Chapter 14: Temporary Formation

Chapter 14: Temporary Formation

The tragic death of the groom esper on his wedding day had enraged all the other espers at the scene!

Although there were not many of them, only 7 or 8, they all started rushing towards the raiders in complete synchronization. They were charging with such intensity that not even death itself could stop them.

“Hold out until reinforcements arrive!” Called out a nearby esper.

The group of raiders were also espers so they felt no fear towards the infuriated defenders from Earth. Under the command of a bald dark man, they continued to calmly capture civilians, specifically targeting the young and pretty women.

The battle took place in the most crowded business sector in Shanghai, and Shanghai was also one of the largest cities of the United Government on Earth. Right now it was afternoon, during the most crowded time in the business district. The majority of the people couldn’t escape in time and they were surrounded by the raiders on both sides of the streets.

Gengci~ (the sound of body getting slashed opened with blood pouring out)


A merciless raider killed two more young men with a blink of an eye, laughed loudly, and tossed the two young women on his shoulder into the frigate’s storage room. Similar scenes were happening all across the street, causing anguish for the espers that were desperately trying to save them.

Unfortunately, these raiders were too powerful. With a team of fire, water, ice, and strength descent espers combined with the experience from years of working together, the raiders formed a strong team.

On the other hand, the espers from Earth not only lacked numbers and power, but also combat experience and synergy. They attempted to charge twice towards the frigate but were forced back by the raiders. Three espers had unfortunately gotten hurt too, which included the courageous monk, whose shoulder was hit by a fireball. The wound had a burning smell and his robes were covered in blood.

“Don’t mind me! We must prolong the fight! Until the Esper Administration’s troops arrive!” The monk yelled at Cheng Zhong and Han Lang.

“Let me!” Han has become completely blood boiled from the scene and yelled without thinking too much.

“You?” Although Han has a unique power, but he was never a soldier. Both the monk and Cheng Zhong knew it.

Han spoke in a deeper voice, “The biggest threat is the two long range raiders on the left wing. We must take care of them first! Cheng Zhong, use your speed and hold me as a shield to get close to them! Then, throw down the Monk to take care of the fire descent enemy that’s within range. We’ll then go kill the guy that’s throwing ice spears!”

“But you…” Cheng Zhong was a bit hesitant about the arrangement.

“Stop wasting time! I can void all powers so don’t worry about me. Let’s go fuck them up!”

Cheng Zhong and the Monk saw Han was already very determined. They glanced at each other and answered together, “Ok! Lets’ go!”

At the same time, the raiders seemed to have met their target quota. The bald black guy whistled, and all the raiders started to retreat back to their ship.

The raiders were very fast and efficient criminals. They cause a scene in one area, then they go to their actual destination, quickly raiding and pillaging before they escape. As long as they retreat before the Esper Administration’s troops arrive, judging by the current look of the forces on Earth, it will be impossible for the reinforcements to catch their customized frigate.

“Don’t hesitate, let’s go!” Han got nervous and yelled at Cheng Zhong and the monk.

Cheng Zhong made up his mind, he grabbed Han and held him up in front of him, and the monk grabbed onto Cheng Zhong’s shoulders. Cheng Zhong suddenly concentrated energy into his legs, and charged right out of cover.

“An assault! Cover them! Cover them!”

Although the other espers didn’t know who they were, at this moment they were all teammates that could die for each other. A strength descent esper quickly picked up some rocks on the ground and started throwing them at the enemies positioned at the left. Another water descent esper unleashed a water dragon to cover for Han and the group.

Hong! (Things colliding and exploding)


The enemy’s ranged attackers saw Han and the others charging towards them. They hastily changed their target and tried to blow Han’s team out of the sky with fire balls and ice spears.

Cheng Zhong hesitated a bit, and reluctantly started using Han as a shield, using Han’s body to defend all ranged attacks!

The fireballs hit Han’s body one by one and disappeared into the void the moment they hit! The ice spears were aimed at Han’s chest but shattered immediately as well!

