Chapter 323: Han + Luo Ying = Problem Solved

Chapter 323: Han + Luo Ying = Problem Solved

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Everything happened so quickly, the four assassins’ mind were in sync as they surrounded Han, and Li Xiang backed off to the rear.

These four assassins who were invited by big money had worked together for a long time, they can skillfully cover for each other. Assuming if Li Xiang rushes in to join their formation, he might even drag them down.

Like most assassins, they were nameless, and even if they did have names, they wouldn’t tell others. The people that hired them only knew that they were called the Four Black Hands.

Most killers worked alone, even top tier assassins like Lance who grew up in an assassin family didn’t like to cooperate with others. However, it’s completely different with Four Black Hands. They were known for their cooperation. Whether it was to kill one person or one hundred people, it was always all four of them executing the mission together.

The Four Black Hands were very experienced, right after the sieging formation was set, they launched an attack towards Han from all four directions, aiming to take him down at the very first moment.

After all, behind Han still stood Feng Wanzhou, Jian Jia, and Luo Ying. Since Jian Jia and Luo Ying were girls, the Four Black Hands decided to finish Han instantly, and then finish off the others.

How could Han not know what they were planning. After possessing the Brain of Darkness, Han’s cognitive and judgement ability were already incomparable to the past.

In the face of a siege, Han’s decision was very surprising. He decided to pick one and focus his attacks!

"Path of Yao!"

Han suddenly accelerated, going berserk towards the fat one of the Four Black Hands.

Han locked onto him. Doesn’t matter what should be done with the other three, Han will kill this fat one first and then decide!

This was undoubtedly a street fighting strategy, when faced with multiple enemies, the only option is to pick one and knock the crap out of him. Doesn’t matter how much it hurts to take other people’s fists, Han will still aim to finish off one first!

Jian Jia was shocked, Han went berserk too quickly, which left her no opportunity to lend Han a hand. Besides, the moment Han uses his power, everyone wouldn’t be able to use theirs, including the complete water type power that Jian Jia takes strong pride in!

As for Feng Wanzhou, he was pretty provoked by Li Xiang. People like him that saw relationships as something very important, they were most vulnerable to psychological attacks. At this moment, although he intended to lend Han a hand, but he has not completely recovered from despair. Besides, his power was also taken away by Han.


Han’s Path of Yao might not be able to kill all Four Black Hands at once, but there’s no problem killing the fatty. Everyone just saw him clashing violently into the fat assassin.


The Ares-class Star Strangling Boa came into contact with the fat assassin’s two daggers, and Han’s weapon broke into two pieces instantly. The fat assassin became extremely happy, he didn’t expect Han’s weapon to be this vulnerable, breaking into halves right when the battle began. This could be the greatest misfortune to a warrior!

But before the fat assassin could feel more joy, he just heard the sound of wind scratching past his ear. The Star-Strangling Boa already broke after colliding with his weapon, yet Han still didn’t stop his attack and continues to thrust it towards the fat assassin’s head!


The broken blade was thrusted into the fat assassin’s eye!

The blade can break.

But Han’s violent fighting style would never change!

Han shoved the broken blade into the fat assassin’s eye with one hand, and grabbed his head with the other, and then he pushed his whole body forward.

He had no choice but to rush forward. Although the threat at the front was eliminated, there are still three enemies from the other directions that were eying him menacingly. With another one thousandth of a second, the other three assassin’s blade would land on Han’s back. But after the tragic battle earlier, Han’s armor was destroyed, so the only thing he’s wearing is a leather armor that he casually grabbed from Soul Hunting City.

Although Han’s movement was fast enough, ruthless enough, and fluent enough, but the enemies were after all experienced killers. Han got a chilling fill behind his back, and he realized that the enemies’ blade was about to get him. This time, even if he doesn’t die, he would be severely injured.

Seeing Han in such a critical situation, at the nick of time, a petite silhouette suddenly appeared behind Han’s back. It turned out to actually be Luo Ying!

So, her speed was actually this fast, far exceeded Jian Jia and Feng Wanzhou’s speed, and even Han’s as well!

Now that they thought about it, Luo Ying did seemed to have this kind of power. During that big battle at the Mystic Valley, Han charged into the dimensional rift. Even the super warlord Sima Hunfeng could not get into the rift in time, yet the mysterious pair of sisters Luo Ying and Luo Jin managed to instantly cross the entire battle field and got into the rift.

It can be seen from this that Luo Ying for sure was equipped with an extraordinary power, and this power could even be used when Han has his Void Domain active!

"Yao technique!" Luo Ying suddenly touched her hands and whispered, "Banshee Descends!"


