Chapter 221: Demonic Sand Castle

Chapter 221: Demonic Sand Castle

“Sh*t!” Han hesitated and shouted anxiously.

He began to realize, this sandstorm was very possibly the reason why Ying Luo, as a warlord elite, was determined to run away. Otherwise, how could there be such a weak warlord? He didn’t even dare to battle and just ran away from the very beginning.

And Han began to realize another important thing, he was too focused on killing but never got to know what this mission was actually about.

People can kill on the Path of All Gods, but only during specific occasions, and this boundless desert was clearly a mission.

“I must stop him, now!” Han thought.

“Ghost Claw!”

As Han shouted, Ghost Claw suddenly accelerated towards Han, grabbed him by the shoulder, and then threw him forward at full force.

Yes, the Ghost Claw was not just a normal genetic fusion beast, but a product of a dark apostle and the queen bug. In addition to the insectoid appearance and long thighs, the Ghost Claw also had 2 two powerful arms to use at critical times.

Now, this was a critical time!

The Ghost Claw first threw out Han, then threw out the Demon Claw as well. Both Han and the Demon Claw received an incredible instant speed boost, almost about to fly past Ying Luo’s head!



Ying Luo’s movement became more agile. There was still a sinister sneer hanging on his face, and his speed became even faster. Even Silver Fox had to try his hardest to keep up.

Sure enough, this damn guy still had some cards in his sleeves! He’s doing this on purpose!

Han was enraged but he couldn’t do anything, because he was already in the air so he could only watch Ying Luo accelerate into the sandstorm, and Silver Fox chase after him, still executing his command to stay on the target.

“We can’t let him escape, definitely not!”

Seeing that he had already began falling and the Demon Claw was right behind him, Han suddenly reached behind with his right hand and grabbed the Demon Claw.

At that moment, Han’s right arm became completely dark!

“Go! Stop him for me!”


The Demon Claw accelerated again!

This speed boost was given by Han!

After two consecutive boosts, the Demon Claw finally obtained a speed that was even faster than the little Silver Fox and finally caught up to Ying Luo.

Warlord Ying Luo was shocked, because the speed boost Han just gave Demon Claw seemed to be even stronger than the Ghost Claw. He always thought the Ghost Claw was the strongest one amongst the ones that were chasing him, but now it seems like Han was likely to be stronger than it.

Very different than the cunning little Silver Fox, the Demon Claw was born with a flaw. It was very silly, and only knew how to attack.

The Demon Claw lowered its head, then fully accelerated and charged towards Ying Luo while Silver Fox on the side had cunning light flashing in his small eyes, waiting for the right moment to strike with surprise.

This was already Han’s fastest speed, and at this moment he really wished that he could grow a pair of wings, because he knew very well the consequence of having a silly thing like the Demon Claw try to stop Ying Luo.

Unless he died, Demon Claw will never retreat!

Han must speed up! And speed up more! To rush to the foolish Demon Claw and fight side by side!

Now there was an incredible scene in front of Han’s eyes. The sandstorm had unstoppably arrived at the moment the brave Demon Claw leaped onto Ying Luo’s body, and the little guy Silver Fox showed its sharp claws and struck from the side.




All Han saw was the last scene, and then Ying Luo, the Demon Claw, and Silver Fox, all disappeared into the roaring sandstorm.

This was probably the worst case scenario. Han realized, his dark vision was actually completely useless against the sandstorm. The black sand blocked Han’s vision and struck painfully onto his face.

Yes, the black sandstorm is completely different from the yellow sand Han had been seeing, it had a magical and unexplainable power.

Han was forced to reduce his speed because this strange black sandstorm was extremely powerful, enough to shake the quasi-warlord level Han.

“Silver Fox!”

“Demon Claw!”

Han had a difficult time walking in the black sandstorm and shouting, since his voice couldn’t get too far, and large amounts of sand would enter whenever Han opened his mouth.

Suddenly, Han felt something pulling on his feet. Looking down, he saw Silver Fox, who was also blown tilting left and right. But, he seemed to be very anxious, not caring about the damage of the black sandstorm to himself as he desperately pulling on Han to let Han follow him.