Although Han is immune to the powers, he could still feel the pain. He endured the excruciating pain just to create an opportunity for his friends to fight back!

“Impossible! My powers stopped working!” The fire descent esper that was closer to the three man projectile couldn’t believe his eyes, there were people on this world that were not afraid of fire?

Just when he was hesitating, Cheng Zhong already arrived, Han raised his leg and kicked the raider right in his balls. The monk that was hiding behind Cheng Zhong suddenly jumped out and forced the raider to the ground. He didn’t have a weapon, so he picked up a rock and struck with all his might!

“I want your life!” The monk yelled like he went mad, and started smashing wildly at the raider’s head.

The next second!

The extremely fast Cheng Zhong and the fearless Han already arrived at the ice descent whose jaw had hit the ground after seeing what was happening to the fire descent raider. Cheng Zhong’s meat-mountain-like body went straight on top of that guy! Han picked up a metal rod from a piece of crushed concrete, gathered all his force and forced the rod right into the raider’s eye!

It worked! Han’s strategy worked, and they started cleaning up all the raiders that were firing down upon the espers from earth. Within 3-4 seconds, they had cleared the raiders off of the left side, tearing up an opening in the escaping raider group.

“Raider attack!”

“Civilians under attack! Hurry to the scene!”

Shanghai was one of the biggest cities in Asia after all, with a population of over 10 million and at least 3000-4000 espers. After receiving the news, espers from all directions started heading towards the battlefield, and the amount of espers from Earth in battle reached over 70 in a blink of an eye. There were even more on the way, running like maniacs towards the scene!

In the group of espers that already arrived, the most fearsome ones was of course Han’s group. The battlefield was the best training ground, and all three of them were really smart. Their powers also had synergy, and they actually formed a great tacit understanding after cooperating for a short period of time.

Han who had the power of Void end was like the armor of the tank. Capable of cancelling out long ranged attacks. Speed descent Cheng Zhong was the engine of the tank, capable of quickly rushing between enemies. What happens after the tank arrives? They let the dogs out! Strength descent Monk was the perfect martial artist with a ferocious spirit, just like the sharp fangs of a mad dog! He bit whoever he could get on! One bite was deadly enough to drop whoever was close enough!

“These men are mad! Retreat!” The commander of the raiders couldn’t believe that the weaklings on earth were actually this insane, yet tenacious. He loudly yelled, wanting to flee with his subordinates.

The raiders didn’t even have time to bring back their comrades’ bodies and started running towards their frigate in full speed.

“Cut them off!”

“Reinforcements are almost here!”

The espers from Earth started rushing in large waves, and the situation was totally in their favor now. Of course they wouldn’t want to let these bastards leave the planet. But the raiders were still using clever tactics, covering each other while retreating. The Earth espers were forced back, unable to prevent the raiders from getting on to their ship.

Hong! (Sound of engine starting)

The galactic frigate’s engine shot out blue flames, ascending quickly into the sky.

The espers on Earth were anxious, with such great sacrifice they could only watch those murderers fleeing into the outer space?

That’s completely unacceptable!

Suddenly, on the top of a nearby high-rise, a guy carrying a bronze bull statue jumped off!

To be able to carry a bull statue that’s a few tons heavy, he must be a strength descent esper, but strength descent wasn’t flying descent! Jumping off at this height would kill him!

But this brave esper didn’t care about life and death anymore, and he jumped down with the bull in his arms, yelling as loud as possible to the end, “Doesn’t matter how weak Earth is! It’s still my home! I will fuck you at the cost of my life!”

The strength descent fell straight from the sky, and threw down the bull that’s worth few tons!


The bull hit right at the frigate’s right engine, and flame came out right away!

The frigate that was just about to take off, was smacked right back down to the ground!

But the strength descent esper, he already used up all of his source energy, his body fell to the deck of the frigate like a kite with broken strings. The sounds of crushing bones resonated across the battlefield.

He was killed instantly.