Chapter 140: The Missing Old Mo and War Sprite Ares-class Equipment

Chapter 140: The Missing Old Mo and War Sprite Ares-class Equipment

Earth, Nazca Wilderness

The extinction domain left behind by the prehistoric civilization is especially lively today, inside the giant shipyard with an extraordinarily length of 350 kilometers, a Ghost Axe class carrier impressively stands.

Its grandeur outlook, is just like an war axe from the underworld.

The giant war axe, only people that came in contact with this ship can feel its enormous presence and humans’ insignificance.

Many soldiers and countless hours of work gathered just to work on this war axe class carrier, so it’s no wonder they’re all coming back to revel at their masterwork, taking selfies and celebrating this hard-won moment. Under the contrast between this giant flagship and humans, it’s like elephants and bacteria.

On the high commander-platform of this flagship, the Big Three military figures and Ke Lake stood proudly. Now Long Chuan can successful stand up, with the help of condensed crystal, the elite that was previously ranked second on Earth finally restored to his former glory.

“Quiet down, everyone quiet down for a moment please.” Long Chuan was chosen to represent the military to make a speech. With a bottle of champagne in his hand, he looked across the dense mass of people at the shipyard.

“132,279,135 people! This is the total number of people gathered at this relic right now, including Army, Air Force, Navy, engineering group, research group, logistics group, General Armament group, machinery group, and so much more.”

“You guys from all over the world haven’t went home in 6 months and 14 days, didn’t even have the opportunity to call home nor see your sons and daughters being born.”

“The price is heavy, and it’s also a must!”

“The reason why so many of us are here day and night in this subterranean relic, it’s not for any of us, for but everyone living on this planet! For our home, Earth!”

“Today, we can finally proudly announce, all the sacrifices and hard work were not in vain, the first flagship produced by Earth, is finally out!”


Fanatical cheers came from all sides, countless people embraced each other and cried out of joy.

With a little dull look in his eyes, Long Chuan hesitated for a moment and continued, “In fact, you guys and I know very clear, today, the most qualified man to stand here isn’t actually me Long Chuan, nor is it Talin, Li Yu, Ke Lake, but Han. Tough bone Han!”

“It’s him, step by step with his own flesh and blood, pushed our home to this point!”

When heard Han’s name, everyone suddenly became serious again, it seems that this unusual name on Earth has some sacred meaning.

Long Chuan gently smiled and continued, “Unfortunately, due to the reason everyone knows, Han couldn’t be here today. I specifically asked Han, asked him if he has anything to say to everyone.”

“He thought about it, and only say one sentence to me.”

“Tell the brothers for me, if we are going, then we go big!”


Everyone started laughing, these words are really Han’s style, every word is very ordinary but sharp and to the point.

A bearded soldier among the crowd used all of his energy and hollered, “Awesome! In order to go big this time, I’m willing to do anything for it!”

“Prior to coming here, my wife asked me when I’m coming back, I said I don’t know, maybe three, maybe five years, or maybe I’m never coming back. She said she’s going to divorce me, and I got mad immediately. I told her straight, I’m going to do something big this time! Don’t say divorce, not even her dying can stop me!”


The crowd laughed too along with this man, but there were many sadness hidden inside the laughter. In order to manufacture this flagship, for confidentiality, more than 600 million people on Earth haven’t left his dark relic, and they don’t even know when they were allowed to return to their loved ones.

Don’t want wife, don’t want kids, don’t even want parents! These people gave up all emotional ties in the world, not because they are ungrateful, but it’s really because that they are shouldering a responsibility heavier than love!

Apart from saying anything else, Long Chuan threw the champagne onto the hull of the ship, broke it into pieces, and that’s the traditional ceremony Earth has when every new ship sets sail.

“I don’t want to say more, during this life time I can have you guys as my brothers, that’s the happiest thing in my life.”


Milky Way, edge of 63rd Star sector.

No. Demon Claw has landed beside the industrial ship wreckage.

Han donned the battle suit’s protective mask, and boarded this planet which was brimming with toxic gas.

Without question, that’s Old Mo’s starship. Since a long time ago, Old Mo always have this industrial ship as his home, eat and sleeps on the ship. Whenever he finds something good, he would throw it into the warehouse on the ship and sell them later. Always working in the far reaches of space.

Han released his Demon Claw and let it use its sharp claws to rip through the ship’s armor and structure layer, then went inside.

The cabin interior is a mess; it seems that before Old Mo’s industrial ship was destroyed, it has already been sacked in advance. All the valuable things were gone, even the safes were blown apart at the seams.

At the center of the warehouse on ship there’s a rescue signal box, uses old-fashioned electromagnetic signal. Although the transmission power is minute, it’s very stable.

Han hesitated for a moment, this rescue signal box is clearly placed after the incident, its position is right in the center with equal distance from every corner.

“Who would place a rescue signal box after Old Mo’s ship was destroyed? Could someone have seen the scene of the accident?” Han thought to himself.

