Chapter 143: Genu of Darkness

Chapter 143: Genu of Darkness

“that’s Lei Yang!” Yuan Yuan pointed his small finger at the person that was lifting something out of the water and said.

Han slightly hesitated, an elite at quasi-warlord level isn’t easy to deal with, even though Han can take away Lei Yang’s energy descent power, but he’s still not sure about winning against him.

Besides, behind Lei Yang also stands about 20 pirates, they are all vicious looking and don’t seem to be easy to deal with as well. Wanting to kill Lei Yang but also leave Old Mo unharmed, not only does Han need courage, he will also need a ton of luck.

Han gently rested his finger on Lunar Mark, although he can’t see it under the oppressive fog, Han knows exactly where it is.

Without question, this is a very good chance, Lei Yang is still fixated on picking up something from the black water lake. If Han choose to sneak up and slit his throat, there’s a great chance for him to successfully kill. As for Old Mo’s safety, Han has no choice but to see how things go and act accordingly.

There is still a little distance in between, with Han being on one side of the lake but the enemies being on the other.

“Be careful, move towards them!” Han quietly ordered Demon Claw.


Demon Claw began to quickly move along the dark forest beside the lake, trying to find the best place to initiate surprise attack.

“Damn! Still on step too slow!” Han thought bitterly.

Just when Han arrived within a hundred meter of Lei Yang, Lei Yang suddenly accelerated the uplift of his arm, fishing out an old-fashioned sealed metal box from the lake and threw it onto the ground.

Han’s Void Domain can cover a hundred meter wide radius, now is a chance for Han to drain Lei Yang of his power. But he already recovered his energy arms and if Han attacks now, the effect will be greatly reduced, so Han decided to not do anything and continue to wait for the next opportunity.

“It’s out! It’s finally out!”

“Boss is indeed really powerful!”

The pirate gang hollered in excitement, wanting to go check out that box that was retrieved from the lake, but was stopped by Lei Yang.

“Don’t come near! This black lake water is too toxic, be careful or you will become a heap of pus like Jimmy and the others!”

The pirates heard and stopped on a dime due to fear, but they still observed in curiosity, and Old Mo was among them was kept under tight watch by the pirate goons.

The black liquid that covered the alloy box rapidly leaked into the ground and quickly spread, the vines on the ground began to wither, and a few trees nearby also fell one after another.

This insidious liquid seems to have the ability to suck out life, whether animals or plants, anything that touches it will die, it’s extremely vicious.

Lei Yang thought for a moment, then looked for his men for an alloy sword. When he turned around, Han finally saw Lei Yang’s face, two heavy eyebrows were as if painted, square face, very yellow teeth.

“This box can be stored in the lake, presumably the black water can only erode animals and plants but not metal. Watch me open this box!”

Then, Lei Yang began using his energy control power and two white energy beams came out of his arms, waved the long sword, and began to pry the edge of the box.

Soon, the first layer of the box was opened, there is a piece of white beast skin. Lei Yang used his power again to take out the beast skin and the things inside, throwing the skin to one side and putting the two things that were wrapped inside into his hand.

“Boss, what’s really the treasure?!”

“Can you let us check them out too?” That gang of pirates started yelling.

At hundred meters’ distance, Han felt an ominous dark air rush by as he peered at the contents. They are what appears to be a semicircular piece of pitch-black bone, and also a black metal glove.


Han suddenly hesitated, he immediately understood what the things Lei Yang found are.

At the same time, Lei Yang also let out a cry of excitement, “God! These are the Dark King’s possessions!”

“Dark King?!”

“The Dark King that suddenly came out of an extinction domain during that era and single-handedly defeated all the elites in the Milky Way?!”

“We are rich! This time we are going to be rich! We actually found the possessions of the Dark King at such a hellish place! Boss, these two things can be sold for a lot of money right?”

Han gritted his teeth, can’t be wrong, no one is more aware of this scent of darkness than Han. That half-moon shaped bone piece is one of the 7 legendary treasures left behind after the Dark King was torn apart by black hole. Genu of Darkness! It’s a condensed energy crystal left behind by the Dark King.

Although the Genu of Darkness’s appearance is similar to that half-moon shaped human knee cap, but Han knows very clear, that’s no bone but a piece of crystal, a crystal containing pure dark energy!

Han can have the success today, the Heart of Darkness played a decisive role.

When the Heart of Darkness entered Han’s body, Han gained two powers, one being the Eye of Darkness that allows Han’s vision to pierce through thousands of miles of range, and the other one is Dark Fist that can even distort metals!

Han’s hands were slightly trembling, he knows clearly the enormous improvement that was brought to him by the Heart of Darkness, and if he can possess the Genu of Darkness too, then Han’s power will probably increase by many levels!

Of course, although the Genu of Darkness contains powerful dark energy, but its toxicity is also terrifying, Han still need to think of ways to overcome the toxin and dark energy’s impact on the body first.

