Chapter 266: Striving of the Old Warriors

Chapter 266: Striving of the Old Warriors

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Right across the arch was the place where the fire drake rested.

No trace of the fire drake could be seen, only a vast sea of fiery desert. Even the temperature went extremely low, to the point where Han’s breath turned white as it left his mouth.

That was weird, the temperature was boiling hot all along the way. They needed to rely on the protection from the combat suit to keep themselves from burning, how come the temperature dropped this much once they arrived there?

When Han was scratching his head, Big Mountain suddenly pointed at the far end of the red desert and said, “Look, there is a white flower blooming in the middle of the desert.”

Han looked into the direction pointed by Big Mountain. There really was a pretty little flower right in the middle of the red desert. It was white in color, with six petals.

Except for that white flower, the huge underground desert was empty.

“Eye of Darkness!”

Han said in his mind and used his Eye of Darkness to observe the surrounding environment. He found that there was nothing other than sand and rock. No signs of life could be observed, except for that strange white little flower blooming right in the middle of the desert, with huge rhizomes underneath.

Han’s eye of darkness could see that the roots of the flower went hundreds of kilometers beneath the ground. This made Han very curious, how could a little flower like that grow huge roots? That was truly unusual.

Han walked towards the flower with curiosity, Lipton and Dini followed after a distance, however, the Big Mountain and Big River brothers did not move at all. They exchanged crafty glances with each other.

Han came up to the white little flower and examined it carefully, the white flower was growing on a wooden stake. The wooden stake went extremely deep until the earth’s core where even Han’s eye of darkness could not see.

Han kept his body down, touched his chin, and then he reached out his hand to touch that white flower.


Right at the moment when Han’s fingertip made contact with that white little flower, Han felt like his body was frozen, unable to make a single move.

A force of evil captured Han’s body. This was a type of strong spiritual control. Han felt like there was a pair of huge ferocious snake eyes staring at him from the sky above, the oval-shaped pupil passed on a chilly thrill.


Right at that moment, Big River suddenly started applauding. He then smiled and said, “The ignorant person sure fears nothing, how dare you even touch the seal of the fire drake? Let me just be honest with you, the fire drake underneath the ground now is aware of your existence.”

Big Mountain continued, “Right, this kind of seal is called the seal of wood. Usually the teams wishing to slay the drake will gather around the desert and wait for the call, preparing themselves and getting the strongest ones among them to break the seal, thereby releasing the fire drake.”

“You really do know nothing, same as those two old bastards, breaking the seal without any preparations.”

“Don’t ask how do we know this. Back then, we brothers were honored star lord titles for slaying the drake in the wind forest volcano. You can’t move right now, huh? That is because the spiritual power of the fire drake is too strong. You are being drawn into it like a whirlpool.”

“Look at your genetic beasts, they are also drawn to the spiritual whirlpool created by the fire drake. The sealed fire drake was of enormous spiritual power, it is literally invincible once released from the seal prison. You are bringing about your own death.”

Two lines of cold sweat ran down Han’s forehead. He really was suppressed by a kind of spiritual pressure; a pair of malicious eyes were staring at him, making him unable to move.

Silver Fox,Demon Claw,Ghost Claw,along with the five fusion beasts and also the two Seven-eyed Starry Spiders, were not able to make a move either. Pain could be seen from their postures. Because they were too close to Han, when the spiritual power of the fire drake appeared, whey could not escape the effect.


Big Mountain pulled his weapon, it was a sky-taking blade, the blade point pointed right at the sky, looking just like a silver cloud.

Big River said, “Let me tell you the truth, we brothers have the same family name of Lovran, I am River Lovran, and my brother is Mountain Lovran.

Lipton was suddenly shocked, and then he frowned, “Lovran? You are the descendants of the abandoned god?”

Because Lipton and Dini kept a distance with Han, they happened to be located at the outer circle of the fire drake’s spiritual circle, and were not affected.

River Lovran nodded slightly, “I didn’t realize that you old bastards actually have quite some knowledge. Our ancestor was indeed one of the gods. Later on, because our ancestor cannot get along with the other gods, we thereby lost the right to inherit the godly status.”

