Chapter 364: Tragic Escape

Chapter 364: Tragic Escape

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Everyone was shocked, including 9527.

This kind of interception war normally was less tactics based and depended more on brute strength.

Han found a breakthrough point in this seemingly impossible war. The artificial-intelligent fire control system would automatically shut down the main cannons when the distance between the target and itself was too short. It was to prevent the collateral damage from the main cannon. Han even included that into his calculation!

Of course, just being able to come up with only brilliant tactic was nothing, and what was more important was to have the ability to firmly execute the plan.

Just now, everyone clearly saw Han assaulting the enemy\'s fleet while bearing all the enemy fire! His screams were enough to prove the kind of piercing pain he experienced!

But Han chose to face the pain and charge head on, even though he had long known that the pain would devastate his body and damage his nervous system.

This was like letting your enemy\'s knife go into your body just so that you can get a chance to finish them off! Not everyone was so bold and daring!


No. 9527 space station, all six main cannon shot their third volley!

It directly caused the closest assault-type space station to exploded from the inside!

The close range amplified the main cannon’s firepower several times. With the enhancement, it destroyed the opponent’s energy protection, armor layer, structural layer and detonated its internal controllable fusion reactor!


Both Station #9527 under Han’s control and the enemy\'s last super-attacking space were blown away by the blast simultaneously, and both stations were on the verge of losing control.

At the same moment, Han’s nervous system received a clear signal. Energy recharge had completed and transition jump engine was on standby. Han could be on the road again and activate the space law transition jump!


Han immediately activated the transition jump without hesitation. The gigantic black space station began to burst powerful light and the energy fluctuations formed a colorful multi-dimensional ring like Saturn\'s.

At the same time, a surviving commander of an All Gods Corporation station immediately took in a deep breath. He felt that the operator of station #9527 must be a devil. He relied on the close range to force the fire control system into self-protection mode? Only a lunatic could have come up with this kind of unconventional tactics!


Suddenly, the station commander\'s pupil immediately focused. He clearly saw the space station #9527 that was already half way into the transition jump fire out the fourth round volley! The attack was going towards him!

The majority of his space already turned into fireworks and this guy was still unwilling to let me go!?

Both lunatic and paranoid was not sufficient to describe the operator of Station #9527. The moment before this experienced station commander got killed, he firmly believed that he did not run into a human, but a devil!


Space station #9527 finally entered the transition jump state. The command center was dead silent with everyone looking at Han, as blood poured out from his mouth, ears, and eyes.


Ye Weiwei covered her mouth with tears in her eyes. If Han was a devil, he was a devil that saved everyone regardless of any costs, a righteous devil! His internal injuries must be very severe!

Luo Ying saw Yweiwei red eyes and her eyes got wet as well. The two little girls hugged to share their sadness. Luo Ying’s guardian, the female banshee looked at Han and sighed.


The peace lasted only slightly more than 10 seconds, the space interception shells hit Han again and the transition jump was disrupted.

All the conditions remained the same, but this time Han did not make any sound. Even though he was in extreme pain, he tried to control himself not to scream and to persevere.

Everyone saw Han controll the space station to charge in while bearing the heavy enemy fire. Until the opponent’s main cannons lost effectiveness, Han would then activate his close range assault.


The sounds of main cannon volley were like a hammer pounding on everyone’s chest.

There was more and more blood coming out of Han’s mouth, eyes, and ears. No one knew how much longer he could last, or maybe as long as he was alive, he would never give up.

In fact, it was not the first time everyone saw Han’s stubbornness and persistence. However, every time they were still deeply moved when they saw it.

It was not the unyielding personality that moved everyone. Within the group, there were individuals that had the similar trait. Both Ke Lake and Sima Hunfeng, they might not be more unyielding than Han, but they were definitely not much worse.

The reason Han’s action moved everyone was not only because Han was unyielding, but also because he was a genius.

Sima Hunfeng had guts too. If he was to change place with Han, he would be able to hold on as well. However, will he be able to deliver the same kind of effective tactic?

Probably not.

Han even took the enemy’s AI fire control system’s self-protection mechanism into his calculations. This behavior indicated Han’s thought process was not the same like others.

Han took a unique path to get to where he is now. He was not only unyielding, but also incredibly smart and had an inspiring character!

The station clearly had begun the transition jump and at the very last second, it still stabbed the enemy from the back one last time to eliminate them. Would Sima Hunfeng do this kind of things?

I\'m afraid not, Sima Hunfeng had the guts, but he was not a mad dog like Han who never lets go of any chance to bite the enemy!

Even when Han was trying to escape, he would leave behind a trail of dead bodies!

This was just what he does!

He was unyielding and full of guts! However, he was different from all the unyielding warriors!

He would use his clever brain as well in his battles!

Even one day if Han died on the battlefield, everyone believes that Han would have given his opponents an indelible scar! He would use his clever brain to find any possible opportunity others could not have thought off, all kinds of unconventional tricks and evil tricks, to defeat the enemy!

When 9527 was in control of the space station, it was a tragic scene of 9527 bearing the fire and severe pain as he tried to carry everyone to escape.

It was still a tragic scene even after the control of the space station changed from 9527 to Han, but it also became incredibly more exciting!

Those battleships that became wreckage, those metals that were mercilessly torn apart, this was all Han\'s work!

On one hand, Han was trying to escape. On the other hand, Han’s knife was still sharp!

The places he fled through were filled with blood and corpses!

In a blink of an eye, three interceptions and three forced disengagement had occurred!

Han’s tactics were incredible and his attitude was crazy!

That\'s why everyone felt blood boiled! Han did something that no other could!

The number on the atomic clock indicated that it was only one transition jump away from 9527’s preset safe point.

6.38 seconds. If Han was able to have the space station do another transition jump, they will be able to escape in 6 seconds.

The battle occurred the way everyone envisioned, but the only thing different was the color of neural control cabin.

The transparent cabin has been dyed red with Han’s blood. The blood poured out from Han’s mouth onto the rigid glass and slowly dripped to the floor. It created a small stream of blood.

At this moment, no one cared about the situation outside. Everyone was focused on Han, the young warrior who brought everyone out with his own strength! For this, he paid an unimaginable price!


The light of the canon barrage was filled with Han’s wrath and his never-yielding rage!

Everything had its price; the manufactured warship plating turning into scrapped wreckage was the price they paid to intercept Han!

At the last moment, Han drove the station #9527 directly on top of the enemy\'s head! He pointed all six main cannon at the enemy\'s head and fired!

"I\'m going to kill you!" "Han shouted with blood spraying out of his mouth.


The last jump of station #9527 finally began.

Han did it, everyone was alive because of him!


Han collapsed into a pool of blood.