As for the seemingly ordinary glove, Han’s not sure if it’s something left behind by the Dark King, but he can feel the fluctuation in dark energy on that glove, but it’s just not as strong as the Genu of Darkness that’s all.

“Calm, must be calm!” Han warned himself.

These types of moments especially need adequate planning, because Han has more than just one mission, aside from getting the scared Genu of Darkness relic, Han also have to rescue Old Mo.

Murderous light flashed through Lei Yang’s eyes, after putting the Genu of Darkness and Dark Glove into his dimension ring, he deepened his voice and commanded his followers, “This place is strange, we should not stay here too long. We will go back, and after we sell these two treasures we will be rich! Good drinks, good meat, slutty women, as many as you want!”


The pirates were all very excited and began eagerly following Lei Yang to head back to the place where the warships were landed.

Obviously, they still don’t know that their ships have been destroyed by the monsters hidden in the Black Forest, otherwise they wouldn’t be as excited as they are now.

“Follow them.” Han quietly ordered Demon Claw.

Don’t know why, Han always felt that Lei Yang is hiding something, his eyes were very shifty as if planning something.

Just out of a few hundred steps, suddenly a thug of Lei Yang complained, “Boss, this Kui race old man really walks too slow, and we still have to push him. Let’s just get rid of him! There’s no use keeping him anyways.”

Yuan Yuan was laying on Han’s shoulder, and he’s so nervous that he’s about to cry. This little guy uses analog electronic signals to express emotions, it’s actually quite funny.

Han gritted his teeth, placed his finger lightly onto Lunar Mark.

If Lei Yang wants to kill Old Mo, then Han will have no choice but to fight Lei Yang to the death here!


Lei Yang pulled out a Moon-Crescent compound knife, turned around, and walked straight to Old Mo.

The compound knife is composed of 12 moon-crescent shaped blades, thin yet sharp, can be combined together and can also be used separately. It’s a weapon specially prepared for energy descent espers that can summon multiple energy forms to manipulate the flying blades.

After all, the essence of energy descent is telekinesis, and the esper at high level can summon energy form and manipulate multiple weapons at the same time to engage the enemies.

Towards Old Mo, Lei Yang raised the blade up high, and Old Mo seemed to be in despair already, raised neck and closed his eyes.

Han hid in the bush not too far away from Lei Yang and Old Mo, his body is like a tight spring, ready to charge ahead any moment.

Just at that moment, the situation suddenly changed!

The compound knife spread with a bang!

Under Lei Yang’s control, the blades didn’t fly towards Old Mo but towards those people of his!



Those pirates were completely caught off guard, under the sudden attack of as many as 12 blades, they immediately lost their life, the heads fell off one after another and the blood ran down like a river.

“Don’t blame me, you guys saw something that’s mine. Hope you guys won’t be my brothers next life.” Lei Yang said in a lowered voice. This man really has no rules, he is considered scum even among galactic pirates.

With slightly cold eyes, Lei Yang looked at the surprised Old Mo, “I really have to thank you. If it wasn’t for you how could I get such a precious treasure? Close your eyes, my knives are sharp, it will be quick.”

Then, he commanded his energy and let all 12 curved blades in the air to all fly towards Old Mo at the same time.

Just at that moment, Lei Yang suddenly felt like as if someone took away his power, all 12 blades lost control and fell from the air. His composure immediately reverted from a badass blade-spinning warlord to a clown with a few kitchen knives. At the same time, a black shadow shot right out from the bush.

Lei Yang was immediately shocked, he narrowed his eyes and rapidly backed off.

It’s not just one shadow that charged towards him, but 3!

Han and Demon Claw at the front, and the little robot Yuan Yuan went directly towards Old Mo and shouted grandpa.

With Han’s personality, he will carefully look for the right opportunity to strike, but once he really begins, then it will be endless waves of demonic strike!

Whatever the level of the enemy, Han will try to overwhelm and erase them as soon as possible!

With finger on Lunar Mark, Han’s about to pull out all of his cards, but at the next second, Han suddenly hesitated, forcefully stopped his steps and even recalled Demon Claw.

This is too strange, since the moment Han became a warrior, he was famous for his mad-dog-like attack style, such a go-getter character, how could he suddenly stop his attacks? Could he be taking the wrong drug?

Lei Yang also couldn’t understand why Han stopped, but he saw extreme shock in Han’s eyes, could it be…

Thought about that, Lei Yang hurried and looked back, and his face suddenly became pale!

Don’t know when, he’s already surrounded.

Han, Lei Yang, Old Mo, Demon Claw, Yuan Yuan, everyone’s surrounded!


The roar of beasts were constantly heard, coming from all directions of the Black Forest, as well as heavy footsteps, they are slowly coming towards Han and the others as well.

Star beasts!

The most terrifying beast family in Milky Way, its combat power far exceeds those dark beasts made by the prehistoric civilization!

Not just one, but a herd!

It seemed that they were premeditated, formed a circle and surrounded the humans.

“Demon Claw, run!” Han’s face became pale and he loudly ordered to the Demon Claw behind him.

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