Chapter 16: Earth’s Rage

Chapter 16: Earth’s Rage

Esper Administration of the United Government, Shanghai division.

Deep into the night, Chief Chu Li sat at his desk and looked out of the window silently.

Chu Li was still waiting on the report from the reconnaissance unit, this was the third invasion from outer space since the formation of the United Government. It was also the most serious one, causing 7 espers to be killed in action, with more than 20 espers hospitalized, and at least 300 casualties among civilians.

Before that, Spain and India had also encountered similar attacks, but both of them took place outside of the city in rural areas so their damages were far more insignificant in comparison to this one.

After a few minutes, Li Muyun opened Chu Li’s office door and sat in front of him.

“Chief, the reconnaissance unit still haven’t sent their report yet?” Li Muyun asked.

Chu Li nodded, “We are still questioning them. How does your skill unit thing about this case?”

Li Muyun said, “This successful attempt at stopping the raiders was all because of the courageous espers from Earth fighting with their lives on the line. The skill unit closely analyzed the recording of the scene and noticed outstanding performances from three espers.”

Chu Li finally became a bit excited, and asked in curiosity, “Which three?”

“Cheng Zhong that possesses a speed conversion power. Du Ling, a strength descent esper that is nicknamed the Monk. And lastly Han Lang, the Void End possessing esper of the mystery descent.” Li Muyun listed three names.

Chu Li said sincerely, “When I got there I was just in time to see those three killing the enemy leader. They used Han Lang’s ability as a cover, Cheng Zhong’s speed conversion ability as mobility, and the Monk’s strength as the main attack, and it was very effective.”

“Especially the Monk. He’s not only a strength descent esper, but also one of the heirs to an ancient martial art in Asia, a true talent.”

Li Muyun pulled out a laptop and passed it to Chu Li, “Those three are not just good, but under such a stressful situation, they were able to create a strategy. This is the tape before your arrival.”

Chu Li took the laptop and started watching. Li Muyun had taken all the clips related to Han and the other two and made it into a video. In the recording, when most of the Earth espers couldn’t break the raiders’ defence, Han’s group of three stood out and tore an opening in the enemy’s tight defense formation. They had played a pivotal role in achieving the final victory.

Of course, the other espers’ courage all deserved respect and rewards. It was just that Han’s group of three’s temporary formation was much more effective and skilled.

“That was beautiful.” Chu Li always had a serious face and rarely give compliments. “Their synergy, tactics, and timing were all perfect. It must be the Monk that was in temporary command right? Among the three of them, he’s the most calm one and also with the most battle experience.”

Li Muyun didn’t say anything, he just slightly shook his head.

“It was Cheng Zhong?” Chu Li was a bit surprised, “That boy is pretty goofy normally. It’s hard to believe that he can really be counted on during important times.”

Li Muyun was still silent, he looked at Chu Li and shook his head again.

Then Chu Li completely amazed, “It’s actually Han Lang? He didn’t participate in a single day of training and was just recognized as an esper today, it’s actually him?!”

Li Muyun said, “Correct, every idea at the scene came from Han, even the timing of all the attacks were chosen by him.”

Li Muyun was one of Chu Li’s most trusted subordinates, his words were obviously believed by Chu Li. However, the strategy and choice of timing all came from the least experienced Han Lang, Chu Li really couldn’t make sense of it.

What was a battlefield? It was a place where blood and flesh flew everywhere and death was right around the corner the moment you drop your guard. For the majority of people, don’t even mention thinking quickly on the battlefield, as long as they don’t faint it’s already good enough. To be able to come up with a strategy on the battlefield was a lot harder than people would think, and it is nearly impossible to do without years of training and battle experience.

Han was just an ordinary person before today, but he was able to command two espers that had more experience than him to fight such a beautiful assault/defense battle. Without any exaggeration, if it wasn’t for Han, it would have been a terrible defeat for Earth.

Li Muyun continued, “It’s a pity, Han had the best ability, an amazing mindset in battles, but he only accumulated 27 Power Source Index in 16 years. His potential is very poor, otherwise he would be a talent.”

Chu Li nodded, and didn’t speak further.

