Chapter 107: Champion!

Chapter 107: Champion!

Miracle System, Star #3.

Today, the eyes of the entire Milky Way were focused here because it was time for the soldiers to return.

The A-19 relic was equipped with advanced optical particle transfer devices. All soldiers that were still alive will be returned to their starting point after the countdown, which was that strange mountain entrance with four God of War sculptures.

Extinction Domain Exploration events only happened once every decade, but this one garnered this much attention and it was nothing else but because of the tragedy that took place inside the relic. Out of those 10 thousand young talented espers, only a few survived.

All the residents in the Milky Way were curious about who survived and what they encountered inside the relic.

On the huge open ground facing the mountain, the temporary podium was built, and the scene was filled with all kinds of Medal of Honor. Although everyone knew that only a few survivors would walk out of there, the ceremony still needed to be carried out.

Firstly, it was to boost morale, and secondly, even the idiots knew that the soldiers that managed to survive in such a grim situation could only be the first-rate talents in the Milky Way who needed to be treated seriously. These young people will most likely be the future pillars of the Milky Way.

The live broadcast was open for the entire Milky Way, and among the people that were waiting for the final result, the most anxious ones were no doubt the citizens of Earth from the 57th Sector, because the result will affect the fate of the planet.

Suppose Han didn’t come out alive, Earth will inevitably become a colony of the Sally Empire, and that was a result no one on Earth wanted to see.

The time counted down second by second. The people standing on the podium were the representatives of the 12 Permanent Management country representatives as well as a few highly respected elites of the Milky Way. Earth Federation’s prime minister Pan Yulin and the representatives of other small countries were all pushed to the corner.

Di, Di, Di~

It was finally over. Teleport beams began to appear one after another, but the digital life tracking device had its number fixed at 93.

10 thousand young talents participated in this event, and not even 100 people made it back.

“Dilly Griffith Federation, Chen Yaoyan.”

“Mang Republic, Zuo Qingfeng.”

“Ganges Republic, Leiden.”

Suddenly, 92 soldiers were teleported out of the relic, they all looked extremely exhausted. Some even carried very serious injuries and collapsed right after coming out. But these survivors were still all lucky, at least they made it out alive.

After 92 light beams appeared, the transferring process paused for a little. There was still another solider that wasn’t teleported back. Everyone held their breath and wanted to know who the last lucky man.


The beam flashed and disappeared right after. Han got thrown onto the ground. He looked around and saw so many people and the awards scene and was finally able to feel relieved.

“Earth Federation, Han is the last solider that successfully made it out of the Extinction Domain!” The host read the name on the system and shouted.


Far away from the scene, an unprecedented intensity of cheers came out from the fellows of Earth.

Han made it out alive, he did it!

Earth was weak! Only Han was qualified for the event, but it was also Han alone who was stronger than 99.9% of the opponents and became one of the last 93 survivors.


“You little shit didn’t die, what a miracle!”

“Hurry, tell us more, after we got separated that day, how did you manage to escape the dark beasts?”

Lance and Lan Feng surrounded him in excitement. Han was also naturally happy that they made it out of the relic alive as well. They faced dangers together and also escaped from death together, and these things no doubt made Han, Lan Feng and Lance’s relationship move up another step.

“Come, come, everyone please come here and line up.” A chubby old man who was responsible for facilitating the loot count process waved at those who survived.

This was the most important mission after the exploration event finished! Distributing spoils, ranking according to scores and distribute rewards. This year, the first place will be rewarded an spacecraft carrier as a reward, which was quite shocking.

Han, Lan Feng, and Lance all walked over together, but suddenly a big hand stopped Han’s path. It was a personal bodyguard of Prime Minister Mode of the Ganges Republic, and he coldly said, “Line up according to level. You are last.”

Mo, who stood on the side, sneered. Now, he was filled with anger towards Earth and the people from Earth. Sally Empire visited to ask them to help colonize Earth and it could’ve been such an easy task that Mode could have easily arrange.

But then things all went wrong. First, it was Pan Yulin reporting to the Alliance that Earth had a B-class relic, and now even Han came back from the relic alive.

Lance and Lan Feng’s face completely changed and they glared at that guard, but Han just smiled and said, “It’s okay, doesn’t matter, you guys just go to the front and wait for me.”

Don’t know what background the elder that was responsible for calculating score had, but everyone seemed to really trust him, handing over all their dimensional storage tools to him. After opening it and taking a look, the elder would know what came from the relic and how many points were scored in total.

