Chapter 420: Attending the Meet

Chapter 420: Attending the Meet

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Han worriedly left 9527’s command center. He was not worried about meeting the mysterious Golden Family. As a warrior, one needed a strong heart - a strong thirst for adventure, and learn to grow from dangerous experiences.

Han was more worried about Ye Weiwei.

The reason he tried with all his might throughout this journey was so that everyone could be happy. Han hoped that the people of his hometown could live happily and he hoped that his friends could live happily. Naturally, Han wished that Ye Weiwei could be happy every day.

But if Ye Weiwei became a threat, the others would be forced to stay away from her. This would cause Ye Weiwei to once again sink into loneliness.

Han sought out Ye Weiwei and wanted to hear what was on her mind. Han thought that the things he could do are very limited, and lending an ear to Ye Weiwei was one of the only things he could do.

But Ye Weiwei did not speak a single word about her situation. She only talked about how everyone cared for her, how happy she was and the future advancements of the territory.

It was apparent that Ye Weiwei did not want Han to be worried. But the more she acted this way, the more helpless Han felt and he gradually developed a sense of guilt.

When they became aware that he had woken up, everyone came to visit him in succession. Most people were surprised to learn about Soul power. They were not aware of any ways to improve their combat ability other than Source Energy.

Among the group, only Han, Pluto, Sima Hunfeng, and 9527 knew of the existence of Soul Power. But Pluto rarely showed up, 9527 was extremely busy and Sima Hunfeng was a self-taught genius who could not really explain the mechanics behind Soul Power.

Thus, everyone pestered Han to learn about Soul Power.

Han could only repeat what Jie had told him to the others. Unfortunately, they did not have access to a training dimension such as the Golden Tome so they could only slowly learn via trial and error.

When defining Soul Power, Han said, "To put it plainly, Soul power is willpower. When a person’s will power reaches a high level, it will evolve into the power of the soul."

"The power of the soul will continue to evolve into an everlasting soul. Even if your body was destroyed, your spirit will forever be alive."

"From my experience, to acquire Soul Power, one must become unyielding, and force oneself to never give up even during hopeless situations. Only then would you be able to force out the Soul power."


Everyone nodded in unison and seemed to have some understanding.

Void End was only part of the reason why everyone thought that Han was pretty good. More importantly, everyone liked Han’s tenacity and stubbornness. When he met a strong opponent, Han becomes more unyielding.

"So we just have to become a rash fellow like you? That’s all?" Boya thought and suddenly exclaimed while slapping his head.

Pathless Origin was unimpressed, "Rash fellow?? Han is very smart! He picks up things very fast."

Even though no proper ceremony was conducted, the Three Addicts still thought of themselves as Han’s teacher so Pathless Origin strongly disliked anyone sprouting bad words about Han.

Han smiled and said, "Boya has hit the nail on the head. Soul power is unrelated to intelligence. It is only related to mental powers regardless of intelligence. If you have a stubborn mind, you will be able to force out Soul power."


Boya jumped to his feet. He was a hot-blooded man. Once he understood the ways to manifest Soul power, his blood became to boil.

"From now on, I will fight to the death! No matter against what kind of opponent I face, I will fight them till the end!" Boya raised his fist. His blue face started to appear black from the blood flow and he yelled.

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

"From now on, I will be the strongest warrior!"

Everyone howled, like a bunch of rogues running wild.

Night Walker nodded and said, "I am still worried about you meeting the Golden Family alone. You should bring some Mad God Pills. At this point, only your highly antitoxic body can endure it, the ones I have prepared for others has a much lower dose and concentration."

Feng Taiji also said, "I also have some prototypes with me. It’s the third generation of the mutant plants. Even though it is still an experimental sample, its attack is a lot stronger than the second generation Sky King Vine. You should bring some."

Wu Yun shook his head awkwardly, "I’m lagging behind. I have not yet finished the second generation of Godly Armored Beasts. I have made some prototypes, but their combat abilities are not better than your genetic fusion beasts. I shall not bring them out and make a fool of myself."

Han said to Wu Yun, "There’s no rush. Let’s brainstorm together someday. With your genetic background and my fusion techniques, we might be able to succeed. Furthermore, the cursed grounds lack resources of the Beasts. Even if it was someone else, they would not be able to do anything."

Poison, mutant plants, genetic beasts. These used to be the three fatal weapons of Han.

At the moment, Han had his fusion techniques but there were very little high-level Soul Beasts on the cursed grounds. It was like a good chef who did not have ingredients, no matter how skilled they were, they would not be able to make a good dish.

In contrast, Night Walker and Feng Taiji were much luckier. The garden that giant Tian Zang left behind was a plant treasure mine. They had both successfully upgraded their products. Only Wuyun, who could not find any suitable Beasts, was left anxious but unable to do anything.

This matter was actually pretty strange. The vast cursed grounds did not have many Soul beasts or star beasts.

