Chapter 322: The Insidious Li Xiang

Chapter 322: The Insidious Li Xiang

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"Darn it", Li Xiang smashed his fist on the God King Sanctuary’s wall, looking enraged.

Outside, the Soul Beast Fierce Demon was still roaring. This terrifying creature had a serious sense of pride, and if he couldn’t kill those who have hurt him, he won’t stop until he does.

Just then, 4 people walked out from inside the sanctuary, all different figures. The shortest of the bunch frowned, "King Li, how did you provoke the Fierce Demon? If that’s the case, then we will be charging you double for this case."

Li Xiang was outraged. When did he provoke the Fierce Demon? It was obviously Han’s doing. After encountering these monsters, just run away and don’t cause anymore trouble, but Han goes in and knifes the monster. Splendid and sure enough, the Fierce Monster was completely enraged. Now, not only were Li Xiang’s men all dead, his own life was in jeopardy as well.

All because of Han, the trouble maker, now everything was a mess.

"Ok deal, double is fine! As long as you can kill Han and Feng Wanzhou, money is no problem. There is a top tier soul beast with Han, should be a grey-eye, a bit inferior than the Fierce Demon, but still worth big money." Li Xiang replied.

The taller fighter shooke his head, "King Li, things are probably not as easy as you described. There is already a Fierce Demon outside, then you add Feng WanZhou and the Han dude, along with a grey eye soul beast, the odds are not in our favor!"

Li Xiang smirks "Don’t worry, the Fierce Demon are strong, but it is not on the same team with Feng WanZhou."

"Old geezer Feng WanZhou hates me to death. He’s going to attempt to enter the sanctuary, and that Han guy will for sure follow Feng WanZhou. By then we only have to take care of these two plus a grey eye. So the four of you plus my strength, it can be done"

The four espers warriors exchanged looks, and nodded. The fat warrior replied, "Even though there are still risks, but since it involves a grey eye, we’ll accept this job."

"King Li, not all is lost, all your men were killed by the Fierce Demon. If not for us hiding here in advance, just by yourself you are no match for Feng WanZhou. But, now Feng WanZhou believes you are alone in the sanctuary, and with his hatred towards you, he surely will come."

The shorter warrior said, "By the way, I heard there’s some treasure from the God King? Is that true?"

"What treasure? I have never heard of it." Li Xiang denied.

These four men were the assassins he paid a big price for. Considering that he had a number of men who were only soul hunters rather than assassins, this hidden card Li Xiang planned up his sleeves was now actually useful.

As for the God King treasure, Li Xiang does not want to share it with these four guys. He plans to keep it for himself, the assassins are already lucky to have a grey eye soul beast.

Soul beasts were judged by their eyes. The deeper the color of their pupil, the stronger the soul beast, and hence more valuable.

Was Han’s Black Egg a grey eye? No one knows, Han himself does not know either, because the Black Egg was still hiding in his egg shell, not wanting to leave, and no one has seen its real face.

Li Xiang pinning the Black Egg as a grey eye was all purely speculation. The soul hunting radar left from God King could be used to scan soul beast in the area and determine its level based on the energy fluctuation level of the soul beast. The soul hunting radar index showed that the Black Egg was a grey eye, and Li Xiang believed it.


Li Xiang waved his hand "Now you guys go hide, I think not long from now, Feng Wanzhou and Han will come. This old geezer, he can actually escape from Fierce Demon’s tracking, looks like he still kept a card up his sleeve, and did not give all his goodies to me."

"But it doesn’t matter. Soon enough, everything the old geezer have will be mine!"

The four assassins silently stepped back, and the shortest one laughed and said, "technically speaking, it is ours."

Without hesitation, Han and Feng WanZhou decided to act immediately.

Using the cover of Luo Ying’s technique, Han’s group of four moves towards the diamond pyramid.

The Fierce Demon was outraged. It paced around the pyramid, roaring loudly, after using one soul kill ability, the fierce demon appeared tired, but the thought of revenge was keeping him unsettled.

Normally speaking, overpowered techniques such as the soul kill cannot be used continuously, for lower level or young soul beasts, not only can they do a limited damage, they will also lose their life after using a soul kill.

Only for fully grown high level soul beasts like the Fierce Demon, could they survive after using a soul kill. According to myth, the real top tiered soul beasts can use THREE soul kills and not die, but that requires a twin-black-pupil top tier soul beast. If the Fierce Demon’s both eyes were not at the deepest color, then at most he can use two soul kills.

