Chapter 366: The Cursed Triangle

Chapter 366: The Cursed Triangle

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Han slightly frowned and asked, "Where is this place anyways?"

9527 answered, "Do you remember the place where you first met Linda?"

Han nodded, "Of course, that female Soul Beast who stole my Particle Module. Just thinking about it makes me depressed."

9527 said, "This is actually a place similar to where you met Linda. They are known as the World. The back side of the universe, which is called the Dark Net, has many huge pipelines. In addition to the main passages, there are many forked pipes and every one of them leads to a World."

"Like the place you met Linda, which belongs to a small World. Because it is more suitable for the living of Soul beasts, a lot of soul beasts are gathered there."

"And here is a large-sized World. It looks very vast and makes you feel that you are in the actual universe, but as long as you start the jump engine in this direction, you can reach the world\'s entrance right away. You will reach the main pipe of the Dark Net once you leave the entrance."

"You can either go back to the All Gods Corporation or go to other places through the main pipes. The law of space is powerful, but it only applies to the main pipes of the Dark Net. Once you come to the branch of the world, it is not as versatile."

Han nodded, "As you said, this is a branch node of the Dark Net, so the All Gods Corporation cannot find us."

9527 smiled, "The Dark Net is so huge and it has more than several billions of branches. If they want to find us, they have to go investigate all the branching paths. Of course, they have a possibility of finding us, but it is very low."

Han asked again, "What can I do if I want to go to the Twin-horse Galaxy?"

9527 said, "You can, but I suggest you not to. There are two reasons. First, you have to pass through the territory of the All Gods Corporation if you want to go to the Twin-horse Galaxy. Second, I know those guys on the Council must have sent some people to watch the galaxy. Once you go back, there is the danger of being followed. "

Han swore. He was not comfortable being trapped here. The solar system had vanished, and he couldn’t go back to the Twin-horse Galaxy. The contact between Han and his brothers in his hometown was completely cut off.

9527 said, "Take it easy. The person that the Council actually wants is me. So they won’t do anything to the common people in your hometown. Now the only problem for us is to avoid being found by the All Gods Corporation while we face the enemies in this area of the Dark Net."

Han asked curiously, "We have enemies here?"

9527 nodded, "All the people you meet here are our enemies."


At the back side of the universe, the Dark Net.

A space station was moving slowly along the escape route of Han and his friends

This space station belonged to the Military God, Capri. On the ship was Lu Shui Qiuling, Jianjia’s legendary grandpa, a man who had an eccentric personality and could cause everyone’s hearts to tremble.

"The final report of the Investigation Department has finished. Why did you have to come here in person? Don\'t you believe in the Investigation Department?" Qiulin stood in front of the porthole and asked.

Capri smiled slightly, "Then what about you? Why did you come to see me when I was ready to leave? How come you came here with me? "

Qiulin answered as if it\'s wasn\'t a big deal, "I certainly have my own reasons. Plus, by my status, it’s never too much for me to suspect anybody. But you are different, you are a soldier. Aren\'t you suppose to just listen to orders?" "

Capri sighed, "Soldiers are also human beings. Look, this is the scene of the fourth interception."

Qiulin jerked and frowned. Broken debris could be seen all over this area. Anyone could tell that this time, the battle must have been extremely tragic.

Capri lowered his tone, "The space station #9527 suddenly changed its fighting style from here. Before, it had three encounters with our troops, and for all those occasions, they fled without fighting."

"But here, he won an incredible victory. Two Overwatch-level armed Space Stations plus 12 white whale-class battleships were all wiped out."

Qiulin said, "We all know that the man’s betrayal to the Corporation was premeditated. Space Station #9527 is very different from the models currently used in our corporation."

Capri said, "Of course I know. The defense, weapons and energy systems of Space Station #9527 had been quietly modified by that person. He used his original designs. As the executive designer, he did not hand in his best designs and technology to the corporation. This was one of the reasons that he was wanted."

"But even if station #9527 was redefined, it is impossible for him to have such a strong combat power. During his escape, he had a total of nine encounters with All Gods. For the first three encounters, Space Station #9527 fled without fighting. All the next six battles had the same result, the fleets we sent were destroyed completely."

"I doubt that if that person is so capable, why didn\'t he show it at the beginning?"

Qiulin had a strange smile, "I am afraid your suspicions does not stop here."

Capri said frankly, "I did not see that man betray the corporation with my own eyes back then. You described him as a heinous criminal, and a cruel killer."

"And now with my own eyes, I saw him trying to save Han and Sima Hunfeng at any cost. As a soldier, recruitment and personnel selection is not my business. But these two people are very special. Not only because they were born in the Milky Way, but also because of the abilities they possess. "

"Han has the Void End, a determination exceeding his age and great wisdom! Since the day I met him, I knew that he will not only become a general, but more likely to be the Marshal of all the generals in the corporation. He will become the strategic master of this generation. "

"Now let’s talk about Sima Hunfeng. As we all know, no matter how talented a warrior is, it is impossible for him to become a super warlord unless he comes to the reverse side of the universe to receive the final test for warriors from the Dark Net."

"But Sima Hunfeng did it. If he gets enough time and is supplemented with those training techniques from the Dark Net, it is most likely he will be put on the ninth golden star. I think it is very possible."

"We can\'t just dismiss things like this. A long time ago, when you said that man was a traitor and wanted to kill him, I had no objections. But now you people also declared that these two potential warriors, who even impressed me, are traitors? What the hell is this? These gifted people, why did they betray us?"

Qiulin swallowed a mouthful of spit and frowned, "Us people? Your accusations are misplaced. In fact, I am also in the grey area. Regarding both that person’s betrayal and Han and Hunfeng’s treason, I know no more than you."

"Come on, let\'s go ahead and look at our executive designer\'s might. 12 space stations plus 72 main warships failed to stop him. Our former executive designer seems to be more powerful than before."


Capri\'s space station continued to move forward at a leisurely pace, checking every battlefield until reaching where Han and his friends disappeared.

"Is this the place they disappeared?" Asked Qiulin.

"Yes, this is the end of our corporation control region." Capri nodded.

Qiulin slightly frowned, "They did not head towards the war zone guarded by the Border Corps, but retreated to the dangerous Cursed Triangle. Even if he was the executive designer, he still may not be able to survive in this cursed space."

Capri said in a deep voice, "That is why I felt that something\'s strange. If the executive designer is really a traitor, shouldn’t he go take refuge with other corporation-level forces like the Mass Demon Corporation, the Nightmares, the Holy Spirits, the Heavenly Chosen, who are equally powerful as us?"

"Since his betrayal, he had remained in the domain of our corporation. This was the first time he left, but he went into the Cursed Triangle. I have to say, our executive designer is probably the most stupid of all traitors. With his status, no matter where he goes, he can get the same treatment as a king. But he went to this dammed place. "

Qiulin did not even speak.

The candid Capri forced a smile, "I wish they will all end up dead now. Otherwise, the Genius commander Han, Sima Hunfeng who entered the ranks of the Super Warlords before being trained in the dark net, and our former executive designer, these three people won’t be easy to deal with when they are grouped together."