“Talai Bu from Riyadh Empire, looted personal equipment 29 pieces, blueprint 3 pieces, total 12,150 points.” The elder announced in a deep voice.

Then, someone projected the name and score onto the screen.

The blueprints and gene maps would be taken away by the league directly without exception, and other things would be left to the soldiers.

“Leiden from Ganges Republic, looted personal equipment 58 pieces, blueprint 12 pieces, genetic map 33 pieces, total 104,200 points.” The elder announced again.

The audience burst exclaimed, this soldier from Ganges Republic’s score actually broke a hundred thousand points, he would probably be announced again as the champion for this year’s event.

A soldier under his command achieved such great success, Mode was also very happy too, and also in accordance with the rules, the loot that the Ganges Republic’s soldier brought out, Ganges had priority and can get a few more blueprints and genetic maps.

It got to Lance and Lan Feng’s turn. These two guys didn’t have the same goals like the majority. Lan Feng was forced to come by his family, and Lance just wanted to prove himself. As for what kind of score they got, these two don’t care at all. So, they just picked out a few random things from the relic. All had a pretty small value, so they only obtained a few hundred points. Lance was second last and Lan Feng got last.

All 92 soldiers at the front all handed in their loot and got their rank, it was finally Han’s turn. He had the lowest level and was also from the poor little planet Earth, so no one really paid attention.

Han handed his two dimensional rings to the elder, and the elder opened them and dumped out the stuff. He slightly frowned because inside them were just a bunch of random stuff, some of the more valuable loots were a few drops blood seeps, and in addition, the equipment on Han’s body was obviously from the relic too.

“Just these?” Mode sneered on the side, “And everyone on Earth rested their hope on you, but you just got them a pile of garbage.”

Han didn’t even look at Mode and didn’t say anything.

“If there is nothing else then I will declare the results now.” The elder that was responsible for counting inventories had a good attitude and whispered to Han.

“Elder, please wait a moment.” Han raised his ordinary electronic watch, looked at the time and said.

“No need to wait, just announce already.” Mode said impatiently on the side.

The elder nodded, “Han from Earth Federation, brought out…”


Without waiting for the elder to finish, just not too far, a huge sound came out of the relic’s entrance. It was loud enough to move earth and shake mountains. Countless pieces of gravel and rocks fell from the cliffs on both side and scared everyone that was present.

“What happened?”

“The A-19 exploded.”

“Who did it, who did it?”

After the explosion ended, everyone started discussing in panic.

Han smiled, and said to the elder that was responsible for counting score, “Before I left, I set a self-destruct program in the gene factory. Now, the A-19 is a safe relic.”

“What? What did you just say?” The prime minister Doyle of the Mang Republic grabbed Han and said with his eyes widely open.

“I activated the self-destruct program in the gene factory.” Han repeated.

Transfixed, it couldn’t be more accurate to use this word to describe everyone at the moment.

The Gene factory was destroyed! What did that mean?

That meant they just had to kill all the dark beasts inside the relic, and the A-19 would be a safe relic where humans can casually come in and out and take anything, and allow scientists to study at will.

From now on, there was no more need to host exploration events to the A-19 anymore.

This relic was situated inside and owned by the Mang Republic. Han had no doubt given them a huge gift, and that was why Doyle was so excited at that moment.

“I’m afraid that what he said is true. After the explosion, the limit of the relic was removed.” A guard of the Mang Republic came and whispered in Doyle’s ear.


Doyle, the dignified prime minister of one of the 12 permanent management member of the Alliance, started laughing out loud. Without a limit, he can now send his army in and loot at will, how can Doyle be not happy?

In the entire Milky Way, there were three relics similar to A-19, and only the one here in the Mang Republic was a safe relic. They really hit the jackpot!

But no one knew, the most valuable treasures in the A-19 were actually all in Han’s possession. All the Mang Republic will get out of the relic would only be some leftovers.

“Godly, what a godly warrior!” Doyle said excitingly, “Single-handedly destroyed the gene factor. If I didn’t see it with my eyes, I wouldn’t believe it at all! You are a big hero to all of the Mang Republic!”

“Elder Li, Han destroyed the gene factor and made A-19 a safe relic from today, how many points is that?”

That Elder with the surname Li suddenly hesitated, frowned and said, “There had never been a precedent case, but the contribution is definitely there.”

“Then what are you still waiting for, hurry up and put the name up there.” Doyle was too pleasantly surprised and he loudly ordered.

People just saw the screen flashed once, and Han’s name appeared at first place.

Champion, Earth Federation, Han!

Prize, Spacecraft Carrier, Flying Dragon!