Chapter 319: Fierce Demon Soul Beast

Chapter 319: Fierce Demon Soul Beast

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On the back of the universe, vortex beehive world.

Han followed the expedition team formed by soul hunters and hit the road. There were less than 200 of them, and they are all elites among the soul hunter community that were both experienced and skilled.

Han and Feng Wanzhou were actually deviants on the team. But, it can be observed that most soul hunters really respected Feng Wanzhou, but they didn’t dare to express their feelings because Li Xiang and his 50 guards were watching from the side.

Although Li Xiang always called Feng Wanzhou master or teacher, appearing to be very respectful, but who doesn’t know that after Feng Wanzhou passed down his seat to Li Xiang, he was very scared that Li Xiang’s influence might still be too big. Especially because Feng Wanzhou had three talented sons, they were all still young and had a well-reputed dad, they were all giant threats to Li Xiang.

So, Li Xiang thought of a ruthless plan, telling Feng Wanzhou that a top-tier soul beast appeared at some place in the vortex beehive. Feng Wanzhou completely trusted him, so he led his three sons on a hunt. As a result, only after they got there did they discover that the thing they faced was a terrifying and unrivaled Soul Beast of Darkness.

After that big battle, Feng Wanzhou luckily survived, but his three sons were killed on the battlefield.

Since then, Feng Wanzhou went missing, until one week ago, he suddenly came back to the Soul Beast City with Han. Even idiots knew, the old King Feng came for revenge!

This war would happen sooner or later, it’s just that no one knew whether it would be Li Xiang or Feng Wanzhou launching the first strike, and when they would strike.

During break, Han, Feng Wanzhou, Jian Jia, and Luo Ying sat together away from everyone else.

Originally, Han didn’t want to bring those two along with them, but the two girls were very stubborn and insisted on following Han. Besides, after Han left Soul Hunting City, the situation back at the Inn might not be safe as well, so Han had no choice but to bring them along as well.

From Soul Hunting City to the Wall of Sighs there wasn’t any danger. The expedition team was made up of elites of the Soul Hunter Guild, there were scouts at the front and guards at the back.

It was said that the vanguard team did run into a few soul beasts, but they just took care of the threat by themselves. Those were all a bunch of little ones, not enough to post any threats to the elites of the soul hunters.

As the team approached the wall, the soul hunters became more and more nervous. Messages were relayed back and forth, and the team kept on changing paths.

Until the sixth day, Han finally found a blue stone wall.

This wall was built at a huge fork in the road. Usually, the beehive’s paths are narrow and and meandering, but this road was gigantic. Its width was at least 500 meters, and its height was also at least 500 meters. The Wall of Sighs just blocked off this crossway.


The whole team was silent, they quickly moved to the Wall of Sighs to rest.

Li Xiang began cheering on for the soldiers on the team, after the break, the team would be crossing the wall.

Han was very curious, this giant wall didn’t seemed to have an entrance, how would this army of over 200 people pass?

Feng Wanzhou quietly came to Han’s side without Han even noticing, and he said towards that big wall, "This wall is virtual. There’s a seal after this wall. We can easily pass through this wall, but if you want to come back, it will be difficult."

"It is also because of the seal’s protection, the soul beasts and other strange organisms can’t cross this wall, which protected the vortex beehive world from a large-scale invasion."

"In fact, every year there would be brave and skilled soul hunters that would break through the wall and enter the magical world on the other side. Look at the soul hunters behind us, these are all existences that have once been to the other side. When I was young, I have also been there a dozen times, and every time would barely make it back alive. Now that I think about it, I really miss that feeling."

"However, although many elites from the soul hunter community have been to the other side, it is still our first time entering in a large-scale army like this. According to our research on the soul beasts, the more people that enters the wall, the more serious the riot would be on the other side, so the safest way is to go in by yourself."

"This time we have over 200 people, plus some people also brought some guard soul beasts with them, I’m very worried whether the soul beasts on the other side will go crazy."

Han slightly frowned, "You guys always talked about soul beasts this and soul beasts that, but I have never seen a single one, and you guys wouldn’t even let me see the ones that were caught on the way here. I’m really curious about what they actually look like…"

Feng Wanzhou slightly smiled and whispered, "Soul Beasts are sold for a very high price outside, whoever caught it already hid it into their storage, you are an outsider, it’s normal that they wouldn’t let you see it. Many people lived in the Soul Hunter City for their whole life and still didn’t get to see what soul beasts look like."

