his life? Han thought the probability was too low, so he didn’t think that these two were also contracted killers.

“I don’t trust them, let them fend for themselves.” Han coldly nodded.

Lipton and Dini nodded. After people get old, their hearts also get kinder. Although they didn’t think that they should leave the brothers behind, but they were more reluctant to disobey Han who had just saved their lives.

Who knew that at this moment, the Mountain River brothers both got onto their knees before Han.

“Please do not leave us here!”

“If you leave us here, then we will be dead for sure!”

“Please save us! We will listen to whatever you say in the future!”

“We brothers still have our old mother to take care of back home, we can’t die here!”

The Mountain River brothers cried with liquid running down their nose and eyes. Their acting was right on point, moving all their witnesses.

Han slightly hesitated, seeing that the two brothers could actually get on their knees and beg him to save them.

Lipton used source energy and transmitted a message to Han, “Han, maybe just consider it.”

Han knew what Lipton meant. Normal soldiers won’t get on their knees to someone, that’s just too embarrassing.

“Follow us at a distance, don’t approach within 100 steps of us.” Han said to the Mountain River brothers.

These two brothers with such amazing acting skills immediately stood up happily, thanking Han for agreeing to protect them.

The team began advancing again. After the 7 assassins were killed, this team became quieter.

The Mountain River brothers humbly followed at the end of the team formation, exchanging eyes from time to time.

Han still underestimated these two people. Normal soldiers indeed wouldn’t grovel until they were kneeling before other people, but the Mountain River brothers were obviously not normal soldiers.