Chapter 108: Flagship and Slave Trade (Part One)

Chapter 108: Flagship and Slave Trade (Part One)

Han’s meteoric rise and his achievement of the championship place at the exploration event was astonishing. During the giant cocktail party after, he had a very pleasant conversation with Prime Minister Doyle.

“Han, you have to consider carefully. We, the Mang Republic, are one of the 12 permanent management countries in the Milky Way Alliance. Our powerful national strength is not something Earth can be compared to. Stay here with me, and I guarantee that you can have the best resources and top tier benefits.” Doyle drank with Han as they talked about the proposal of inviting Han to join the Mang Republic.

What was most precious resource in the Milky Way these days?

Of course it was the talented youth.

When Han carefully described how he snuck into the core infrastructure of the A-19 relic, how hard the battle was, and how he ultimately destroyed the base, although the vast majority of the plot was purely made up, the story was excitingly told and he got Prime Minster Doyle really hooked and entertained.

Soldiers were also divided into different categories, and Han was the type that has been tested in combat. So many talented espers died in A-19, and he was among the few that survived, so even idiots could tell that Han had skills that were superior to others.

And he was totally different from the soldiers that were made in training rooms. Han was forged on the battle field. Before the event, no one even knew about Han. But after the event, who still haven’t heard of Han?

So, it was very natural for Doyle to hope that Han stayed in the Mang Republic.

The 12 permanent management members had vast amounts of land, accounting for almost one-third of the entire Milky Way, and they also had the most abundant resources and best environment.

Each year, the Mang Republic discovered large numbers of new relics, so it needed a lot more soldiers with the exploring experience to help the Mang Republic activate and explore these relics.

Han has the unique Void End ability and plenty of real combat experience. Particularly how he sneaked into the gene factory on his own and destroyed it, it has never been done before in the entire Milky Way. Doyle really hoped to borrow Han’s successful experience to help his country explore more relics.

Han smiled, “Prime Minister, no matter how small Earth is, it’s still my home. Now that my home country is in a difficult situation and it’s also been eyed by many powerful countries, even if I stay I wouldn’t feel at ease. So, I still need to ask the Prime Minister to rescind the order.

Doyle slightly nodded his head and said as if it’s not a big deal, “You are talking about the “Sally Empire colonizing Earth” issue right? Don’t worry about it, with me here, they can keep on dreaming. Permanent Management countries have veto power. In addition, you are also the winner of this year’s Milky Way Meet, I asked some other colleagues and no one agreed to let Earth turn into a colony.”

“The A-19 is now a safe relic, and we, the Mang Republic, can take the bigger share of the benefits from it, and the other 11 Permanent Management countries will all benefit as well. This is all because of you and no one will forget.”

“I must thank everyone’s support.” Han suddenly changed his tone and said, “Although Earth can temporarily avoid becoming a colony, but as long as Earth does not become powerful, then I won’t feel at ease. So, Prime Minister, please support my decision to go back and construct my home.”

“I can promise that if the Mang Republic needs me anywhere, Prime Minister, don’t hesitate to ask me and I will for sure provide my strength.”

Doyle nodded slightly, since Han already said that it won’t be convenient for him to say anything else. Although Han refused to join Mang Republic, the words he said still made Doyle very happy.

Pan Yulin, who accompanied Han by his side, gave him a hint with his eyes, and they saw Mode and Levi walking towards them and wearing a malicious smile.

After simple greetings, these two sat down on the same table, and Levi opened his mouth, “Sally Empire and Earth Federation are both in the 57th Galactic district. We are all neighbors, brother Han achieving success is also the honor of us 57th district as a whole. It’s definitely something that need to be celebrated.”

Mo sneered and continued Levi’s words, “But aside from celebration, we still don’t know what time Earth Federation intends to open the B-class relic, I’m very looking forward to it.”

Han knew clearly, how Mode was not looking forward to the rise of Earth. He was clearly looking forward to Earth being destroyed when the monsters of the B-class relic floods out. There was a little riot at the A-class relic and it was almost enough to kill all 10 thousand talented espers. B-class relics were also very dangerous, and with Earth’s current strength there was no hope that it can be conquered.

Levi said, “In the Milky Way, there aren’t a lot of B-class relics so they are very precious, and now the whole Alliance is waiting for Earth to excavate this B-class relic. The Sally Empire is still Earth’s neighbor no matter how you look at it. If necessary, we will definitely fully support Earth to explore their relic themselves.”

Han frowned. After talking so much, these two guys were still just waiting to see Earth screw up.

According to the Milky Way Alliance rules, A-class relics were way too terrifying, and whether it should be explored will be based on a long-term plan. However, once a B-class relic was found, the Alliance will urge the possessing country to excavate quickly, and if they don’t have the ability to excavate, then the relic should be handed to the Alliance as early as possible.

So, for those weak countries, a B-class relic was not a benefit but a curse.

As for the joint development plan with the Sally Empire, then it was even less desirable. At that time, the Sally Empire will just take away the majority of the relic output and Earth would end up doing the work but getting barely anything in return.

Perhaps not liking to see Levi and Mode so aggressive, Doyle said in a deep voice, “Han, if you guys have difficulty exploring the relic, you can ask us the Mang Republic for help. A mere B-class relic, it would be done if we just send you guys a legion.”

Han smiled and saluted to Doyle, “Thank you Prime Minister for your good intentions, but this time we want to try exploring this site on our own. No matter how small Earth is, it’s still a sovereign country after all. If we always rely on others, then when will we ever grow up.”

Doyle hesitated for a moment, and then gently nodded his head and didn’t say anything. It was Pan Yulin that slightly jabbed Han with his elbow, rejecting Mang Republic’s help. Pan Yulin thought Han might’ve gone a bit crazy.

Mode and Levi’s eyes lit up, and Mode said in a deep voice, “Mark your own words, you little Earth have to explore B-class relic on your own.”