Chapter 424: Black Hole - Blood Soul Formation!

Chapter 424: Black Hole - Blood Soul Formation!

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Golden light flashed, sending Han to the second level of the golden tower.

After seeing the setup of the second level, he was shocked. He had just arrived and he had been surrounded already.

It was an endless desert here. It didn’t have the numerous black stones like the first level where they could hide behind. He could see miles away here.

And they were already surrounded by a huge pack of beasts, probably over 10 thousand. The group was mainly made up of lower level star beasts. Some were higher leveled star beasts, and there were even some darkness beasts.

Black Egg glared and the lower leveled star beasts backed up while the higher leveled beasts just shook their heads and refused to make eye contact with him. It was almost as if Han and his team were luring them.

"Let’s go! Kill without exception!" Han yelled at Silver Fox.


Silver Fox rushed towards the beasts, showing its sharp claws.

Ever since Silver Fox had absorbed energy from the little bean sprout, he had been looking for an opportunity to show off his new skills in front of Han.

Now it was the time, how could he let this go?

Silver Fox was used to attacking from a range, but now he had become a melee fighter, scratching all the beasts that came in his way.

Silver Fox’s attacks directly ripped these beasts apart.

Finally, it was Silver Fox’s turn to attack!

Silver Fox worshipped his master, Han. Han learned the Paths of Void, so he only knew offensive techniques and would never take a step back. Regardless of whether he was faced with one enemy or 10,000 enemies, he would always just go for it.

But Silver Fox couldn’t do that, he could only fill the gaps that Han missed and be his sidekick. He was sly and intelligent, focusing on sneak attacks and tricks.

So Silver Fox had always hoped for a day when he could attack like his master.

Boom boom boom~

Within moments, Silver Fox put down a wave of beasts that were blocking him. This was his first time causing mass destruction like this, and he really enjoyed it.

Rip apart whoever he saw, kill whoever blocked him! This feeling was incredible!

Han noticed Silver Fox’s big change, but he was still different from Han. Han carried an air of anger and aggression when he attacked but Silver Fox still looked very calm and sophisticated when he attacked. Yet he did no less damage than Han.

Initially, a lot of the higher leveled star beasts didn’t even put Silver Fox in their eyes. They didn’t think such a little thing could present a threat.

And then Silver Fox would stab his claws into their bodies, and BOOM!

A huge wave of energy ripped the enemy’s body apart.

It was like inserting a timed bomb in the enemy’s body and then exploding it.

Whoever was hit by Silver Fox wouldn’t even have crumbs of their body left by the end.

Silver Fox was now easily underestimated by its enemies. His aura became too soft, even softer than before - like a little shrub of grass shaking in the wind. But his aura was not a good indication of his powers, the result of being struck by him was detrimental.

In reality, even though they were attacked on the second level of the tower, the impact of the attacks wasn\'t that strong. Some of the lower leveled beasts didn’t even want to approach them too closely, and those who were not afraid of attacking Han weren’t much of a challenge either.

Other than Silver Fox, there were also Blue Star and Black Egg. Blue Star was a top-notch precision killer. If the enemy came too close, Blue Star would disappear into thin air and within a millisecond a slash would appear on the enemy’s neck and Blue Star would be back to where he was before.

As for Black Egg. He only really moved when Blue Star looked like he was struggling. He would then quickly fly over, pat the head of the enemy, and then the enemy would be a headless body.

Comparing Silver Fox’s aggressive attacks and Blue Star’s accurate attacks, it looked like Silver Fox was playing Whack-a-Mole.

The three beasts around Han were able to control the situation like metal walls, Han didn’t even need to do anything.

Han, however, felt like Xiao Bao who was hiding behind him wanted to get in on the action too, but his hesitation made it very hard for him to get involved. When he finally decided to join, the enemy would’ve already been taken care of by the other people.

These huge changes shocked Jian Jia. She had only been away from Han for a couple of months but everything seemed so unfamiliar to her now. Silver Fox could fight and take care of so many enemies! Was this even the same little squirrel as before? Now he was clearly a weapon of mass destruction! His abilities were almost on par with Black Egg!

