Chapter 144: Impasse, Han vs. Star Beasts!(Part One)

Chapter 144: Impasse, Han vs. Star Beasts!

Star beasts, what a herd of terrifying star beasts!

With Han’s personality, he obviously wants to kill Lei Yang right away, but he can’t do that right now because he suddenly found himself being surrounded by a huge herd of star beasts. Right now is not a problem of how to kill Lei Yang, but how to stay alive!

Han was surrounded by a herd of star apes, which are also known as the universe’s smartest star beast.

Star ape’s height isn’t too high, usually at around 2 meters, even the biggest one among them isn’t taller than 2.3 meters.

Black body, blue eyes, eyes gleam with a faint of light.

Due to genetic mutation, there exists a huge difference between star apes and normal apes. They have thicker muscles, upper limb is most prominent, arm length is almost equal to the entire length of their body, claws are at least half meter long, like a row of hooks forged by alloy.

No wonder those galactic pirates’ ships were torn open from the outside, there is such a terrifying crowd of star apes living here!

Their power is terrifying, claws are sharp, and they are also equipped with high agility and wisdom. It was even said that some types of star apes, after a long period of study, can learn how to control starships.

Talk about the planet of the apes!

“Demon Claw, run!” Han’s face became pale as he loudly ordered Demon Claw.


Demon Claw grabbed Yuan Yuan and Old Mo right away and wanted to carry them and ran into the dark forest.


The nearby star apes quickly gathered. Demon Claw chose a narrow gap and it originally had the way out, but suddenly from the high up in the forest jumped down 7 and 8 star apes that were hiding on the tree. They immediately cut off the escape, forcing Han to hurry and command Earth Claw to come back.

What a clever species, they know how to hide strength and had a few accomplices hiding up there.

“Do you want to live or die?!” Suddenly, Han shouted at Lei Yang.

Lei Yang still maintained caution towards Han, frowned, “What idea do you have?”

“We form an alliance, and kill our way out of here!” Han looked around, deepened his voice and said.

“Impossible, this is star ape, the smartest and most powerful star beast in this galaxy. There are at least 60 to 70 of them, that much number, this time we are dead for sure!” Lei Yang’s face became very pale as he said in despair.

With no expression, Han said, “First, we are surrounded by 83 star apes, you counted wrong.”

Lei Yang was slightly shocked, such a short time, Han already had a clear idea of how many enemies there are?

“Secondly, this isn’t the place that the apes planned to kill you at. The reason they suddenly appeared is because they did not expect me to kill you! In the distance, there must be even greater number of apes ambushing! Han continued to shout out his judgments.

“Wait! You are saying that the star apes want to ambush me?” Lei Yang asked with a face of disbelief.

“Idiot! They started eyeing you the moment you landed, and the reason they hadn’t kill you yet was because they want the possessions left behind by the Dark King too. But the treasure was submerged in the black water which is deadly to them, so they were using you! They were just waiting for you to help them bring up the treasure first!”

“The three warships that were waiting for your return, 2 Petrel-class and 1 Thorax-class were already turned into scrap ribbons! I saw it on my way here!”

“Star apes are very smart, they didn’t plan to kill you near the black lake because they are afraid of that deadly water, so they set the ambush point at a place further away from danger. But my sudden appearance disrupted their plan so they had no choice but to surround us first. They are probably scared that I will destroy the Dark King’s treasure after killing you!” Han continued.


Yang Lei swallowed a mouthful of spittle.

The fighters left guarding were killed, even the transportation vehicle needed to leave this place is destroyed. An ambush on the path of return, if what Han said is true, then these star apes are way too terrifying!

“You say, what we should do.” Lei Yang’s attitude suddenly took a 180-degree turn and began inquiring Han.

“My third point is, star ape is a rare gregarious animal among star beasts, every group of star apes must have a leader. Usually, the black star apes are the lowest level of the population and their leader must be the biggest and a different color star ape!”

“Whatever these damn apes are scared of, we will give them that! Listen to my command, we will back up to the black lake together!” Han immediately yelled.

The blood flow is accelerated!

All along, Han has the characteristic of being stronger in more difficult situations. In this situation of narrowly walking between the points of life and death, Han didn’t feel despair but became more excited, it’s an unprecedented excitement!

“After we withdraw to the pool, then what?” Lei Yang came closer to Han and asked.

“After we get to the water, I will naturally have a way to deal with them! I will open the path and you cover the rear!”

“Got it!” Lei Yang gritted his teeth, forced himself to act. Even a vicious person, will also have the strong desire to survive.

“Han, I’m sorry. You came to rescue me but I dragged you down!” Old Mo’s face is almost covered in tears, with Yuan Yuan in his arms he said with a husky voice.

He could not believe that he will meet Han again here, but the situation is too unfavorable. Facing with a herd of powerful yet brilliant star apes, the chances of escaping alive is close to none, and that makes Old Mo feel very guilty.

“No need to say more!” Han said firmly, “This is already not just your problem, it’s a problem of how all of us can survive!”

Old Mo nodded, wiped away his tears, he knew, Han must be doing fast calculations inside his brain right now, and it’s not wise to interfere Han’s thoughts with words of gratitude.

Time passed second after second, under the siege of a large group of star apes, every second is the most painful torment.

“When do we move?” Lei Yang couldn’t help but ask.

“You shut up! Listen to my command!” Han relentlessly yelled at Lei Yang.

There’s something Old Mo guessed wrong. At the moment, Han’s not just making plans in his head, but madly calculating!

Environment, distance, enemy distribution, accessible paths, enemy reinforcement, all of everything must be prepared ahead of time to make the most accurate judgement!

The real elite fighters have never been simple-minded warriors. Although Han’s nickname is Tough Bone Han, one of the most courageous fighters in this galaxy, but he never lacked the wisdom and tactical ability.


Han felt the earth with a faint wave of tremble, as if something is coming towards them to kill. At the same time, a tearing roar came from the distance.


“Coming! The star ape king is coming!” Han shouted in his heart.