Chapter 222: Mobile maze, Unlimited Gerbils

Chapter 222: Mobile maze, Unlimited Gerbils

Han finally knew, this mission was a special mission on the Path of All Gods, and its name was the Demonic Sand Castle.

The so-called special mission refers to a mission that can only open after special conditions had been met.

The God-race warlord Ying Luo actually said, only he could pass this mission and Han and all human beast tamers will die here. Inferring from that, the passing requirement for Demonic Sand Castle must be hidden and strict.

Unfortunately, Han and the other people were all teleported here later by Runes, they didn’t get to see the mission description, so naturally they won’t know what the passing requirement is.

But at this moment Han didn’t care about the difficulty of the mission, nor the giant black sandcastles appearing around him. He just wanted to save Demon Claw.

The black sandstorm finally stopped. Han’s hands moved like a storm, taking out the black sand from the Demon Claw’s wound.

His forehead was covered by sweat, but his eyes remained focused.

After a long time, Han finally closed Demon Claw’s wound using the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts technique and no longer needed to perform any surgery on it. He just needed to accelerate the cell-division and mutation speed so the Demon Claw could go through metamorphosis. During the transformation process, all past injuries will be naturally repaired.

Finally succeeding, Han finally retrieved the Demon Claw’s little life from the hands of death.

The Ghost Claw and Silver Fox who had been around on guard all sighed out of relief. They all saw how Han focused all energy to save Demon Claw and remembered it, and being grateful for the way Han treated the Demon Claw made them more loyal to Han.

Although the Demon Claw didn’t die, but it was still very weak. It struggled to get up but stumbled.

Han placed Demon Claw back into Lunar Mark to rest for awhile. After all, the Demon Claw had a very strong vitality, as long as there was enough time, it will be able to recover.

At this moment, Han heard from Ying Luo again.

“You are really something, to save such a worthless thing, you actually wasted 24 full hours. Now look around you, this is the central desert, the location of the Demonic Sand Castle. If you can’t escape this maze-like place, you will be trapped here to death.”

“Remember my name, I’m Ying Luo. Blood debt will be paid back in blood. I swear, I will give back what you did to me in ten folds!”

Ying Luo’s voice finished, Han stood up, looked around and saw that there was no trace of him in the black desert. It’s obvious that he started hiding again.

The surrounding black sand castles reminded Han of the Great Wall, seemingly-endless. It was just that these sand castles seemed to be more eerie and terrifying, and the size was even bigger.

“Let’s go and see what kind of devilish place this is.” Han said to the Ghost Claw and the little guy.

They came to the side of the black wall, Han touched the black sand with his hand and noticed that these walls were actually very soft. Once touched, the black sand would immediately began flowing like a river. Every few minutes, the wall would completely collapse, revealing an entrance.

Han walked inside in curiosity.


The collapsed wall behind him began reforming, and in front of him, there were more walls, countless layers after layers.

Han then came to another wall again, touching it with his hand. The wall collapsed again, and after passing through, he saw another open space with a few blocks of black walls.

“Could this be a maze?” Han wondered, no matte how he moved in the Demonic Sandcastle, he would always see the same scene.

Suddenly, a black shadow jumped out behind Han, like a giant mouse and opened its jaw towards Han.


Before Han even have to move, the Ghost Claw already took action and directly tore the shadow into pieces.

About 2 meters long of black mouse immediately turned into a mass of black sand, then scattered down and blended in with the black sand on the ground.

Han curiously squatted down and then gabbed some sand in his hand.

This strange sand, not only could It hinder Han’s Eye of Darkness, it also had life? Being able to turn into a black mouse and attack him?

After a few minutes, the atmosphere suddenly changed. From the four directions around Han, four big mice jumped up and also started attacking Han.



These sand-made mice’s attacks weren’t as strong so Han, Silver Fox, and the Ghost Claw easily defeated them. But they would all turn into black sand and scatter, and Han felt like he didn’t hit anything, but was just attacked by some sand.

