Chapter 365: The Expansion of Zero-Degree Brain Region

Chapter 365: The Expansion of Zero-Degree Brain Region

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Just when Space Station #9527 finally escaped, Han fainted.

Other than Han himself, no one knew why Han was able to hold on. It seemed like Han would collapse any second, but in fact, Han did not. He held on even longer than 9527.

Was it just because Han had a full body of tough bones?

This was not the case. The moment when everyone surrounded him and Night Walker tried everything to save him, Han underwent an out-of-body experience. He transformed into a cloud and flew into his own zero-degree brain region.

The structure of intelligent lifeforms like human beings was incomparably exquisite. Even with the sophistication of current science and technology, the reason why human beings were so powerful was still unexplainable.

Wisdom, super abilities, the explosive strength at critical moments, love, these were some of the unique qualities of humans.

The zero-degree brain region was the source of human power. The energy was concentrated in a very small area of the brain where it was generated, stored, and erupted. Eventually the energies mutated to a power that others seemed unable to explain.

All of these powers came down to the evolution of energy.

Fire espers were able to control fire because of energy mutation. Water espers could control water, because of energy mutation. The reason Han could create the Void Domain was because of the emitted energy\'s mutation. The energy he emitted inhibited the other’s zero-degree brain region and sealed their energy back into the original state. Thus, when other espers encountered Han, their powers couldn’t be used.

In essence, this was the result of different energies countering one another.

For any warrior, all essence came down to energy. The quality of the energy, the density, and the quantity directly determined a warrior’s strength.

Han thought it was magical because his consciousness came to the most important and magical area of his brain, the zero-degree brain region.

Han’s zero-degree brain region had expanded in comparison to the past. This indicated that he had greater potential. After all the wider the width of the brain area, the more energy that could be stored. Thus, the quantity of energy generated was stronger than others.

Han’s zero-degree brain region was special. It was dark gray. The white represented the source energy and the black represented the power of darkness. The fusion of the two energies gave Han his unique energy type.

In this part of the universe, humanoid intelligent species all used source energy, yet in the distant area where the Dark King originated, the intelligent species there underwent a different evolution pathway, so their energy was more towards the dark elements.

Han’s mind didn\'t have a form. He felt his zero-degree brain region was actually very vast, and those gray energy bodies wandered around like dark clouds in the sky.

A few minutes ago, when Han faced difficult situations, it was his own zero-degree brain region or these special energies that saved him. It was inexplicable, and overall the energy in the zero-degree brain region underwent high-speed rotations to offset a large degree of damage. This makes Han extremely interested in his own zero-degree brain region.

"People’s zero degree brain region will automatically expand?" Han thought.

Soon he shook his head and said to himself, "Impossible, logically speaking the only possibility is that my brain width was originally very wide, but due to some reason, some areas were sealed up. Otherwise, there is no explanation for this phenomenon."

"But why is my zero-degree brain region wider than the others? Why did it seal itself?"

Han thought as he patrolled his zero-degree brain region. In the past, Han heard a very interesting theory that some people referred to the zero-degree brain region as a small universe. Although the zero-degree brain region had a small volume, but it was vast like an universe in terms of what people could do with it.

It was merely a narrow space composed of some cells, but now Han saw it and felt it like a universe. Han’s mind floated in the area with a sense of helplessness, as he did not know when he would reach the boundary of his zero-degree brain region. Now, the darkness and the dark clouds formed by energy made him feel really suppressed and nervous.


Han saw the end of his zero-degree brain region. It was a huge tightly sealed door. Han leaned on the door crack to try to peek through but was not able to discover anything.

"Behind this door, it should be blood vessels, and following the blood vessels will take me to my heart." Han pondered and said to himself.

At the same time, he heard voices calling him from a distant world telling him to hurry back.


Han’s mind went through the clouds composed of energy. The speed became faster and faster and Han left his own zero-degree brain region in the blink of an eye.


Han woke up with blurry eyesight, but his brain quickly restored clarity.

"Strange, you are not as severely injured as 9527. Just some external wounds. Get some rest and you will soon heal." Night Walker frowned.

He used the word strange because this obviously didn\'t match with common sense. The time and intensity Han supported the nerve control system obviously surpassed 9527. However, in the end, it was 9527 who was more severely injured?

Is there really a supernatural power protecting Han.

9527 and Han both were sent to the medical room. Within 2 days, Han was able to walk, while 9527 was still chilling in bed. The amount of time 9527 spent unconscious was far longer than how long it had been since he woke up.

"I want to go outside and look around." 9527 said to Han.

"Well, I want to go out and look around too." Han.

Han found a suspension wheelchair and helped 9527 into the seat. Then he came outside with 9527.

In fact, Space Station #9527 did have portholes, but they were blocked with thick alloy armor. After the successful escape, the space station itself was seriously damaged with ruptured armor and exposed the portholes. The crew now could stand by the window and check out the scenery outside.

Han and 9527 came to a porthole. They saw a red planet and in some distance, there were two stars emitting light and heat. The stars caused this area of the universe to not have night time and had extremely high ground temperature.

"What are they doing?" 9527 saw the busy soldiers outside.

Han, "Fixing the station of course. Although we escaped, the space station\'s armor was almost completely damaged. Even about 69% of structural layer was damaged. We were one step away from being completely screwed." "

"So everyone is working together to repair the space station, but unfortunately the space station was too big. Even if everyone was an esper warrior, we can’t complete such a heavy repair workload. It would be nice if my robot legion was here. They are especially good at this kind of work."

9527 nodded: "Tell them don’t bother repairing it. First, it is difficult to fix. Secondly, this big fellow is too eye catching. The All Gods Corporation will not easily let go of us. Although we have left their territory, they will definitely send someone to search for us in secret." "

"We will use the space station as our base here, and we may not be able to leave temporarily."

Han nodded and frowned, "What is this place?" "