Chapter 65: The King of Darkness

Chapter 65: The King of Darkness

Han hesitated, and then shrugged his shoulders and said, “Come on, please don’t kid me. Since the beginning I’m just a little native boy from Earth, since when did I hit the jack pot?”

Night Walker laughed, and said seriously, “Where do I start? Okay, it all began that year when the 1st A-class relic, A-1, was opened. At that time, although there was growing prosperity of the human race in the Milky Way, there was no Milky Way Alliance yet, only some small-scale cooperative organizations.”

“The one that found and activated the A-1 Relic was called the Blue Wave Republic, one of the dominant class empires in the Milky Way. Confident with its power, the Blue Wave Republic forcefully broke open the A-1, and spawned the disaster of the century.”

“Just moments after the A-1 relic was opened, an unprecedentedly powerful dark warrior killed his way out of the relic, and that person later came to be known by the Milky Way as the Dark King!”

“The Dark King had no name, no one knew why he appeared in A-1, all people knew was that he killed the entire exploration army from the Blue Wave Republic in one night. Then killed off all the logistics corps located in the periphery of the relic, and he possessed a powerful force of darkness that was beyond imagination!”

“Blue Wave Republic’s army came to kill the Dark king, but however many people they send, however many got killed! Not even the giant laser cannon could kill this monster that was against all heaven rules!”

“Ultimately, the Republic of Blue Wave paid a tragic price for its bold move of opening up A-1, the elites of the entire nation were killed by the Dark King and it was never able to recover since then. And after a few hundreds of years, this country went from a Milky Way overlord of the generation to meeting its cruel fate of being mutilated by other countries.”

“Then, the major powers of the Milky Way sent their strongest warriors in hopes to catch this monster codenamed the Dark King. Even so, they still paid a heavy price. The entire hunt went on for a hundred and twenty-eight years, countless casualties were recorded, and finally the Milky Way Alliance army was able to oppress the Dark King at the H975327 Black Hole and forced it to jump into the black hole and suicide.”

“So, the operation to catch the Dark King came with an unimaginably high price, and not counting the heavy casualties, the cost was already an astronomical figure.”

After experiencing this storm, the people in the Milky Way finally realized how many hidden secrets were stored away in those relics and how scary that was. That was how the Milky Way Alliance was formed, and all A-class relics must be decided by the Milky Way Alliance about whether and when they should explore it.”

“Without any exaggeration, the powerful Milky Way Alliance was originally just an alliance to hunt for the Dark King. Think about it, gathering all powers in Milky Way, just for one guy! You can probably imagine how powerful the Dark King is.”

Han gasped, and said in surprise, “Oh my god, the Dark King can cause chaos in the entire Milky Way just by himself, then isn’t his power off the chart?! But what does that powerful figure have to do with me?”

“Of course there’s a relationship!” Night Walker said in a deep voice, “At that time, the Dark King was forced to jump into a black hole and no one got to see his dead body.”

“367 days after the death of the Dark King, No. H975327 black hole erupted! After property reversal, the black hole turned into a white hole, and went from absorbing everything nearby to spitting out everything inside the hole.”

“After a few hundred years, some unexplained strange objects began to appear in the Milky Way, like a hand of darkness, a heart of darkness, and all these things were found near the black hole that had originally buried the Dark King.”

“So, gradually a legend began in Milky Way saying that after the Dark King died, his body went through some mutations that us humans wouldn’t understand. Just like how the esper soldiers can leave behind power crystals after death, the Dark King left behind some organs after death.”

“The more times the legend got passed, the more interesting it became. In the end the legend even said that the Dark King left behind 7 things after death, and they were the Heart, Brain, Hand, Eye, Bone, Knee, and lastly the crystal of darkness. All these things combined, are called the 7 Layers of Darkness.”

“The 7 layers are all universe treasures without exception, and countless people tried to study them in attempt inherit the powerful strength of darkness of the King! After all, he once single-handedly fought against the entire Milky Way! This level of combat was beyond imagination! A lot stronger than any super warlords in the Milky Way!”

“Unfortunately, humans’ study on the 7 Layers of Darkness never progressed, because all 7 items were extremely toxic! Sufficient enough to melt through flesh and bone!”

Then, Night Walker paused for a second, and stared at Han, “I had the opportunity this life to acquire the Heart of Darkness. Although the price I paid was heavy, it’s all in the past now and I don’t regret it at all.”

