Chapter 422: Trap - Beast Soul Net!

Chapter 422: Trap - Beast Soul Net!

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Lone Abyss led everyone into the Golden Tower.

This time, there were quite a large number of soldiers coming along with the Big Five corporations. Except for Han, everyone else had brought a whole troop that contained approximately ten thousand people with their exceptional leader.

Despite such tremendous strength, there were no more than ten soldiers that accompanied the Golden Family. That was why the Big Five corporations’ representatives lowered their guards and kept following them into the Golden Tower even though they could sense something was not quite right.

Lone Abyss was walking faster and faster. The inner side of the Golden Tower was a strange landscape, full of rocks and stones. The Big Five corporations’ representatives furrowed their brows in unison.

"Where are you going? If you want to talk, let’s just talk here!" Luo Shock Scale couldn’t help but yell loudly.

"Talk?" Lone Abyss whispered while looking back.

It was hard to read the meaning behind the strange smile on his face.

Soon, some people had found that the way to the Golden Tower was blocked, and they passed on this information up to the front.

"Don’t worry, the Signal Transmitter is still working." Lu Shui Qiu Lin said calmly.

Since they were going to meet with the Golden Family, not only Han but everyone else brought a Signal Transmitter with them.

One of the most unique qualities of the Signal Transmitter was the location-sharing. If they suddenly disappeared, the headquarter would receive the information immediately.

It was highly possible the Big Five corporations had a huge troop waiting at the outer region of the Cursed Land. The troop would rush in and fight once they found out that something’s wrong. That’s why even the experienced Lu Shui Qiu Lin knew it wouldn’t matter where they went as long as the Signal Transmitter was still working. After all, all of the corporations had their backup forces.

At this moment, Lone Abyss suddenly laughed and said with a low voice, "Although the Signal Transmitter is still working, the Transmission System is completely out of function. The people outside only know that you are here, but they have no clue what you will be facing."

What he said sounded like he was trying to imply something. Lu Shui Qiu Lin and the others were alerted.

Bruce from the Holy Spirits Corporation said heavily, "What do you mean? Are you afraid that the Transmission System will directly broadcast our conversation?"

"What a joke. We as the Big Five Corporation disdain these kinds of tricks. We would directly say what we want to say if there is any."

Lone Abyss said coldly, "Very well, then let me tell you straight that I actually never considered negotiating about anything with you. The Golden Family never negotiates. If you want to survive, you have to obey, and if you don’t, then we would have to battle."

While Lone Abyss was acting arrogantly, the small guy Dark North from the Nightmare Corporation frowned and said, "I agree the Golden Family used to be the head of this place in the past, but times have changed. Battle? You really think we would deter from it? Everyone you can see here, who isn’t an elite that had survived countless battles?"

Lone Abyss laughed and said, "All of you have been in many battles, but none of them were with the Golden Family."

"If you are not afraid of the Golden Family, why have you brought so many soldiers and powerful representatives with you?"

"If you are not afraid of the Golden Family, would you even negotiate with me? Wouldn’t killing me be a better idea for you?"

The faces of the people in the group started turning blue. In fact, the Big Five Corporations were certainly afraid of the Golden Family. They had stopped all of their actions to focus on fighting this powerful enemy since the news about the movement of the Golden Family had spread.

The reason why there were so many top figures like Lu Shui Qiu Lin was also that the Big Five Corporation didn’t want to fight with the Golden Family anymore. All seniors from the Corporations still remembered how unbeatable the Golden Family was in the past.

That’s why as soon as the messenger from the Golden Family arrived and told the Big Five Corporations that they wanted to negotiate with them, the Big Five Corporations agreed immediately and sent the strongest troops out in order to avoid the battle. Now that these obvious things were being spoken out loud by Lone Abyss, all of the troops somehow felt humiliated.

Lone Abyss thought for a while and shrugged his shoulders, "Let’s put everything on the table now. Asking all of you to come here, I didn’t plan to negotiate nor let you leave."