A few minutes passed, and the third attack began. This time the mice quantity increased to 16. Han and his team still easily defeated the sand mice’s surprise attack, but a bad feeling raised in Han’s heart.

First there was only 1. Then there were 4, then 16 for the third time? The enemies’ quantity seems to be growing seems to be growing at an exponential rate.

Besides these gerbils, there was still a cunning god race Ying Luo eying in the dark.

Don’t know why, Han’s Thousand Mile Soul Chaser lost its use. Han couldn’t see the light emitted by the Soul Chaser nor hear its sound. Ying Luo seemed to have used some special technique and gotten rid of it.

That’s not strange too, Ying Luo was already out of Han’s void domain range and could freely use his power. To get rid of Soul Chaser, maybe a warlord elite could actually do it.

When the fourth attack starts, the number of gerbils turned into 64, which was 4 times more than the third time of attack.

Han looked at his stopwatch, five minutes. Every five minutes the Demonic Sandcastle would launch an attack, and every attack’s quantity of gerbils will increase 4 times.

After another 5 minutes, there will be another 256 gerbils attacking Han, and 1024 after that, 4096 after 15 minutes 16384 after 20 minutes.

Han didn’t bother continuing his calculation, because it won’t be long before Han gets trapped into an endless war. The enemies’ number was increasing by a multiple of 4. Han can kill up to tens of thousands of gerbils, but not an infinite number of them!

Even if the gerbils’ combat strength wasn’t strong, but after the quantity increases it will still be deadly to Han

“Now you know the meaning of Demonic Sand Castle?” Ying Luo said it in a cunning voice, “This is an endless and living magical black desert.”

“If you move, the black desert will move with you, so you will never be able to walk out of this mobile maze.”

“If you think about flying, you will trigger even stronger attacks of the Demonic Castle, it will move with you and also summon desert eagles instead.”

“No matter what, you won’t be able to escape this place. Doesn’t matter if I strike or not, you will die either way”

“This is Path of All Gods’ close-to-impossible challenge! Because I have special power, I’m qualified to pass this impossible challenge. But you, you aren’t qualified, so you have to die”



The little thing Silver Fox understood Ying Luo’s words but couldn’t find him, so he was making angry noises.

Han looked around, slightly sighed, and a worried look appeared on his face.

The Path of All Gods was indeed a very extraordinary place. If Ying Luo was right, if Han wants to pass this challenge, it will be incredibly difficult.

Han can kill enemies, but not a pile of black sand!

What can he do!

After 15 minutes, Han, Silver Fox and the Ghost Claw all became a bit exhausted. They just finished over 4000 black gerbils. Being highly focused during the battle, they became exhausted.

Han looked at Silver Fox and the Ghost Claw, they were still loyally fighting by his side, even if the odds against them would cause anything else to despair.

“Can’t die here, I must not die here!” Han clenched his fists and cried in his heart.

But what does he have to do in order to kill monsters formed from sand?

The small black sand, Han couldn’t even hold on to it, how can he kill it?

“Got it!”

A crazy idea sprouted in Han’s heart. His face became dark as he said to Ghost Claw and Silver Fox, “Since there’s no solution, then we might as well go big and give it a shot!”

Ghost Claw tilted his head upwards, completely not caring. His character was like an aloof swordsman, not very mindful to the issue of life and death.


The little guy Silver Fox wiped his forehead with his claws, as if worried that Han would come up with some whimsical idea. But he was more clear that with Han’s character, he certainly already got a crazy idea, but no one could stop him from executing his crazy plan, because Han had always been a crazy person.


When the time came, 16000 gerbils charged from all directions, and at the same time, Han folded his two hands and put on a strange position.

It was the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts, the genetic beast synchronization techniques!

An unimaginable scene took place. Han began to use its Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts techniques to fuse these gerbils and strange black sands!

Sand could not be killed, because they cannot be considered to be a life form in any case.

With that being the case, then he will just merge this damn sand into a lifeform!

The crazy Han intended to personally create a monster.

And then kill it!