According to the people of the tribe, it wasn’t always like this. It was only shortly before Han and the others arrived that the beasts disappeared on a large-scale basis.

Han recalled Silver Fox’s drawings. It was Linda, the female Soul Beast who had tricked Han, who was together with Lone Abyss. Han did not know if the massive disappearance of the Soul Beasts on the cursed grounds was related to Linda or the Golden Family?

There must be a reason behind these strange happenings. So, Han had been closely following this matter.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day for Han’s departure.

The reason Han insisted on going alone was very simple. The outcome was unpredictable. If it was a trap, it was better for him to fall into the trap alone then drag the entire group down.

9527 had already agreed with Han. He stood out and said, "I know that everyone is worried about Han. But it might not be a good thing if we all go. The tracking system has already been installed into Han’s body. If it is necessary, we could all get to Han in less than a minute."

"Safety does not depend on how many people we send but the speed of our reinforcements."

"Furthermore, the five major corporations have sent their top warriors to the meeting. He could deal with Han, but could he simultaneously deal with experienced warriors like Lu Shui Qiu Lin, Shi Guang Qi? I don’t think so."

"As the saying goes, it is easier for a small boat to change its direction. The biggest strength of Han heading there alone is agility. The five major corporations are all big groups but Han is a lone man. If there is a real fight, the Golden Family would deal with the corporations first since Han is the weakest."

"It’s too bad they don’t know that Han could use us, his brothers, as trump cards. At the crucial moment, we will emerge suddenly and f*ck them in the face!"

Even though everyone had their doubts, they agreed that there was some logic in 9527’s words.

In the situation where these top warriors stood in great numbers, deliberately giving the impression of a weak warrior was also a technique. If everyone went, it would be a larger target and the Golden Family would pay them more attention.

If Han went alone, others would overlook him, and Han would be safe.

9527 and Sima Hunfeng had already discussed this matter with Han. After 9527 finished speaking, Sima Hunfeng gave a few words. His words were similar to 9527. It was a better idea for Han to go alone than for everyone to go. After the instillation of ideas by multiple people, everyone finally agreed to let Han proceed to the meeting alone.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Bao simply would not agree. He tightly hugged Han with his arms and no matter what Han said, he refused to let go.

The previous two incidents had a huge impact on Xiao Bao. He made up his mind to be a strong kid and to never let Han shelter him again. He wanted to be of help to Han.

"It’s okay. Let him go along with you. Xiao Bao is attached to you." Sima Hunfeng sighed and said.

Han was exasperated and could only allow Xiao Bao to crawl into his Lunar Mark, and instructed the smartest Silver Fox to look after him.

Silver Fox patted his chest like a big brother and told Han to rest his mind.

To be honest, the reason everyone agreed for Han to go alone was that Han had many tricks up his sleeve. Once he opened Lunar Mark, Black Egg, Silver Fox and Blue Star were all formidable opponents.

Especially Silver Fox, who is now a top tier fighter that rivaled Black Egg after gaining the power of the spiritual plants.

Han had both Silver Fox and Black Egg in his dimension ring. This was the equivalent of hiding two Sima Hunfengs inside the ring! Han was a scary opponent.

Of course, everyone also thought that bringing along Xiao Bao was a burden to Han. Xiao Bao was too well-behaved. He was not suited to be a warrior.

Han bid goodbye to everyone and piloted the newly renovated Dark Net starship to the meeting point.

This type of Dark Net ship was named Crossing Crow by 9527. It was the only Dark Net starship at the base camp, and it belonged to the heavy frigate class. It had the pitch-black appearance of a crow but there was a grey white imprint on the top of the vessel which was a special symbol of the Dark Net starship.

As for control, there was no difference between the Dark Net starship and a normal starship. The only difference was that the Dark Net starship was more suitable for the environment of the Dark Net. Even in the normal universe, Crossing Crow would still be an outstanding defensive vessel.


Crossing Crow used the hyper-space transition jump and zipped towards the Dark Net.

In the blink of an eye, Han had arrived at No. A17 energy vortex.

The speed and destructive force of the vortex were both remarkable. The siren ran continuously and the partially intelligent navigation assistance system reminded Han that once the vessel entered the area of the vortex, the Dark Net starship would be destroyed by the energy storm.

But from the coordinates that the Golden Family had provided, the path towards the meeting point was indeed here.

Han disabled the navigation system and manually controlled the ship. He used his hands with high precision to slowly proceed towards the path.

When the Dark Net starship approached the energy vortex, a miracle happened. A secret passage appeared between the vortex. The surroundings were volatile but the passage path was calm.

Han controlled the Dark Net starship securely with his hands and passed through the energy vortex into the entrance of a dimension.

After the Dark Net starship passed through the energy barrier, Han saw a golden city wall and tens of thousands of warriors standing under the wall, with the symbol of the five major corporations on their armor.