"What are you saying?!" Luo Shock Scale turned pale with fright.

Lone Abyss said lazily, "I mean, all of you are going to die here. Because it is the Golden Tower—the well-known demonic maze under the Golden Family. You wouldn’t be able to escape out of here."

"Who said we were going to escape?" Time Activator, a middle-aged, fair looking man from the Godsend Corporation said, "The moment I wave, thousands of troops from outside of the Cursed Land would come in. They’ll flip you over regardless of whatever Tower this is."

Lone Abyss burst into laughter.

"Good, good. Then wave your backup force over. The more that comes, the happier we will be." Lone Abyss said insidiously.

"Don’t be impulsive, something has gone wrong here." The Experienced Lu Shui Qiu Lin held Time Activator’s hand and tried to stop him.


Lone Abyss clapped his hands and said, "You are indeed the Almighty in White. You deserve the title."

"You guessed it right, the Golden Tower is a one-way demonic maze. People can only come in from the outside but cannot come out from the inside."

"The Golden Tower has 9 levels, whoever comes in has to take the challenge and can exit the tower only after passing through six floors. Therefore, strength is the only factor if you try to escape from here."

"Then we just need to fight our way out." Bruce stepped forward and exposed his twisted right hand. "Speaking of that, you are also in the Demon Maze, we can kill you first."

Lone Abyss said, as if it’s not a big deal, "Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fight your way out since you aren’t a part of the Golden Family. But I’m different since I was once fortunate enough to reach the seventh story, I know the way out of here."

"And you can’t kill me even if you wanted to. I’m safe at this distance, nobody can kill me."

Lone Abyss then waved his arm slowly, and a stream of white light suddenly turned into a bright loop and hovered him around.

"It’s soul power!" Han said in his mind, astonished.

Every ace had soul power, this was what Han had heard from Jie. It was obvious that Lone Abyss’s soul was much stronger than Han’s. Faced with such a powerful ace as strong as him, Han hesitated for a second instead of initiating the fight immediately.

"Why? Are you afraid? Well, then I’m leaving." Lone Abyss sneered and said, "I forgot to tell you, the Golden Tower has another name – the Beast Soul Net. Once it opens, all the Star Beasts, Soul Beasts and Soul Beasts of Darkness would all gather here together."

"In terms of the reason, I guess you know already. The Golden Family has the bloodline of the Beast Clans. We are the Lords of the Beast Kings."


Lone Abyss sneered as soon as he finished speaking and walked forward with his people.

At this moment, Bruce finally couldn’t suppress himself. His right hand suddenly expanded. It shot out from his arm like a gigantic cannon!

Just as Bruce‘s right hand had almost reached Lone Abyss, a monster suddenly emerged from the ground. It was a black monster with eight octopus-like tentacles.

Its sudden appearance brought with it a huge earthquake.

Taking advantage of the steaming fog, Lone Abyss had already disappeared.

Han saw Bruce‘s hand had returned back to his own arm. Yet, some blood dripped down from his right sleeve, and he looked extremely pale.

Bruce said, "His level is slightly above me, which should be similar to Qiu Lin."

Lu Shui laughed bitterly, "I would like to try if that monster wasn’t there. But now, I couldn’t take him down alone, I need cooperation."



"I agree."

"Let’s forget about the past and get this Golden Monster first."

The leaders of the Big Five Corporations were indeed the strongest. Although they were enemies to one another, they cooperated immediately without speaking much and even started to talk kindly together. The way they changed swiftly made Han speechless.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin looked at Han and said, "You should come with us too. There are so many Beast Energies around, and I believe you already detected that, too."

Han shook his head, "I am not interested."

Lu Shui Qiu Lin looked at Han with surprise. As the lord of the All Gods Corporation, the Almighty in White, his personal invitation was actually rejected by Han.