Han carefully entered the sanctuary left behind by the God King. The sanctuary’s exterior was a diamond structure, but was inlaid with pitch black stones, along with a number of glowing stones which lit up the entire pyramid.

The towering spire structure gave a sense of oppression, for the people inside it to feel puny unconsciously. The big hall was very wide, surrounded by black stone columns.

Li Xiang stood near the middle backend of the hall, just by himself, but does not appear to be afraid of Feng WanZhou and Han.

Li Xiang smiles, "Master, I thought you were lost."

"From now on, don’t call me master." Feng WanZhou replies deeply "To think I raise you up, treated you like my own son, and all your armor, your privilege, were all passed on from me."

"But you do not care for old times, viciously planning to not only murder me, but also killed your three brothers! They idolized you while growing up, and were most inspired by their older brother, you!"

Li Xiang smirks "Speaking of vicious means, what’s more vicious? Me killing your three stupid sons, or you killing my parents!"

Feng Wanzhou suddenly stunned, with a painful look in his eyes, he shook his head, "Things were not what you think. I was very close to your parents, I did not murder them."

Li Xiang replies coldly, "Everyone knew you were nicknamed a crazy guy, if it weren’t for your crazy antics that caused trouble, how can the soul hunt fail? If not for you to provoke the soul beast, to fail the soul hunt, how could my parents die!"

"You only fostered me, not out of kindness, but out of guilt and empathy! You feel that you have faulted my parents, but me, I DO NOT need your empathy!"

"Tell you the truth, not only were your three sons murdered by me, your obese wife was also murdered by me. I put a frog poison that speeds up her heart beat in her morning tea, bit by bit, undetected. But over time, it will drain up your wife’s heart! She’s not like you, not having the power to protect her body, so she was slowly tortured to death by me. You remember how painful she was when she was dying. You were there…"

"Stop it, no more!" Feng Wanzhou screams, "My wife, she has always treated you like her own son!"

"But I have never considered you two my parents!" Li Xiang yelled, "I do not need your empathy, you are my parents’ killer! I’d be shaming my family name to not avenge this crime!"


Feng WanZhou felt like he was struck by lightning, and appeared to have aged in a blink of an eye.

Oh what a sin, if it wasn’t for Feng WanZhou who fostered Li Xiang, in this dark vortex beehive world, there’s no way he’d survive until today. It turned out that he raised a poisonous snake!

To think of the tragic death of my wife, from a healthy some 200 pounds to only 60 pounds at her death, how cruel and how much suffering did she endure, and it was all because of Li Xiang!

Then there were the three sons. When Feng WanZhou decided to give the president position to Li Xiang, all three of them were happy for their older brother. In their eyes, Li Xiang was a blood-related brother. But in the end, they all died tragically at the plot of Li Xiang!

The price to pay for raising a poisonous snake, was a broken home with no surviving family members!

Feng WanZhou was in a lot of pain, with both eyes filed with pain and tears of regret.


Suddenly, Han had heard enough. Obviously, Li Xiang was a man with a plan, not only to take Feng WanZhou’s life, but also break him mentally. Li Xiang spilled his unspeakable vicious secrets in the open right now right this moment, so it clearly does not mean well.

As for this type of no heart no feeling guy, the best way is to let him forever lose his heart!

"Void domain, OPEN!"

Han, with the momentum of a tiger, jumped forward wielding his knife.

When against soul beasts, the Void Domain may not be well suited, but for humanoid enemies, the Void Domain always did its job!

Same level and below, no esper could be Han’s match!


At the same time Han made his move, four shadows of various shapes appeared behind the columns where Li Xiang was standing. It was the four hidden assassins, and at the same time, Li Xiang’s mouth raised with a touch of strange curve.

Can’t say Han miscalculated, because he clearly saw Li Xiang walk into the sanctuary alone. How can he know that Li Xiang was this insidious, even planning men here inside the sanctuary!

These people by looks were clearly not regular men, but were all top notch professionally trained assassins.

Han’s Void Domain opened, and all superpowers were taken away.

These assassins adjusted their mentality quickly. If they cannot use their superpower, then they will just fight with their fists.

Clearly, they were not only assassins, but very experienced excellent assassins.

At this moment, Han had rushed to half way, and had no way to return. Anyway, in Han’s battle philosophy, there was no such thing as retreat!

Against one enemy? Fight aggresively!

Against five enemies? Still fight aggressively!

"Come on!" Han screamed, flinging the broken Star-Strangling Boa in his hand with even more power.

One on five.