"Don’t worry, after entering the Wall of Sighs, you can see all you want. Besides soul beasts, there are also…"

At that moment…

"Master! Master! We should get going now."

Feng Wanhou was just talking, and he was interrupted by Li Xiang. Everyone was already prepared, and the team was about to cross the Wall of Sighs.

Han had no choice but to go back to the team, and stay with Jian Jia and Luo Ying.

Jian Jia was as excited as Han, but Luo Ying didn’t seem to care at all. She said to Han, "Is there anything abnormal with Black Egg?"

Han shook his head and said, "Nope, this thing…"

Then Han suddenly hesitated, nothing abnormal with Black Egg, isn’t that the biggest abnormality?

Ever since they entered the beehive, Black Egg was insuppressibly excited, it wailed on a daily basis and almost annoyed Han to death.

But now that they are in front of the Wall of Sighs and were about to enter the Soul Beasts’ nest, Black Egg actually stopped wailing. It was extremely quiet, and this is way too abnormal!

Han closed his eyes and shifted his focus to his spiritual world.

Ever since Han absorbed a portion of Black Egg’s power, a strange connection formed between him and the miraculous life form inside the egg, and Han could clearly feel Black Egg’s existence.



The Black Egg no longer wailed, but started making a strange and faint noise, like a tiger grinding its teeth.

Just at that moment, the team began moving. Han had no choice but to open his eyes up wide, and followed the team at a place a little to the back.

"That’s strange, Black Egg stopped whining, but is making a teeth-grinding noise." Han said to Luo Ying.

"Oh." Luo Ying nodded and said, "Maybe it’s hungry. After all, it sealed itself inside the egg for so long without hatching, this is not very normal for soul beasts. You have to be mentally prepared, even if one day Black Egg hatches, he might be somewhat impaired mentally or physically."


Han was a little surprised, so the Black Egg can grow problems if it stays in the egg for too long?

Had he known that, Han definitely wouldn’t want to scare him anymore like last time.

Then, with a Li Xiang’s order being issued, the vanguard team already began entering the Wall of Sighs.

The entering method also surprised Han. He just saw a soul hunter approaching the wall, reached out his hand, and that green stone wall actually suddenly became blurry. Then, that soul hunter disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Looks like the Wall of Sighs was really only virtual, but being able to make it this realistic still shocked Han.

The team sprinted in, and soon it was about Han and the others’ term. Before Han’s group, there were about 3 to 4 people left.

At this moment, a very muscular soul hunter began entering the wall. But when half of his body was inside the wall, he suddenly began crying out of pain! The people behind him tightly grabbed onto his arm, but there’s clearly a powerful force dragging him towards the other side.


This soul hunter’s arm was pulled off of his body, and the blood splashed onto the people behind him.

Han hurried to see that soul hunter’s injury, and it looked like the arm was chewed off by a monster, with the wound turning outward and showing flesh and broken bones.

The soul hunters that haven’t entered the other side were completely terrified. Very clearly, the large size of army attracted huge amount of soul beasts at the entrance, and the soldiers that entered earlier have probably met their end!

What to do?

Continue advancing in, or retreat?


The Wall of Sighs began trembling, and the loud noise echoed in the beehive world.


The wall was blown from the other side, and a clear-edged monster head appeared out of the wall from the other side. It was like a skeleton head with a thin layer of skin. There’s completely no muscle tissues on its face or head, yet its giant mouth directly bit the two soul hunter that stood before Han.


These two unlucky warriors didn’t even have time to respond, and they were torn into two pieces by that soul beast’s sharp teeth. As for that terrifying soul beast, it seemed like it intended to charge towards the soul hunter’s side of the wall, it chewed on the flesh in his mouth and also started exerting more power.

"It’s the Fierce Demon ranked soul beast! Hurry!"

Feng Wanzhou who stood beside Han suddenly shouted, and he pushed Han, Jian Jia and Luo Ying towards the Wall of Sighs.

"Fierce Demon is too terrifying! If it’s coming out, then we must get in!" Feng Wanzhou shouted.


Han felt as if he fell into water, with his vision turning black momentarily, he passed through the Wall of Sighs.

When he opened his eyes again, his expression changed drastically!