At that moment, Chu Li’s secretary walked in into the office, taking big steps. He looked so furious, even his face almost turned green.

“Chief, the result is clear. The raiders’ real target was the Pu Fa Bank’s underground gold safe. They also have another group of 5 responsible for taking advantage of the chaos to rob the safe.”

Chu Li hesitated for a moment, “Gold safe? They aren’t from Earth, why would they need United Currency?”

Then, Chu Li suddenly realized something, his eyes suddenly became cold and he slammed the desk and said, “Now I get it, someone tried to partner with those raiders to rob the banks on Earth, then let their accomplices on Earth convert the UC to GC and carve up the loot on the spot!”

“Who are their accomplices on Earth?”

“Madman Yiwan, a rogue esper from the Russian District. We have notified the Russian district to arrest him.”

Chu Li said in a deep voice, “Gather the special task force immediately.”

“But, we don’t have jurisdiction to operate in the Russian district.”

“Fuck the jurisdiction!” Chu Li finally lost his calm, “Pass my order, gather the special task force immediately!”


A few minutes after, on the roof of the Esper Administration Centre, four Falcon class vertical takeoff aircraft were prepared with 40 special task force espers assembled, also ready for battle.

Chu Li put on his battle suit, walked to the roof, and nodded to his assistant to give a signal. The big screen on the roof suddenly start to display the recording of the fight earlier today at the business district.

All the espers in the nearby area rushed to the site and put their lives on the line to stop the enemy, the scenes were enough to make everyone blood boiled.

The video ended, Chu Li cleared his throat, looked at all the soldiers and said, “Everyone must be really clear about what happened today, when enemies showed up, these espers stood up for us, they protected the civilians, and they protected our home. The majority of them were not soldiers. Some of them were businessmen, some were professors, some students, and one of them was even a groom. They stood out to protect the civilians, was it because of the 2000 $UC bonus we give me every month? NO! Of course not, because lives are priceless. They were that courageous because they felt it was their responsibility as espers! And to avenge for those respected brothers, it’s our responsibility as soldiers! The results were clear! Madman Yiwan, a rogue esper from the Russian district directed this slaughter! Their ultimate goal was the underground bank safe, and the raiders were responsible for causing chaos and distracting us. All these people died just so they could rob the bank so Yi Wan could convert it to Galactic currency. I just don’t get it, we are all espers, and some are willing to give up their lives to protect our homeland! But some have the gull to plan how to kill their own kind? What kind of fucked up reality is that?! The raiders from outer-space are hated, but the traitors of Earth deserve the worst death possible!”

Chu Li continued, “Avenge won’t be overnight! This night, we will go to the Russian district, and send Madman Yiwan and his accomplices all to hell! If the headquarter gives us any trouble, I will take all blame!”

None of the soldiers were not eager to fight, they rushed onto the planes and started flying to the Russian district at full speed.

Two minutes after the Shanghai district’s troops left, the main pilot on one of the Falcon fighters suddenly reported, “Chief, the Beijing Division heard our plan. They sent two Eagle-class fighters and two special task force groups after us.”

Chu Li was shocked for a second, then nodded and ordered, “Received, slow down a bit and unite with our comrade division’s reinforcements.”

The pilot reported again, “Should we wait for the Guangzhou division and Chengdu divisions? They are farther away than the Beijing division reinforcements. As well, Xian division’s troops are closer to Russia, they are currently in front of us.”

“The Russian District has received our notice. Not only did they not have a problem, they are also sending reinforcements from the Moscow division. The Paris division also dispatched 8 special task force groups, and including the heavy artillery units from London, that’s almost one-third of the total army from the area.”

“Chief, new update. The North American and South American division decided to each dispatch an entire army to cross the Atlantic to support us.”

The news came in one by one, after knowing the actions that the Shanghai division was taking, all Esper Administration divisions around the globe all sent out their reinforcement as if they all planned it together beforehand. Even the Americans and the Australians decided that even though they were an ocean apart, they still want to be present for the battle!

Taking advantage and still betraying the home planet, that’s something everyone hates the most! Chu Li is not the only one that wants Yiwan dead. Tonight, all major divisions’ forces will be gathering at the Russian district.

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