Soon, Han followed Silver Fox and found the Demon Claw. The silly little monster was just lying in the black sand, on the verge of death.

Han dug it out from the sand, the Demon Claw’s four legs were already broken, and there’s a very deep wound on its belly, exposing many organs. The black sand kept on rushing into Demon Claw’s wounds, making the cleaning and treatment process much more difficult.

With this loyal little fool on the verge of death in Han’s arms, Han suddenly felt as if his heart was stung.

“Idiot, why didn’t you dodge.” Han’s eyes became a little red as he whispered.

The Demon Claw obviously didn’t know how to dodge, even if it knew that the enemy’s next strike was going to be lethal.

Han’s affection towards his fusion beasts comes from their selfless loyalty.

Silver Fox folded his two little claws, as if about to cry. He didn’t dare to look at the dying Demon Claw and silently turned around.

At this moment, Ghost Claw arrived. Although it doesn’t have rich emotions like Silver Fox and Han, he knew clearly what he should do.

So, Ghost Claw was like a heroic warrior, standing in front of Han and the Demon Claw facing the black sandstorm, motionlessly, blocking the wind and sand with his body.

And the little thing Silver Fox lightly sighed as it disappeared into the crazy black sandstorm. Han knew, this little guy went scouting again. He didn’t forget his mission too, even under this kind of harsh environment, he was still Han’s scout and needed to prevent Ying Luo from coming back for a surprise attack.

Just like this, the Ghost Claw became the brave warrior shielding Han and the Demon Claw from the sandstorm, while Silver Fox scouted in the heavy storm, and Han began treating the Demon Claw’s wound under this impossible position.

The Demon Claw stared at Han, in its silly eyes there was a hint of gratefulness.

“Don’t move.” Han said in a deep voice. He gave Ghost Claw some shield-like items to block the sandstorm, and Ghost Claw just stood there motionlessly, actually blocking most of the sandstorm.

At that moment, the warlord Ying Luo suddenly spoke.

“You are healing this fusion beast? That much sand already entered the wound, you can clean them all up? It’s not something valuable anyways, might as well kill it and then make a new one!”

Han didn’t bother with him, and his determination to save Demon Claw was unshakable.

Han’s values were very simple, whoever is good to him, he will treat him well. If someone’s not good to him, then he will kill that person.

The Demon Claw was the fusion beast that followed Han the longest, and it had already become an unreplaceable existence.

Its combat strength wasn’t a match with the Ghost Claw, its cleverness and speed was not on par with Silver Fox. But, in Han’s heart, there was always a place for Demon Claw. Han is a very nostalgic guy. Maybe the Demon Claw’s battle strength can be replaced, but no one can substitute for this little monster’s loyalty.

This was an extremely tough operation, the Demon Claw’s wound was completely covered in sand, inside connective tissue and sticking to the vital organs. They must be removed, because this kind of black sand had a strange power that could affect Han’s vision and also the Demon Claw’s bodily function.

Han focused on the work at hand, carefully, patiently, removing the damn black sand, and the Demon Claw just peacefully lied in Han’s arms.

At this moment he was probably very grateful. After all, as a genetic fusion beast, its chance of meeting someone like Han was close to zero. Even though Han’s temper wasn’t exactly good, and he would always just start killing when someone made him angry, but after all he was still very nice to everyone that was loyal to him.

Time passed hour by hour, Han used a lot of precious time and energy to save something that had no value in Ying Luo’s eyes.

The sand storm gradually stopped, the earth became black, covered by sand with an unexplained magical feeling.

At this time, Ying Luo’s voice sounded again.

“You know why I chose this battlefield? Because this is a special one that only I know how to pass! You humans, although still aren’t dead yet, but soon, will all die!”

“Welcome to the Path of All God’s special mission, Demonic Sand Castle!”

Demonic Sand Castle?

Han slightly frowned, raised his head and looked around. As the sand storm gradually stopped, an area of black buildings made out of sand appeared in the distance.