Chapter 224: Path of God, Power of Faith!

Chapter 224: Path of God, Power of Faith!

It finally appeared, the legendary Sand Demon, the magical life that dominated this battlefield.

All the black sand quickly gathered up and became a beast, growing bigger and bigger until it ultimately surpassed the sand monster created by Han.


The sand monster that Han created roared fiercely. The sound was still brutal, but it obviously had a little bit of fear mixed in.

Perhaps because the Sand Demon was the mother form of the sand monsters, or maybe it was its presence alone, when the Sand Demon really appeared, even Han couldn’t help but take in a deep breath. That extreme agitation and the surging burst of murderous intent immediately dominated the entire battle field.

Han saw someone running for his life in panic followed by the Thousand Mile Soul Chaser, and that man was the god race warlord Ying Luo.

So Ying Luo was a dimension descent esper, and it wasn’t because that the Soul Chaser didn’t chase after him anymore, but it had chased him into another dimension and Han was therefore unable to hear or see it.

Ying Luo said he could pass this mission himself, possibly by relying on his power to create a hidden dimension. That way, the Sand Demon wouldn’t be able to find Ying Luo and he would naturally pass the quest when the time ran out.

Now that Ying Luo guy couldn’t hold his hidden dimension anymore because Han activated the Sand Demon that dominated this battlefield and this desert was no longer stable, Ying Luo had no choice but to run. Even though he was a warlord elite, he still wasn’t planning to battle the fierce Sand Demon.

Han couldn’t afford to care about Ying Luo running away because now he was facing the most terrifying enemy in his entire life up to this point.

There was not a single speck of black sand on the ground under his feet, all the black sand had gathered together to form the Sand Demon, and the earth was revealed to be a dirt yellow color.

The Sand Demon and the sand monster were a few thousand meters apart, glaring at each other.

Han brought the Ghost Claw and Silver Fox onto the sand monster’s head to inspect the situation because now he couldn’t use the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts anymore as there wasn’t any black sand left.

The sand monster didn’t attack Han, because although it was not loyal, it was also not stupid. It knew that Han was currently on his side and they could still cooperate to deal with the powerful Sand Demon.

As for the Sand Demon, its original form was like a monster with two giant and sturdy long horns on its head. Its body was pitch black with thick stout limbs, and there was a row of fang like spikes on its back, only a little smaller than the two horns on its head.

Right now the Sand Demon had its head down, both roaring and heavily breathing, as if issuing some kind of warning, like a bull ready to charge.


The Sand Demon finally started running.


The long and hard horns suddenly penetrated the sand monster’s chest, and the sand monster used this opportunity to grab onto the Sand Demon’s head with its arms, throwing it heavily towards the ground.

The battle of 500 meter+ tall titans caused the chaos and trembles that cannot be imagined.

When the two monsters collided, the roars could almost pierce eardrums, the trembling caused the dirt and sand to fly up high into the air, and the whole world began shaking as the sand and dirt started flying down like a rain storm.

It seems like it was the Sand Demon that obtained the upper hand.

Han used the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beast technique and used about a quarter of the total amount of black sand to create the sand monster, and that also meant the Sand Demon was still 3 times more powerful than the sand monster.


The sand monster kept on being pushed back by the Sand Demon, although its two feet desperately tried to hold its position, but it completely couldn’t stay on the soft yellow sand. In the blink of an eye, it was pushed out a long way by the Sand Demon, leaving behind two sand ditches of a hundred meter in depth.


With its body being penetrated and pushed back by the Sand Demon that was three times as powerful as it, he sand demon couldn’t bare the pain and issued a long cry.

“Right now! Let’s go!”

Han ordered, the three all jumped down from the sand monster’s head onto the Sand Demon’s body.

In comparison to the giant Sand Demon, Han, Silver Fox, and the Ghost Claw were miniscule, but these three tiny things were very crazy! Giving their all to stab and cut the Sand Demon’s head and body!

The little thing Silver Fox’s cunning and ferocious nature was put to work. Exposing its little claw, it grabbed onto the Sand Demon’s body, then quickly jumped in between the Sand Demon’s eyes, and then swiped at the Demon’s eye.

It even wanted to drill in from the Sand Demon’s nostrils, but the Demon fiercely exhaled air, and the current forced the little guy out. However, it still used its way to give the Sand Demon a critical blow.

The Ghost Claw was like a swordsman, not sly and cunning but very proud.

It landed on the Sand Demon’s back and just attacked towards one direction, using its full power to repeatedly rip apart the middle of the Sand Demon’s back, strike after strike, causing more and more traumatic wounds.

Han didn’t doubt Ghost Claw’s determination at all. He will just keep on striking to eternity, until the Sand Demon was cut in half from the middle.

As for Han, he landed on the Sand Demon’s thick neck, with his right hand strangely pointing towards the sky, and there was an even more strange mass of black clouds gathering in the sky.

Ultimate killing technique!

Han planned on using his strongest ultimate, the Path of God!

He originally wanted to save this skill for the warlord Ying Luo, using him as the first sacrifice to his Path of God. Now that Ying Luo fled, that’s no problem, Han will just use the Sand Demon.

It took a little longer for the Path of God to channel, but once the preparation was complete, Han could release the ultimate strength capable of massacring gods and demons!

The black cloud started rolling crazily in the sky, spinning, and after a dozen seconds, the black cloud became brighter and brighter, like a dragon of light flashing through the sky!

“Path of God, Slay Gods and Demons!”


Han’s right arm that was pointing at the sky finally slammed down, heavily landing onto the Sand Demon’s neck, making this monster cry out of pain.

But unfortunately, that was only the prelude of Han’s god-slaying strike! The true unstoppable force was currently falling from the air.


Hundred thousand lightning strike!

Massacring gods slaying demons!

Han didn’t know how other people understood the Path of God, but his own insight was that the Path of God was the Path of Killing Gods!

Han didn’t believe that there was a god in this world at all, and he intended to continue this belief. And how can he prove that there was no such thing as god?

Very simple, killing those that call themselves god!

Then, there will naturally be no more “gods” in the world!

The same went for demons!

It could already be seen that the reason Han was different from other warriors, was because his combat strength was formed by multiple unshakeable beliefs.

He loved his home, the faith to desperately protect the place he grew up in!

Not believing in gods and demons, the faith to kill gods and demons upon encounter!

The so-called faith is a type of power! A power to be willing to sacrifice his life to persevere to the end!


Hundred thousand lightning bolts, unprecedented, indescribable, with a mocking aura towards the gods and demons, landed right onto the Sand Demon’s neck! Opening up a giant hole!


The Sand Demon let out an unprecedented painful cry, and its two black eyes were protruding, as if almost falling out from their sockets.

Maybe the Sand Demon also didn’t believe that a puny human could actually deliver such a fatal strike with the power of the heaven and earth.

But now it’s all too late. Just because of this, the Sand Demon was too focused on battling the sand monster created by Han and ignored the three little guys on its back.


Just when Han was about to feel satisfied for finally being able to use the Path of God for the first time and thought that the Sand Demon was on the verge of death.

The atmosphere suddenly changed!

The sand below Han’s feet became extremely soft. The Sand Demon actually restored itself to the state of black sand, and the soft sand bound Han and sucked him in!

Towards the body of Sand Demon!