"The number of beasts is humongous, you alone can’t be their competitor." Lu Shui Qiu Lin said.

Han frowned and said, "The Beast Crowd is not what I’m worried about."

"Then what are you worried about?"

"I’m worried about my brothers and friends."

"You’re worried about them? Why?"

Han confessed, "This is obviously a trap, and Lone Abyss wants to encircle us in order to attack reinforcements coming to our aid. Our backup forces would come to save us once they find out we were trapped here, and if they came, none of them would escape."

"Then, more and more backup would be sent here which would trap more and more people. What a disaster."

Han’s analysis shocked everyone. It reminded Lu Shui of what Military God Kabri had commented about Han. He once said that Han had two characteristics, one was his superpower—Endless Darkness - Void End, which was a rare battlefield metronome that could make him control the tempo of the whole battlefield.

Another one was Han’s mind. There weren’t many elites with a high IQ that had a logical reasoning ability like him. Also, with his tough bone character, Han would definitely be the optimal person for a commander instead of an ordinary warrior.

Now, Lu Shui Qiu Lin saw Han in person and finally understood why Kabri had made such a high evaluation of him. Han detected the trap of the Golden Tower immediately and knew that what Lone Abyss wanted wasn’t from these people, but to attract more backup forces from the Big Five Corporations and kill them all at once in order to devastate the corporations.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin said, "We won’t call backups if it is as you say. At least it’s safe for us to hold tight together, break through the seventh story rapidly and destroy the Lone Abyss’s trap here."

Han sighed lightly, "Ah, you are Jian Jia’s grandfather after all. I couldn’t let you die like that."

"You will understand it if you think about what Lone Abyss said. He said he was lucky to reach the seventh story. That being said, the Beasts from the traps in the Golden Tower wouldn’t only attack us but also him. They attack everyone."

"I have experience with Beasts, and they tend to kill the strongest enemy first. How many people did Lone Abyss bring? How many did you bring?

"Separate right now if you want to live. Don’t gather together and don’t even think about cooperation! The stronger power you gather together, the faster the Golden Tower would try to attack you first."

"I bet that the beasts are now paying all of their attention to you, and Lone Abyss is leaving rapidly with this chance."

"I have said what I wanted to say. You can ignore me. Jian Jia, at least, is my friend and I cannot let her down. But unfortunately, this is all that I can offer."

Afterwards, Han turned his head and disappeared in the dark.

There was a small and slim warrior lowering his helmet in Lu Shui Qiu Lin‘s troop. When Han spoke out the truth twice just for not letting Jian Jia down even if Lu Shui Qiu Lin was his enemy, this small guy shivered, emotionally touched by Han.

"Don’t listen to him, who does he think he is!?" Luo Shock Scale said angrily, "I really want to kill him if I have a chance!"

Time Activator was more thoughtful. He said in a deep voice, "However, what he said did make sense. It is remarkable that this young man has such clear logical thinking."

"I don’t buy that. He described Lone Abyss as almost a god that had calculated everything. How is that possible?!" Bruce waved his hand and didn’t want to admit that he got tricked.

Sometimes, many people can cause trouble. After listening to Han, the group of Lu Shui Qiu Lin suddenly started to argue. The decision to separate or not couldn’t be settled down right away.

However, the small, slim warrior suddenly looked up.

Although she had dressed herself like a man, something such as temperament was still hard to cover.

This small man that was cross-dressing was Jian Jia. She couldn’t help but follow the troops here when she got news of Han. But she didn’t expect that Han had not forgetten about her and still called her his friend even though she was an enemy to him.

Jian Jia suddenly looked up, seeing a black shadow flashed across the place where Han had disappeared. It seemed like someone was coming for Han.

A killer?

Would he cause danger to Han?

Jian Jia was driven crazy, the fight between her grandfather and the other soldiers drove her crazier.

She gritted her teeth and stepped back slowly, gradually disappearing into the dark.