And Blue Star? Who is Blue Star? Didn’t Han use to have two dumb-looking genetic beasts? Even though they kind of look alike, their methods of fighting was very different, Blue Star was like a classic samurai. His reaction speed was extremely fast and he attacked with lightning speed as well.

And beside Han, there was Xiao Bao who looked super obedient. He was clearly not built up for war, but Han brought him anyway.

Everything had changed, the relationship between Black Egg and Han improved a lot too. Even though because of Black Egg’s personality, he would never fully follow the instructions of Han like Silver Fox and Blue Star, but now at least Black Egg would protect Han and accepted most of the commands Han gave him.

It seemed like within the past few months, Han and Black Egg had constructed a stable relationship that wasn’t necessarily intimate, but still close. No doubt this was a result of Han’s personality.

As to Han, he didn’t change much. He had leveled up but nothing about him had really changed. He still drew a distinct line between love and hate, without much arrogance despite his accomplishments.

Wai Late Dao had been talking big the whole way, but Han didn’t see him do anything even once. He was always hiding behind Han, keeping his hands in his sleeves. His sleeves were puffed out, almost like he was hiding some treasure inside it.

After a couple of hours, under the protection of Silver Fox, Blue Star, and Black Egg, Han finally arrived at the platform to the third level.

Han was concerned, even though their speed was not slow, but they still haven’t caught up to Lone Abyss, why was he so fast? Why was he rushing, was there another trap?

"Enemies that we cannot see are the scariest!" Han said, "We aren’t fast enough, in the next level we must at least catch sight of Lone Abyss, and determine how far we are away from him! Let’s do this!"


Silver Fox looked excited from all the fights, he had always been a scout and this was his first time actually fighting. After he heard the words from Han, he started howling.


Black Egg sounded bored and sighed. Then he shook his head.

The masters were often lonely. Black Egg didn’t want to fight with these lowly leveled beasts, and Han had only ever seen Black Egg excited when he met a strong opponent, or when there was energy that he wanted to eat.


Just as Han was talking to Silver Fox and the rest of them, a gold light flashed and Wai Late Dao was the first to leave again! Han was kind of angry. He thought to himself that this old guy was unreliable, not being able to fight but able to run so quickly.

"Oh well, let’s catch up to him. He is Howling Forest’s teacher, after all, we can’t let him get hurt." Han said defeatedly.



Gold lights flashed and Wai Late Dao was the first one to arrive on the third level.

He half squatted on the ground with both hands in his sleeves, giving a death glare. His angular face was like a sharp knife!

If Han saw this, he would be very shocked.

Was this still the clown Wai Late Dao? Was this that old man that talked big every day?

Wai Late Dao right now was a completely different person than the other days! He had a very different air surrounding him!!

What was even more shocking was that he’s been following Han the whole way and didn’t lift a single finger, but now he suddenly wanted to fight!

"It is now!"

Wai Late Dao roared and took out his hands from his sleeves.


A group of white paper cranes flew out from his sleeves. They were made from white paper but when they were released, they danced like eagles, increasing in speed, rushing towards the distance.

"I’ve waited for this day for my whole life! Let it begin! Begin! It’s either you die today, or me!" Wai Late Dao said in an oppressing voice.

His body was shaking violently.


If Han saw Lone Abyss, then he would understand why he was walking so fast.

In reality, Lone Abyss wasn’t walking. He was sitting on a gigantic black coffin.

This was the exact coffin that was used to capture Lion Flying Eagle. There were skulls on the two ends of the coffin.

Lone Abyss led his group to sit on the coffin, and the giant beast Eight Claw Flying Nether that he created was carrying the coffin on his shoulders and flying with it.

Lone Abyss didn’t need to fight with any of the beasts because all the beasts were scared of the weird Eight Claw Flying Nether. Even if a high leveled beast approached them, they would be killed, no exceptions.

"This Night Stalker is pretty good." A soul beast flew from the distance and Lone Abyss murmured quietly.


