Chapter 320: Sanctuary in the Woods

Chapter 320: Sanctuary in the Woods

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Just as the Fierce Demon Soul Beast appeared, Han heard the Black Egg growl, but before he could react he was pushed to the other side by Feng Wanzhou.


Han got past the Wall of Sighs and opened his eyes, but could not help but exclaim, "What the f*ck is this place?!"

It was a warped, barrel-like, world. Everything grew wildly and even the rain forest grew from the ceiling, the tree crowns almost brushed against the top of Han’s head.

It was as if the ground was rolled up, but despite so, the gravity remained unchanged. Right above Han’s head was a big river that flowed effortlessly, splashing white water droplets but not one drop touched Han.

Forests, grass meadow, unknown wild flowers…all sorts of plants flourished in this boundless barrel.

As for the surroundings of the Wall, corpses lay abound. After killing the soldiers who reached the other side first, the Fierce Demon Soul Beast tucked his head out to finish the rest of the squad outside.

There were no other Soul Beasts nearby, possibly scared off by the presence of this powerful Fierce Demon.

And at this moment, half of the Fierce Demon’s body already came through. Han noticed that this creature had black skin, was terribly thin, and a gigantic head that occupied around fifty percent of its mass; in short, it was a six-clawed monster that was all bones and skin.


Suddenly, the cracked Star-strangling Boa emerged.

Han was already ready to attack the moment he noticed the Fierce Demon.

As the saying went, he had to kill while the beast was sick. He had to attack it now. Although Han could not gauge how strong or how fearful the beast was, who cared? He had to make a move.

Without a word, Han turned and attacked.

This move gave Feng Wanzhou and Li Xiang a shock; Han must be out of his mind to take on the Fierce Demon single-handedly without even knowing its powers!

With pale faces, they tried to stop Han but were one step too late.

"Devil path!"

Surrounded by dark fumes, Han ran and attacked with his strongest weapon, shoving it straight up the beast’s butt.


The weapon landed right on the monster’s bony bottom, giving off sparks.

It was as if this beast was made of steel! Han felt a strong rebound on his arm, another crack was made on the Star-strangling Boa, and he himself was instantly physically repelled.


Han’s attack did not kill the beast, but it was powerful enough to send it flying.

"Didn’t you want to get out? Well let me help you!" Han yelled fiercely.

Once in battle, Han ceased to be that harmless young man, instead releasing his demonic side.

Both Jian Jia and Luo Ying shot approving glances at Han; after all, this demonic side was attractive to a lot of young girls.

Unfortunately, this charm was lost on Feng Wanzhou and Li Xiang.

"My God! Are you trying to kill everyone?" Feng Wanzhou yelled, "You had your fun, but now you pissed the Fierce Demon off! Judging by its proud nature, it’s not going to stop until it kills us!"

"So be it!" Han yelled back, "We might as well try!"


The Black Egg seemed to be cheering on Han; ever since encountering the Fierce Demon, Han could feel the Black Egg becoming active once again.

Both Feng Wanzhou and Li Xiang looked speechless.

It was only then that Han noticed the shadows scurrying away from the Wall of Sighs.

"See for yourself! The Soul Beasts in this area are all spooked! This Fierce Demon is the king of Soul Beasts, never to be challenged!" Feng Wanzhou said, pointing at the fleeing silhouettes, "I must be really unlucky to have met you!"

Han seemed to be have an uncanny ability to cause chaos; from angering the king of Soul Beasts upon setting foot in the area, to disrupting Feng Wanzhou’s plans to kill Li Xiang, and Li Xiang’s plans to kill Feng Wanzhou.

Without a word, Feng Wanzhou grabbed Han, Jian Jia, and Luo Ying and proceeded to leave. Li Xiang followed after a few seconds, leading his now smaller team.

"The Fierce Demon is a very special kind of Soul Beast; he could easily get past the Wall, it’s only that he doesn’t like the beehive world beyond it, but after he kills all our comrades outside, he will come back for us."

"It must have been our numbers that attracted the Fierce Demon to the Wall, but now that you stabbed him, we’re in huge trouble!" Feng Wanzhou said in a low voice, "And let’s not forget the Soul Beasts’ strongest ability—Soul Killing! It destroys people’s Zero Degree Brain Zone!"

Feng Wanzhou shot Li Xiang a vengeful look.

Han finally saw the Soul Beasts, but they had zero intention to attack the humans. They scurried in a craze, fleeing from all directions but never paying a moment’s attention to Han.

In short, the Soul Beasts were a creature with sharp gazes but almost no muscles; this was their biggest difference from Star Beasts and Genetic Beasts.

