Chapter 321: Soul Kill

Chapter 321: Soul Kill

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"Yao Technique!" Luo Ying suddenly embraced Han and whispered, "Banshee Descends!"


Suddenly, the atmosphere changed!

Han felt like he entered the shadow of darkness, looking at the outside world was as if looking through a layer of grey glass.

Not only was Han embraced by Luo Ying and pushed into the shadow, two skinny arms also reached out of the shadow, grabbed onto Jian Jia and Feng Wanzhou and brought them into the shadow as well.

Han just noticed, Luo Ying’s Yao technique created a banshee-like shadow, with its hair down, in a long dress. Jian Jia, Feng Wanzhou, and himself were now all under the banshee’s shadow.


With no time to think, the Fierce Demon ranked soul beast already rushed over and was no more than a dozen meters away.


Han subconsciously started waving his Star-Strangling Boa, but Luo Ying just tightly held him in silence.


Something miraculous happened. The Fierce Demon acted as if it didn’t even notice Han and his crew, and directly went past a few meters away from where they were to attack other soul hunters.

Han felt relieved, and then he just noticed Luo Ying’s face turning pink all the way to her neck, and her eyes were dazzling.

It turns out that it was because she hugged Han too hard. The two were too tightly affixed together, and Han could clearly feel a pair of bouncy peaches against his chest.

Being very young, it was also Luo Ying’s first time coming into this intimate contact with an opposite sex, she naturally felt the strong temptation of the opposite sex, and her face blushed.


Luo Ying seemed to suddenly come to realization of something, she nervously pushed Han aside, and then sat down. Her face was still pink, and she was still breathing somewhat heavily.

"Is this the dark dimension?" Feng Wanzhou was very surprised and couldn’t help but asked.

Luo Ying nodded and replied, "Yep, as long as we are not too close to the soul beast, it won’t notice us. We are very safe here."


Feng Wanzhou immediately hesitated, opened his arms to block in front of Han and the others as he quickly gestured a few hand signs and said, "Don’t look, the Fierce Demon is using the Soul-Kill ability!"

Han also hesitated. The reason that Soul Beasts were powerful is because, these strange monsters that lived on the back side of the universe had the Soul-Kill ability.

In short, Soul-Kill ability was a spirit energy attack. It didn’t damage the enemies physical body, but goes directly for the enemy’s soul and zero-degree brain region.

Soul-Kill was extremely deadly, even the warlord-level elites were only powerful in terms of their physical combat strength, but their spirit power does not seem to be invincible. When the soul-beast uses Soul-Kill, it could often directly kill any warlords, and sometimes not even super warlords could defend against it.

And that’s why soul-beasts had their reputation as ace-killers, or warlord killers.

Although Feng Wanzhou warned him, Han still couldn’t help but look over.

Then, what Han saw completely shocked him.

Within an instant, a black arc was shot out of the Fierce Demon’s mouth, like a storm cloud, it quickly swept the earth.

Any warriors that touched the black arc got their life taken away immediately, falling onto the ground. Their body slowly stiffened and forever lost their breath.

All the soul hunters that survived until now were all elites!

They actually didn’t even have the slightest chance to fight back?!

This is too terrifying!

"F*ck off!"

Li Xiang punched the teammate in front of him to the ground. At this desperate moment, Li Xiang doesn’t care about anything anymore.

He was quickly hand gesturing too, making the same seals as Feng Wanzhou.

Source energy began condensing in his hands, slowly forming a cross star. Li Xiang at the distance was also doing the same thing, maybe it was some kind of method that restrained the Soul-Kill ability.


When Soul-Kill came into contact with Li Xiang, it sent his whole body flying, but the cross-star seal protected him. At the same time, the black armor on his body was also glowing strange light, causing the Fierce Demon’s Soul Kill to not enter Li Xiang’s body, but rather pushed him away like a wave.