Eight Claw Flying Nether shot out one of his arms, and speed was faster than laser cannons and shot directly through the head of the soul beast.

The angle was extremely accurate. The Eight Claw Flying Nether’s arm was like the teeth of a beast, and it hit the soul beast directly on the heart.


The soul beast fell and Lone Abyss ignored it.

Not much time past until the soul monster crawled up and followed behind Lone Abyss like a loyal dog.

The soul beast no longer had a mind of its own. It became zombie like, and its black skin slowly dried up and cracked.

Including Lion Flying Eagle, the Undead Clan’s eight masters’ energy and soul were all captured in the body of the Eight Claw Flying Nether, so this beast could revive the dead.

Kill all their enemies and revive them so they become their followers. This was the ultimate plan of Lone Abyss.

Behind Lone Abyss, a group of soul beasts was following him. No wonder Han didn’t meet anything super challenging, it was because Lone Abyss had conquered all of them.

Lone Abyss smiled and said to himself, "The last time I came here, I almost died from these things chasing me, but this time everything changed. I am no longer a teen that was trying to prove myself, today I will become the owner of this Golden Tower, what a happy day!"

"If people in my family knew what I was doing they would probably be really mad. Oh well, they can’t see this."

Linda asked, "Master, your goal was to control all of the top tier beasts in this Golden Tower?"

Lone Abyss nodded and said, "They don’t listen to me, they only listen to that monster on the 9th level, so I don’t have another choice other than to kill them and control their corpse."

"The monster on the 9th level? " Linda was curious.

"Yes." Lone Abyss shrugged and said, "The Golden Family liked to put guardians within their dimensions, and the guardian of this Golden Tower is really scary. Even hearing his name scares me."

"Two eras ago, I was too scared to go to the 9th level, but now I am so much stronger but I am still unable to go to the 9th floor."

"We just need to go to the 7th floor and collect monsters on our way, so even if those humans came to the 7th level, they would get completely killed. As to the two monsters on the 8th level and the biggest monster on the 9th level, we must avoid them."

"According to the specifications of the golden tower, the first level has 9 monsters as guardians, the second floor has 8, and by the 9th floor, there is only one left. That monster is the scariest, I won’t tell you the name of the monster because I honestly don’t even want to start thinking about how terrifying it is."

Lone Abyss seemed to be in a good mood and that was why he was saying so much to his subordinates.

But his subordinates were scared to death. Lone Abyss was very powerful. When he was faced with Lu Shui Qiu Lin and the other Big Fives he was so calm. Yet now he didn’t even want to mention the name of the monster on the 9th floor. They could imagine just how terrifying this monster must be.

Lone Abyss was in a really good mood, his strategy was flawless. He was going to lure the people like Lu Shui Qiu Lin onto the 7th floor where he would be waiting for them with his army of beasts, he would quietly wait for them to come up.

And then he just needed to watchthe beasts bite the people from the Big Five to death. He didn’t even need to lift a single finger.


Just as Lone Abyss was being self-absorbed, something weird happened.

A cloud of white paper cranes that flew from the distance alerted him.

"Thousand Soul Formation! There is a master here!" Lone Abyss jumped up immediately and yelled, "Shoot these cranes down! We have to stop this Soul Spell!"

But, he was too slow.

The paper cranes that were powered by Wai Late Dao’s grudge circled around Lone Abyss.


He heard a string of sharp sounds and the paper cranes all cracked, turning into golden lights.

"Blood Soul Formation? Who is doing this?" Lone Abyss shouted sharply, it seemed like he was scared of this thing called the Blood Soul Formation.


Another sound came.

The paper cranes cracked one by one, and afterward, the space cracked too.

Above their head appeared a big black hole, and there were two distinct roars coming from the black hole.

Roar ~


Crazy winds stirred up and there were dust and rocks everywhere.

The world was like it was mad, sucking everything into the black hole.

"Oh no! This Soul Blood Black Hole directly goes to the 8th level!!!" Lone Abyss screamed with fear in his voice.