Lipton said grimly, “Cannot get along with the other gods? Why not tell them the truth? Who the hell on earth doesn’t know that your Lovran family was disowned by the gods because your family did something wrong.”

“Shut up!” Mountain Lovran shouted loudly. Lipton exposing the scandal of his family made him extremely angry, even his face was distorted.

Mountain Lovran approached Han step by step. The weapon in his hand was gleaming. In the meanwhile, his younger brother with the temperament of a scholar, acted like he had nothing to do with it, not going to give his older brother a helping hand.

“Since you know quite a bit about our Lovran family, then you should know what our ability is.” Mountain Lovran said grimly.

“It is spiritual control.” Lipton said in his deep voice.

“You are right. The spiritual power of the fire drake could seal Han’s spirit, but not mine! I could easily go into the fire drake’s spiritual territory and then kill Han and every single one of his beasts.” Mountain Lovran said grimly.

“Damn it.” Han thought to himself. He wanted to fight back, but was nailed onto the ground by that god-damn fire drake, unable to move at all.

Mountain Lovran was getting closer and closer, he slowly raised the weird blade held in his hand.


Lipton heaved a long sign and said in his deep voice, “Stop.”

Mountain Lovran gave Lipton a glimpse of disdain, “Old bastard, have you been living for too long?” he snorted.

Lipton said calmly, “Who would want to die if they could choose to live? However, I cannot make myself just stand here watching you kill Han. Instead, I will bet on my abilities.”

Ha ha ha ha~

Mountain Lovran let loose a crazy laugh. He gestured towards Lipton, and suddenly that tall and thin old man was knocked up a few meters above the ground. That was the power of spiritual control, even without a weapon, Lovran could still defeat the opponent just with his spiritual power.

“Is that all you are capable of? Old bastard, just give up already!” Lovran did not even look at Lipton, continuing to approach Han.


Suddenly, the atmosphere changed

A stream of strong power came out right from the place where Lipton fell, and the skinny old man stood up again. This time, fire could be seen in his eyes, his aged skin was flaring with a bleak light.

“Burning your lifeforce!? Since you are so eager to die, let me satisfy your wish.” Mountain Lovran was shocked but he still taunted loudly.

As his voice died away, Mountain Lovran rushed towards Lipton. At that critical moment however, Montain Lovran suddenly felt a creepy breeze come from his back. The short old man Dini was rushing towards him without him noticing.

“I have been fighting for my life, how could I get bullied by you? Today, only one of us will live!”

“We still have spirit even if we are old! We’re still fighters!”

Han wanted to stop Lipton and Dini, he knew that the espers were not like ordinary people. When they were young, they could be really strong, and they gad a long-life span.

However, once a glorious esper started the process of aging, their capabilities would regress quickly. Within just a few years, their combat power would decline substantially, and even their face would grow old at a pace that their family could hardly recognize.

Everything comes at a price, the rapid aging process is the espers’ fate, unless they could keep becoming stronger and reaching higher levels.

Otherwise, when an esper loses his potential, unable to move forward, they will have to face the nightmare of the rapid aging process. They will have to pay for the glory of the first half of their lives.

As of that time, Lipton and Dini were suffering from the torture of fate. Their combat power could not even reach one third of what they used to have when they were young. Whenever they enter into a combat, they could only burn their little remaining life in exchange for the power they once have.

In the blink of an eye, Lipton and Dini started fighting Mountain Lovran. River Lovran, the younger brother with a gentle and quiet temperant, seemed not worried at all, just watching what was happening.

“Protect Han!”

“We can’t always bet on Han, let’s bet on ourselves this time, kill him!”

After all, Lipton and Dini were too old. They had good intentions, to thank Han, they were willing to pay the price of their own lives to protect Han.

Unfortunately, they did not have the capability to protect anyone.

Even when they were young, and even when they were at the time of their highest combat power, they could not beat Lovran, not to mention at the moment they were just two old men.

“Just because we are old doesn’t mean we are fair game.” Lipton gasped, “Han, I really do appreciate your care along the way, but all in all I am still a warrior. I will protect my own pride.”

“Today, I will protect you, and my remaining dignity, even at the risk of my life.”

“Come on! Unique skill! The god of the north wind!”