Continued walking forward, Han saw a circular opening on the side of the warehouse, resembling an impact crater caused by explosion from a cosmic torpedo. Han began to frown, no doubt, Old Mo’s ship was attacked by a missile and it was sunk by boarders!

If Old Mo went missing after being attacked, this would be bad. This is the notorious 63rd star sector, there’s nothing here but a lot of outlaws.

But according to the rules of the outlaws, they wouldn’t harm scavengers passing through their space turf as long as they get a fee every time one passes by. Could it be that Old Mo offended someone?

But that’s unlikely either, Old Mo is a cautious person and he has been in his business for many years. If he’s someone that could be easily caught, then he wouldn’t be alive today.

Han was deep in thought, suddenly, from that opening of the industrial ship a small figure quickly ran away. It seemed to be that something was lying there observing Han.

“Capture it! I want it alive!” Han quickly ordered Demon Claw.


Although Demon Claw looks scary and a little silly, but it’s very loyal to Han. Without hesitation, it waved its claws and ran out. Only after a few seconds, he came back with two claws pinching a little robot.

“Let me go! Let me go!” The little robot yelled at Demon Claw while constantly twisting its round body.

Han saw the bots owned by Old Mo, and he even read Old Mo’s valuable notes on robotics. But when Han saw the reaction of this little robot he was very surprised, because it can talk, as if it’s equipped with artificial intelligence!

In the Milky Way, artificial intelligence is a big taboo.

In the past those robots that helped Old Mo work, because they don’t have a logic chip installed, they only know how to execute commands.

But this little robot is clearly different from others, shorter legs, very round body, just like a basketball with two legs and two arms, very adorable design.

Han found out that this robot not only can talk, its eyes are also filled with a peculiar glow that only logical organisms have. Han’s observing it, and it’s also observing Han.

“You are an artificially intelligent robot?” Han asked in surprise.

“Yes, I’m Yuan Yuan (TL: direct translation is Circle Circle), I know you. You are Han, grandpa’s friend.” This little robot said to Han, “But can you let this guy put me down? It’s very uncomfortable.”

Right now, Yuan Yuan is suspended up in the air by Demon Claw, just like a grownup grabbing a little kid. Yuan Yuan’s two little legs were kicking around randomly but couldn’t reach anything, very cute.

“Your grandpa is Old Mo? How do you know me?” Han asked and tried to tease Yuan Yuan a little but trying to softly pinch its face.

Since artificial intelligent robots are one of the biggest taboos in Milky Way Alliance, all logic chips were sealed away in a hidden vault. The odds of Han meeting a real artificially intelligent root is like walking into a ghost, so when he found out that Yuan Yuan is equipped with true artificial intelligence, he quickly grew interest towards it.

“When I went to Earth with grandpa, he hid me on the ship so that’s why you haven’t seen me. But I saw you through the porthole, you fed grandpa some very unhealthy high calorie and high fat food, grandpa was actually very fond of those things which I have always not understood why.”

Han was a little embarrassed, Chinese delicacies is indeed very delicious, but in term of health, it is lacking a little.

Without question, Yuan Yuan really did see him on Earth. He picked Yuan Yuan up, continued to pinch and said, “Where’s grandpa? How is he? I was worried that he’s in danger so I came to find him.”

Hearing these words, little robot Yuan Yuan’s pair of electronic eyes drooped a little, as if he’s about to cry, and the voice became sadder too.

“Please hurry and save grandpa, grandpa is kidnapped by a group of galactic pirates!”

“Kidnap? Galactic pirates generally don’t kidnap scavengers but only tax them, how did Old Mo offend them?”

Yuan Yuan pointed with his small claw at the brown stardust scattered area between Milky Way and galactic wilderness in the distance and said, “Grandpa’s greatest wish this life is to find an Ares-class equipment that’s equipped with war spirit. But when we found a magical galactic rift and the dark forest inside of it in that stardust area, we were caught by a group of galactic pirates that used powerful interplanetary scan array system.”

“The galactic pirates know grandpa’s name, know that he’s a very good scavenger, so they feel that grandpa appearing here must mean that he found precious treasure. They followed us all the way to our base, took grandpa and forced grandpa to take them into that galactic rift.”

“But it’s really dangerous in there! If we were sure, we would have entered the galactic rift much earlier, why would we set our base to be here far away from the treasure?”

“Please! Hurry and go save grandpa! The detector that grandpa manufactured just for finding Ares-class equipment exploded immediately when scanning the dark forest, indicating that the galactic rift is really very, very dangerous inside!”

Han suddenly hesitated for a second, frowned, pointed at the patch of dirt brown stardust and said, “You are saying, there’s a galactic rift inside that patch of stardust, and there’s a dark forest inside the rift, and the dark forest is sending out signals similar to an Ares-class equipment?”


Yuan Yuan nodded and helplessly looked at Han with his little eyes.