Chapter 223: Birth of The Sand Monster

Chapter 223: Birth of The Sand Monster

Han’s crazy plan was already put in action, and he began to use the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts to activate the black sand.

Silver Fox and the Demon Claw were on his two sides, desperately guarding him. Han began to insert his source energy into this endless black desert.

In fact, Han didn’t need to catch a gerbil first and use its body to start fusing. This desert was all alive, and the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts could fuse any lives.


The black sand under Han’s hand began entering an activated state and was becoming a giant monster, due to cell division and mutation. The sand was able to reform and, at the same time, attract more and more living sand towards them, forming a small hill.

The place where Han was started raising up just like a little mountain, and this little mountain formed by the black sand was actually a downright monster.

No one knew why the black sand had life in them, but that was not important. What was important was that Han completely disregarded the potential consequences of fusing the sand.

The black desert was trembling, and a monster of hundreds of meters made out of sand appeared.

The sand made the monster’s skin very rough. It had thick limbs and black eyes. If one was judging by appearance, the life Han created was more like a black giant, not like any beasts.



The black sand monster roared, and the gerbils started rushing towards it, biting on its body.

Just like Han had expected, the life created with this genetic synchronization technology wasn’t equipped with loyalty. Since the black sand monster won’t be loyal towards Han, the creator that gave it life, then it naturally won’t be loyal to its original source, this black desert.

So, tens of thousands of gerbils began fighting the black sand monster Han created. The gerbils were very small in size and also very weak, they were completely no match for the black sand monster. It could swing its arm and annihilate hundreds of gerbils, and with one stomp of its feet, dozens would die.

And at that moment, Han, Silver Fox, and the Ghost Claw were all standing on the black sand monster’s head. There were occasionally some gerbils that made it to the head, but they would then immediately be killed by Silver Fox and the Ghost Claw.

“Continue!” Han shouted.

He kept on feeding the monster source energy, letting this black sand monster continue growing.

This was Han’s whimsical battle.

He created a monster to deal with another monster.

Although the black sand monster had a powerful combat strength, it was always focused on the gerbils instead of attacking Han who was on its head.

The reason was simple, Han was giving it more life at the moment, so with its selfish character, of course it wouldn’t attack Han right now. But as to what happens later on, that will be hard to say.

After all, genetic fusion beasts created under this method had no loyalty and were very selfish species.

This time, the black sand monster eliminated over 16,000 enemies, but soon there will be over 65,000 new gerbils appearing, so Han had no choice but to continue strengthening the black sand monster’s power.


Monster versus monster.

The second round of war the was about to begin.

The black desert seemed to realize that the black sand monster Han created posed a great threat, so it began releasing bigger and stronger gerbils. 56,000 in quantity, covering the earth and sky and overwhelming charged over.

“Continue to grow!” Han crazily shouted.

They have completely become trapped in a vicious cycle.

The black desert’s attack to Han will grow exponentially, so Han has no choice but to keep on letting its black sand monster grow stronger.

This was like a battle between two superpowers. No one dared to stop, as the moment one side stops, it will be death that awaits it.


Super source energy replenishing drug, fusion, 3 doses.

Han was determined to fight to the death with this desert, disregarding any costs and consequences.

In the blink of an eye, the black sand monster’s height broke through two hundred meters, not knowing how much sand it absorbed to grow to this height.

And this black desert clearly wouldn’t surrender. It created more, bigger, stronger, and more brutal black mice, and those gerbils were big enough to swallow an elephant.



Large swarms of black gerbils charged towards them, and even Silver Fox’s little face was scared pale. This little guy was very smart, he knew that they are in a difficult situation now, it’s going to be almost impossible to get out of this situation, because he created such a monster which also forced this strange desert to become more crazy than before.

Green veins started popping out of Han’s forehead.

The enemies were very strong, then he must become stronger than the enemy!

The enemies were very crazy, then he must become crazier than the enemy!

This was indeed a warrior that started his career with the Demonic Strike, a unique fighter that had always been travelling on the gloomy path.

The black desert’s frenzied counterattack did not scare Han, but stirred up Han’s faith of never admitting defeat!

A soldier can die in battle, but he cannot be scared to death.

This was Han’s faith.

You are crazy.

I’m f*cking crazier than you!

The black desert monster’s height raised dramatically.

300 meters.

400 meters.

500 meters.

An unprecedented super monster was born!

Such a giant size, such a strong cruel combat power, not only did it surpass Ghost Claw, but it was also a result completely out of Han’s expectation.

Sometimes, Han doesn’t care about the result.

If it was someone else in this situation, they would think, creating a monster to battle another monster, even if they win, what should they do with the monster they created themselves.

But Han completely didn’t care.

This desert was so strange, and it was giving Han a hard time. Since it’s not letting Han off easy, then Han will just return the favor.

As for the result, f*ck the result.

I will think about it after I get rid of one monster first.

Then the voice of god race warlord Ying Luo came. This time he didn’t threaten Han, and his voice became very frightened.

“Stop, hurry up and stop, you are activating the Desert Demon!”

“Holy sh*t it has been dozen rounds, no one has ever held for this long in this mission.”

“If this continues, you will ultimately completely activate the Sand Demon, and then we will both die!”

Ying Luo kept on talking beside Han’s ear. According to his words, the Sand Demon was an ancient monster type. He had the ability to become stronger when meeting a stronger opponent. If he couldn’t defeat Han, then he will become stronger and stronger, ultimately completely activating its original form, and by then it would be a disastrous result.

“You shut up!” Han couldn’t stand Ying Luo’s “cry of the p*ssy” any more and shouted.

The Six Paths of Void allowed Han to gain a layer of enlightenment every time he mastered a path, and that formed a battle faith.

To the Han that just grasped the Path of God, his faith right now was: this existence called god, it exists not to be respected, but to be surpassed and killed.

Using the same logic, demons must be killed too.


After countless rounds, the earth began trembling like mad. A large volume of the black desert began merging, forming a new and terrifying monster in front of the sand monster in front of Han.

The Sand Demon really did get activated by Han.

Ancient Sand Demon versus Fusion Sand Monster.

The big battle was about to begin.