After avoiding the blow, Li Xiang appeared to be uneasy, with his face all pale, he crawled into the diamond pyramid.

As for Han and the others, although they weren’t directly targeted by the soul-kill, their brain still felt a little numb. This was the chain reaction triggered by Soul-Kill, but luckily there was Feng Wanzhou using his unique seal protecting them, they were fine and only felt a little uncomfortable.

Then looking further, the ground was covered in corpses.

More than 40 soul hunter survivors, they were all dead now!

And there were also a large number of small soul beasts, they were also all killed by the Fierce Demon!

It was unimaginable how astonishing this attack is. It directly destroyed the souls of other creatures. All the victims’ body was intact, yet their brain regions were impacted into slag!

If it wasn’t for Luo Ying who stopped Han, then he probably would have already died like the other soul hunters.

"Thank you." Han placed his hand on Luo Ying’s shoulder and said.

In fact, Han didn’t mean anything else, he just saw Luo Ying as a little sister.

But Luo Ying clearly didn’t think that. Young age, and with a little body, she was actually incredibly charming. She seductively looked at Han’s solid chest muscles, and her little pink tongue gently licked her lips.

Han put down his arms, and Luo Ying just used her weak boneless small hand to hold Han’s hand, and all of that were done quite naturally.

Jian Jia saw all of this, but this young Miss from the Lu-Shui family didn’t feel anything strange. She also saw Luo Ying as a little sister. She’s this small, how could she understand the thing between men and women?

Feng Wanzhou gritted his teeth and said, "If I knew things would come to this, I wouldn’t have passed down my Southern Star Cross technique to Li Xiang!"

"Southern Star Cross?" Han asked in curiosity.

Feng Wanzhou said, "Oh, that’s the defense technique that Li Xiang and I used when defending against the soul-kill ability. It’s said to be from the God King. And the God King’s armor on Li Xiang’s body, it also has the ability to resist the soul-kill’s damage. These are two treasures in capturing soul-beasts."

"Of course, if one encounters a soul beast that’s too powerful, then it won’t be enough to just use the Southern Star Cross technique, but also the God King’s armor’s cooperation. Since the establishment of the guild, it had always been the guild king that possesses the God King’s armor. So, upon retirement, I passed down my God King’s armor to Li Xiang."

Then looking to the side, Feng Wanzhou looked at Luo Ying, bowed respectfully with clasped hands and said, "Didn’t know Miss Luo actually practices Yao technique, I appreciate you saving my life."

Feng Wanzhou treated Luo Ying very solemnly, and his attitude was decidedly different from before when he saw her as just a little girl.


Seeing everyone valuing Luo Ying who knows how to use Yao technique, the big Miss Jian Jia felt a little dissatisfied, as if she was inferior than her.

Han frowned, and he had no choice but said, "Jian Jia, your Full Water Type power is one of the strongest power I’ve seen in my life, so later on I might need your help. Then, with Luo Ying’s Yao technique, old man Feng’s Southern Star Cross, we can leave this place alive for sure."

Jian Jia really had the temper of a little kid. When everyone was complimenting Luo Ying, she was not happy, and now that everyone’s complimenting her, she was happy again.

Feng Wanzhou shook his head and said, "We can’t leave. You guys want to leave the vortex beehive, and that requires Li Xiang’s boundary control remote. I want my revenge, it requires Li Xiang’s life, and there’s also the God King’s treasure inside this diamond pyramid."

"Now there’s only Li Xiang left, and he also took one Soul-Kill strike from the Fierce Demon, now is the best chance we get at killing him!"

Han hesitated a second, glanced at Luo Ying and Jian Jia, and they both slightly nodded.

That’s right, due to Fierce Demon’s interference, Li Xiang’s guards were completely annihilated. He’s just by himself now, but there were 4 people on Han’s side, each with an unique and powerful ability!

Han said in a deep voice, "Alright, next we will kill, and rob him!"