Chapter 13: Extraterrestrial Raiders

Chapter 13: Extraterrestrial Raiders

Han had no choice but to explain, “Nuclear Energy is a type of source energy revitalizer. It is classified as a hormone stimulator drug. And of course extracting brain fluid from young espers’ zero-degree brain region is even more illegal. So don’t tell others.”

“Li Qi, tell me the details about your 4th grandpa, maybe I can help.”

“REALLY?!” Li Qi couldn’t be more excited, “Our 4th grandpa is part of the United Government’s pre-historic extinction domain division, responsible for exploring all the extinction domains on Earth. The risk and secrecy of this job, you guys understand it right?”

Han nodded, pre-historic extinctions domains don’t just locate sites on Earth but throughout the galaxy. Before the age of mankind, the galaxy and its planets belonged to another unknown intelligent species, but for some reason, this formidable civilization disappeared within one night. No one knows where they went, and why they abandoned the land they lived on for generations.

In the Milky Way, there were countless extinction domains, and these sites provided extremely valuable rewards when explored. From these sites, the gamma ray transition engine was discovered which resulted in the invention of space battleships that can cross the galaxy, the quantum technology facilitated manufacturing of super computers, etc. Without exaggeration, the current mankind civilization is built on the foundation of these pre-historic civilizations.

Exploring these sites were the highest priority for everyone, resulting in extinction domains being fought over for by all the planets. After all, the ones in control of the resources in the extinction sites were also the ones in control of the future, due to possibly acquiring some super technology and formidable fire power that no one else has.

From what Han knows, Earth had a few extinctions sites that were kept confidential and were strictly regulated by the Esper Administration. Earth was always eyed menacingly by other powerful planets, and having extinction sites was a huge factor.

Li Qi said, “I just know that 4th Grandpa was leading a team to explore a newly found extinction site and a terrible battle took place. The exploration team lost over half of their troops, and my grandpa’s sickness was from exhausting himself in order to protect the team when retreating. “

Han nodded, “So it was due to accumulated exhaustion. Now, I only know two medicines that can cure your grandpa’s brain atrophy, but about how much he needs and what other medicines need to be taken on the side, I’m not too sure. I will go back and ask my friend.”

Li Qi immediately took Han’s hand, his tears were about to drop, “Han, you must help me this time, as long as you can cure my grandpa’s illness, my family and I won’t care about how much money it will cost!”

Han comforted Li Qi, “Don’t worry, we are bros, I will try my best to help of course, and you don’t have to worry about the money right now.”

After Li Qi shared the story about 4th Grandpa, Cheng Zhong and monk actually started acting a bit more serious and stopped joking around. Peace Restaurant’s top floor café was right beside the Huang Pu River and the most bustling business sector of the city. Accompanied by a beautiful view, the four started sipping tea and talking about extinction site domains.

Suddenly, when everyone was comfortably chatting, a black frigate sized spacecraft appeared directly above the business sector, not too far away from Han’s location. The frigate started descending at an incredible speed and came to a sudden break just a few meters away from the land. A huge gust of wind shattered all the glass on both sides of the street, a group of men in black hastily jumped out and ran towards the people that were shopping on the streets.

“No United Government flag nor military emblem, this ship just came in from outer space!” The monk yelled!

“Shit, could it be raiders?!” Cheng Zhong asked.

Raiders were a group merciless crooks and killers. Small and weak planets like Earth were the raiders’ favorite targets. It was just that Han only heard about raiding incidents from the news, but he never heard of raiders daring to raid big cities on Earth under broad daylight.

As for these Extraterrestrial raiders’ target, aside from valuable jewelleries, they also came to kidnap citizens on Earth and sell them as slaves.

“The civilians are in danger! Who’s an esper? Quickly follow me!” A man in a fancy black suit on the street yelled as loud as he could and ran towards the incident’s location. The man wore flowers and red ribbons with the word “Groom” neatly written on his back. Wait a second, he was the groom who was in the middle of his wedding, and after spotting those raiders visiting Earth, the groom left the bride and the guests and ran straight to the battlefield!

“Mother fucker, let’s go!” Cheng Zhong’s veins were popping out on the forehead, he grabbed his headphones off his ear, rolled up his sleeves and was quickly on his way.

“And me!” The monk yelled as well.

“I’m coming too!” Han felt encouraged by the enraging atmosphere and yelled too.

“Then you guys grab on! I’m going to take you guys on a roller coaster ride!”

Cheng Zhong grabbed the monk with his left hand and Han with his right. He rushed downstairs with an incredible speed that was uncharactistic of Meat Mountains. This meat mountain was actually a speed descent esper?! Normally, he’s as fat as a meat mountain, but when he starts running he’s faster and more agile than anyone!

“Go get them!”

“Be careful!”

All these strangers in the restaurant were all cheering them on, but Cheng Zhong was really quick and the group of three disappeared instantly.


Cheng Zhong took Han and the monk and sprinted towards the crowded business sector, on the way there were a lot of civilians crying and fleeing the area, Cheng Zhong agilely dodged all the helpless bystanders.

Han had noticed when Cheng Zhong started using his power, his weight was quickly decreasing. It turns how that his speed was converted from his fat. So it was a type of conversion power, no wonder Li Mu Yun cared a lot about Cheng Zhong’s weight. His weight was his battle power!


Another esper appeared right out of an alley, he’s a bounce type esper, capable of jumping up to buildings over 20 stories tall. When the incident broke out, he was just about to take a bath, still wearing his bath robe, his face covered in shaving cream bubbles, and he started running towards the battlefield regardless.

The civilians were trying their best to flee, and all the battle-type espers in the area, regardless of what they were doing, all started rushing towards the site as if they planned it together.

Han’s group was pretty close to the business sector, so they were the first batch of espers that arrived to the scene, only to see 30 or 40 extraterrestrial raiders unscrupulously capturing civilians, especially the young and pretty girls.

There was a pile of blood on the floor, it belonged to the groom that was telling everyone to go to the battlefield. When the fight broke out, he was the first one to arrive, but he was immediately surrounded by the raiders. Now he was lying down in a pool of his own blood, with a black blade sticking out of his chest.

During the last moment of his life, the groom was still tightly grabbing onto a raider, not even letting go in the face of death. He was a fire descent esper and was using a raging flame to burn the raider’s legs to crisps.

Under the raider’s arm was a cute girl that was just about 8 or 9 years old, crying loudly. Fearing that he might hurt the child, the groom didn’t dare to use his full power.

“GO TO HELL!” With both legs burnt, the merciless raider cried out in pain. He threw down the child, pulled out the blade that was in the groom’s chest and heavily stabbed it into his skull.

The blood splashed as far as 5 steps away from the groom!

The little girl was saved, but this esper groom had already left the world forever.

But today was supposed to be the happiest day of his life!

“I will fuck your grandma!” After witnessing the tragedy, Cheng Mu’s both eyes turned red and he let out an angry cry!