“Later, I met a very interesting young man, he had deadly toxins in his body but he didn’t die because his unique zero-degree brain region protected this young man. So, I thought, I will just try to cure the dead horse as if it was a living horse (TL: a saying in Chinese that means the situation is already bad enough, might as well try it as if the horse is still alive). So I used half of that Heart of Darkness and made an even more toxic potion out of it and gave it to that young man to take as a medicine.”

“Originally, I was just trying to fight fire with fire and remove the toxins in that young man, and the results looked exactly like that case. But then later, that young man went onto the battlefield, and unexpectedly triggered the great power of darkness, and that’s when I suddenly realized that this young man inherited the powers of the Dark King!”

Then, with shining eyes, Night Walker stressed each syllable, and said, “And that young man, is you!”

Han was way too surprised, it turned out that he unwittingly accepted the heavenly power of the Dark King, no wonder he suddenly felt a sudden exponential growth in power after undergoing the dark transformation, and even his vision became special. So this was why…

Han thought for a bit, and asked in curiosity, “Half of the Heart of Darkness already let me grow this much, then if I acquire all 7 Layers of Darkness, then aren’t I going to be invincible?”


Night Walker and Pathless Origin almost collapsed, Pathless Origin laughed and said, “What are you little brat thinking?! Just for that Heart of Darkness, we almost died. Even if you have the power to absorb all 7 Layers of Darkness, it’s not like you can find the remaining 6 items.”

Han felt the same way, he was really being a little too greedy. He laughed and asked, “Speaking of absorption, how come other people can’t absorb these items but I can acquire the power of darkness?”

Pathless said, “This, we still don’t know. Maybe it’s because of the Void End power that you have. Your power is mystery darkness descent, and the 7 Layers of Darkness are essentially of the dark element as well, maybe your power can restrain other dark class components, but I’m not too sure.”

“In short, Old Black is right. The lucky you that already possessed the strong power of Void End, has now also acquired a portion of the power of the Dark King. You really hit the jack pot this time!”

“Void End’s disadvantage is that you rob others of their power but you don’t become any stronger, but now that you have the unmeasurable power of darkness, killing enemies will only require two steps: first, activate your domain and deprive them of their power, second, use the power of darkness and kill them!”

“This combination of super abilities is fearsome just thinking about it.”

Han was already attracted by the bright future that Pathless Origin had described for him, but how should he train this power of darkness? Han became very confused.

About that concern, Pathless had a good dismissive laugh, “You have to believe in the power of me and the dark net. The resources that are here are beyond your imagination! Tomorrow, we will officially enter a new round of extreme training!”


Han just said goodbye to Pathless and Night Walker, he was found by Li Yu and Long Chuan.

Long Chuan was in his wheelchair and Li Yu pushed him.

“Han, I already saw the video on the battlefield that was recorded, I’m really interested to see how high your Physical Power Index after you transform?” Li Yu saw Han and hastily asked.

Han was shocked for a brief moment, shook his head and said, “I didn’t try it, only Strength descent espers will test their Physical Power Index. I just periodically test my Power Source Index.”

“Then let’s go immediately and try.” Li Yu said in a deep voice.

The three arrived at the assessment center. There was a special test machine for the Strength descent espers, the bull’s-eye machine. After a punch in the center, the system will quantify the strength of that punch.

“Come on, use your power of Darkness and give it a punch!” Li Yu said in excitement.

Han nodded, and began to gather his newly acquired power. Since he was still not familiar with how to use it, it took a while for him to find that right feeling,

When using the power of Darkness, first the heart beat faster, then the blood pressure raised immediately, and that strong sense of power began to gather in the body.

Li Yu and Long Chuan all stood aside and looked forward to watching Han, Li Yu whispered, “I’m guessing that Han’s Physical Power Index is above 2000 kg.”

Long Chuan slightly frowned and said, “One punch for 2000 kg? It’s not likely right? He’s not even Strength descent.”

Li Yu disagreed, “We will wait and see, I’m very confident in Han’s potential.”

Here it comes!

That feeling of being full with power was rediscovered by Han!


Han’s fist gradually turned black, and that fearsome power of darkness almost erupted out from Han!

Gritting his teeth, Han alighted his fist with the bull’s eye and punched at full power!

What seemed to be an ordinary punch, was actually containing an unimaginable amount of dark energy!


A series of dazzling lightning sparks projected out from the inside of that machine, followed by a deafening explosion sound!

Li Yu and Long Chuan couldn’t believe their eyes, the bull’s-eye machine that specialized in the testing of power, became a piece of junk from Han’s one punch!


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