Chapter 220: Chasing Thousands of Miles to Kill

Chapter 220: Chasing Thousands of Miles to Kill

The situation on the battlefield was completely reversed, aside from Han, the remaining 9 human beast tamers were chasing to kill the 6 god race soldiers.

If the god race’s trap was successful, these beast tamers wouldn’t have the slightest power to fight back. Although beast tamers also counted as a combat profession, it was not them that did the fighting but their fusion beasts.

Han used his own power and held against the god race’s first round of attacks so the trap didn’t succeed, and now the human beast tamers have let out their fusion beasts, and the herd overwhelmingly charged towards the enemy.

This was no longer the situation of 9 versus 6, but an entire army chasing 6 god race soldiers.


The genetic beasts were completely like an unstoppable flood. They were loyal and fearless, these traits were even hard to find among the human and god races.

That’s why, you must kill beast tamers fast, must not wait for them to be able to react and then let out herds of fusion beasts. Beast tamers without fusion beasts weren’t considered to have combat strength, but they were terrifyingly strong when their beasts were present!

There were only about 6 people on the god race side, they gradually couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted to run.

Unfortunately, how could it be easy when they were being chased by fusion beasts.

Flying ones, crawling ones, and even underground ones, powerful fusion beasts were everywhere, all having their unique powers.

And Han was still close, this was still within the void domain range, the god race soldiers’ super powers were deprived so they could only rely on instinct and source energy to battle.

So, as expected, the beast tamers’ herds very soon rolled over the bodies of the god race soldiers.

In the blink of an eye, the group of god race soldiers were all eliminated.

They were all chewed and torn into pieces by the countless ferocious fusion beasts!

On the other side there’s another battle, that was the fight between Han and the god race warlord Ying Luo.

Ying Luo saw his comrades getting killed one by one and he also couldn’t use his power, so he quickly retreated in anger, but Han was still chasing him tightly. The Han who just understood the Path of God now just wanted to kill this warlord level enemy to unleash his anger.


After integrating the Genu of Darkness into his body, Han’s speed became very quick. But after all Ying Luo, was a warlord god race, and had a strange scar on his forehead. Although he lost his power but his retreating speed was still incredibly fast. Driven by the powerful source energy, he became just like a rocket.

“Silver Fox!”

The little guy’s speed is the fastest, even faster than Han and Ghost Claw. Only he could pass Ying Luo in speed while the others at most can keep up with Ying Luo to not get too fallen behind.


Silver Fox charged to Ying Luo’s side, but he was not eager to strike and chose to run with him and wait for the right moment.


Han saw that Silver Fox was already in position, he shouted once and began tossing things out from Lunar Mark.

First it was the Thousand Mile Soul Chaser. This thing’s appearance resembled a grey golf ball and it had a powerful tracking ability. As long as Ying Luo doesn’t die, this strange ball will follow him, emitting a harsh sound and a bright light.

Then it was the Horse Lock Plant, a very rare genetic plant that had the ability to capture and ensnare creatures. It will specifically wrap around the foot of the enemy. Han tossed the plant to the open space in front of Ying Luo, and a large area of green plants suddenly started growing out of the desert. If Ying Luo wasn’t careful and got caught, he will for sure have his speed decreased by these strange plants and then get caught by Han.

Ying Luo slightly frowned and couldn’t help but change his escape route. At this moment, Han let out an alloy net that could fly. The net had fine mesh like blades, capable of penetrating the enemy’s skin and flesh. The four corners of the net also had mini thrusters installed which will immediately launch the net forward after it expands.

This thing was called short-life web, a blacksmith of good relation with Han gave it to him. It was a typical dark net product, the design idea was abnormally evil, combining both the capturing and slicing tasks.

Ying Luo soon felt very depressed, because Han seemed to brought many strange gadgets, and he had been throwing all these gadgets at him. On his side there was another small thing staring at him with its insidious little eyes, preparing to maim him with its claws at any moment.

As for behind Ying Luo, it was Han, the Demon Claw, and the Ghost Claw. Those three vicious-looking guys. Their speeds were all very fast, although they couldn’t pass Ying Luo, Ying Luo couldn’t lose them either.

Such a chase scenario made Ying Luo feel suffocated. A bunch of fusion beasts plus another pile of random gadgets, this was definitely bullying!

Not only was it not fair in numbers, Han even took away Ying Luo’s power. As long as Ying Luo doesn’t escape a 10-kilometer radius of Han, he was just a disabled warlord with no confidence in beating Han in an one-versus-one.

Depressed, super depressed!

Encountering Han, Ying Luo could only consider himself unlucky. Han doesn’t have any other powers himself, and he doesn’t even let other people use it.

But logically speaking, Ying Luo was a warlord level elite anyways, even if Han took away his power and had many helpers, he should still be able to fight Han head on.

Otherwise if he keeps on running, he will eventually get caught by Han, and he will be in an even more passive situation by then.

But for some unknown reason, Ying Luo was determined to run away. Ever since the beginning of the battle, everything he did was passive. He cautiously dodged Han’s attacks and kept on accelerating.


Ying Luo even ate a red pill, which probably was a drug that enhanced individual’s speed and reflex.

In the face of the insidious little guy Silver Fox, Ying Luo must be 100% focused!

But apparently, the drug Ying Luo took wasn’t that good, he still couldn’t lose Han. The distance between them had actually become smaller! The two were about 3 kilometer apart, it would be difficult for Han to try to get closer, but it was also impossible for Ying Luo to completely get rid of the Void Domain.

The situation continued like this, in the blink of an eye a few hours later, they have been out for a very long distance from where they were. Han couldn’t tell the direction because no matter where he looked it was all the same yellow scenery.


Ying Luo’s two eyes were emitting faint light as if looking for something in the desert.


Silver Fox’s cleverness cannot be compared to normal fusion beasts. After he noticed this situation, he naturally sensed danger and issued loud noises as if warning Han to be careful.

In fact, not needing for this small thing to remind him, Han already noticed that something was sketchy about this. He even felt, Ying Luo could possibly be intentionally keeping this kind of distance.

At least until now, Han already noticed two strange things.

Although chasing to kill warlords did sound very fun, but if one seriously thought about it, were warlord elites really that easy to chase? Not to mention that this warlord was from god race. The strange scar on his forehead had gotten Han’s attention since the beginning, because that crimson red scar seemed really unusual. There was some energy faintly flowing in there.

In addition, a long time has passed, but those human beast tamers all didn’t come to help.

Han believes that those god race soldiers were killed for sure, and he also believes that he saved those human beast tamers, and they couldn’t possibly leave the battlefield instead of helping Han after knowing that he was going after a very strong enemy.

And even if they wanted to leave they wouldn’t be able to. Since this was a battlefield here, it was equivalent to starting a mission, and everyone could leave only after the mission was completed.

Han had the incredibly fast Silver Fox, other beast tamers for sure also had speed-type fusion beasts like Silver Fox. Even if they couldn’t catch up to Han, shouldn’t they at least send their fusion beasts to help?

But, no, nothing at all.

Only Han was chasing Ying Luo, and every time when Han seemed to almost catch up to Ying Luo, he would always accelerate and escape. Every time Silver Fox was about to get Ying Luo, he would always easily avoid.


Han saw Ying Luo turned around and looked at him, that pale white face, prominent red scar, his mouth raised to a strange curvature and his eyes were full of insidious intention to kill.


In the next second, the sky in the distant became covered in sand, a rare sandstorm is rapidly forming.

As if a sky-high sand wall began pushing towards Han and Ying Luo’s direction.

“Sh*t!” Han hesitated for a second and anxiously cursed.