Most Soul Beasts had gray eyes. The higher level it was, the darker its eyes were, so the fact that the Fierce Demon had black ones proved how high its status was.

As for their lack of muscle mass, Han was confused—all animals and humans needed muscles to generate force; even Claw Beasts like Ghost Claw and Demon Claw had polymer structures resembling muscle mass.

Could it be that Soul Beasts generated force using other means?

Seeing through Han’s confusion, Feng Wanzhou said in a low voice, "These are Soul Beasts, their power comes from Soul Energy. They have a structure similar to humans’ Zero Degree Brain Zone, producing and storing the Soul Energy. Besides not being able to generate superpowers, it’s pretty similar to humans’."

Han nodded.

Soul Beasts were indeed a weird species; their ability to produce Soul Energy was like a chemical reactor.


Han and the others did not go very far before the Fierce Demon returned to this warped world. It looked around with wide eyes then charged towards the group on its six spindly legs.

Everyone’s face became white as a sheet, including the experienced Feng Wanzhou.

Oddly, Black Egg seemed extraordinarily excited. He wanted to put his life on the line, but the thought of Han was bothering him. As someone who dampened the Black Egg’s self-esteem, Han’s existence caused both fear and hate in the Black Egg, and this ambivalence made him stick inside his own shell, not daring to express himself fully.

"Speed up! The sanctuary that the God King left is right in front of us—once we get there not even the Fierce Demon could harm us!" Li Xiang called out.

Following Li Xiang’s motion, Han saw that on the horizon, in the woods, there was a pyramid, one that was almost transparent— made of diamonds!

On Earth, diamond was the hardest material and costed a lot.

But in the larger universe, diamond was nothing more than a product of carbon and costed nothing; some planets were even made of diamonds!

But a diamond of this mass being made into a sanctuary and placed in the woods was not common. The structure itself also fascinated Han, reminding him of pyramids on Earth.

Oddly, ever since arriving at the depths of Dark Net, Han had been seeing more of these pyramid structures. The Star Lord City had a lot of them.

The sanctuary that the God King left was several hundred metres high, its surface was semi-transparent diamond but its inside was completely dark.

This sanctuary had a tiny entrance, only allowing one person to bend and pass through each time. Once they get inside, the gigantic Fierce Demon would have to leave them alone.

The group sped with all their might, but the Fierce Demon was too fast for them—after all, it was the strongest Soul Beast in the area, and now it passed, no, slashed, through the woods and closed down the distance.

Having been absorbing so much Dark Energy, especially the Genu of Darkness, Han had incredible speed. Among other warlord-level warriors, few could beat him, it was only when he encountered super warlords such as Sima Hunfeng and the Executioner that he struggled.

But at this moment, Han did not give his all because none of his comrades were fast enough—not Jian Jia, not Luo Ying, and Feng Wanzhou was slowed down by his injuries—Han could not have sped up and left them.

"Let me help you!" Han said, then grabbed their hands to speed them up.

Both Jian Jia and Feng Wanzhou sighed in relief, but Luo Ying looked nonchalant. This young girl was mysterious—Han still didn’t know what her abilities were, but she had just lost her sister on top of being abandoned by her father, so Han did not attempt to pry.



The Soul Hunter who was left behind was already being attacked by the Fierce Demon, its sharp claws went straight through the Soul Hunter’s chest, swiftly stuffing his organs into ots mouth.

The Fierce Demon did not use its terrifying Soul-killing ability, because similar to bee stings, the bee dies after leaving its victim a painful swell.

Calculating rapidly in his mind, Han quickly realized that the Fierce Demon was far too fast. Even with all his might he might fail to deliver everyone to the shelter. Right now, he could only stall for time.


Han was indeed a spontaneous type of person—he quickly pulled out the cracked, Star-strangling Boa.

Immediately after, he proceeded to release his five newly created Genetic Fusion Beasts. Those guys were not very strong but they were loyal, Han thought, so they had to be able to stall for some time.

"You must be crazy!" Feng Wanzhou panicked at the sight of Han turning around to fight.

Jian Jia was even more scared. Han had become this way ever since he started practicing the Demon Path, to the point that calling him reckless was no longer fitting.

Luo Ying was also panicking. To her, Han was like a big brother. He could be insurmountably brave when he had to, and incredibly gentle at times. She had never gotten this vibe from anyone else, even Jian Jia had the air of an heiress.

Only Han, for reasons Luo Ying could not fathom, made her feel very comfortable; therefore, she wasn’t going to let Han put himself at risk.


No one could have thought that Luo Ying would throw her small frame at Han, in an attempt to stop him.

Her two hands forming a knot, she whispered, "Yao technique!"