Jian Jia and Feng Wanzhou almost both saw clearly, Luo Ying wasn’t by herself, but there was a banshee with her hair down with her. Luo Ying suddenly appeared riding on the banshee’s shoulder, which meant that this banshee was very likely to be Luo Ying’s protector!

Luo Ying’s face was pale, and she almost shouted loudly with all her strength and said, "I don’t’ allow you guys to hurt the people around me again! When my sister died, I was too nervous, and I couldn’t protect her! I won’t allow something similar to happen again!"

With Luo Ying’s reflex, it was indeed possible for her to charge up and save her sister before her sister was killed by the Lion-mask executor.

But the Luo Ying at that time was no longer the present Luo Ying. She was inexperienced, nor had she experienced the pain of losing a loved family member.

After experiencing painful scars, people would change dramatically.

Today, just when it seemed like Han was about to be injured, Luo Ying stood out and protected Han’s back with her little body. Everything happened without hesitation, and Luo Ying’s speed far exceeded the experienced Jian Jia and Feng Wanzhou.

Such a little girl, after experiencing her sister’s tragedy, although painful, she would slowly begin to learn.

That black shadow-like banshee was indeed Luo Ying’s protector. She listened to Luo Ying’s command, and with an unpredictable style, the banshee began her attack towards the three assassiins. The skeleton-like claws penetrated right through the two assassin’s chest. There was no blood, yet their heart was directly taken out.

Only within a second, the famous Four Black Hands corporation had only the tall assassin left.

Luo Ying’s Banshee of Darkness was very powerful, instantly killing two assassins.

But Luo Ying’s protector goddess was a shadow after all, with no physical entity. Although she tried to use her body to protect Luo Ying, but at that moment, the last assassin’s knife already showed up at in front of Luo Ying’s face.

Luo Ying’s protector immediately became nervous, which was also strange, because it seemed like this shadow not only had consciousness, but also have feelings. Her caring love for Luo Ying was written on her face.

After all, Luo Ying was just a little girl. Although she charged up nervously to protect Han, but right now she still couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

At this critical moment, two big feet flew straight past the air above Luo Ying, it was Han!

Although he leaped forward, but his two legs were still in reach for a strike.

Besides, Han practiced the Six Paths of Void which not only allowed him to master six ultimate skills, but also the most unpredictable style of movement in the world!

Han leaned his whole body forward after taking down one assassin, yet his legs and feet flew up, striking back right into the tall assassin’s face!

Theoretically speaking, high level assassins shouldn’t make this kind of mistake and could easily dodge this kick, but the key is, no one expected Han would still be able to strike back in that kind of fleeing situation!

But the tall assassin’s attention was fully focused on Luo Ying and his dead brothers, and he was directly sent flying by Han’s kick! His face instantly deformed, with his whole nose tilted to the side and teeth falling out. It was obvious how much strength Han put into that kick!


Before the tall assassin could land, the banshee that protected Luo Ying rushed up in rage. Her bony arms were inserted directly into the tall assassin’s chest, pulling out his heart, lung, liver, gall bladder, and then torn them all into pieces!

It was imaginable how important Luo Ying was to the shadow banshee. If anyone dared to hurt Luo Ying, this banshee would definitely go berserk.

As for Luo Ying herself, she directly came to Han’s side and asked if he was okay.

Han hesitated for a second, then gently nodded and patted Luo Ying’s little head, smiled and said, "Thanks, if it wasn’t for you, I probably would have already gotten stabbed a few times."

Everyone became dumbfounded!

What just happened!

The four assassins that looked all mighty and high-end and expensive, they were all taken care of by Han and Luo Ying!

Isn’t this a bit too overpowered?!

Jian Jia appeared to be very angry. She always regarded Luo Ying as a naïve little girl, but now she suddenly realized that Luo Ying was actually an opponent that’s very difficult to deal with.

Seeing how intimate she was being with Han, Jian Jia just couldn’t help but feel angry.

Although Luo Ying was still small right now, but she will grow up eventually.

The most dumbfounded person was Li Xiang. He was still hoping for the Four Black Hands to kill all the enemies, but now no enemy was dead, and all four of them could not be more dead. What the f*ck is this?

Feng Wanzhou began approaching Li Xiang step by step with a cold face, he intended to avenge his wife and sons.

The angry and jealous Jian Jia also closed in towards the last enemy, she wanted to prove to Han that she was not worse than Luo Ying.

Li Xiang’s face became pale as he moved back step by step, but he eventually backed into a wall and felt a chill down his spine.

Suddenly, the sound of applause came from the hall.


Han was shocked, holy crap, there’s still more people here?!

Is it an enemy?

Or is it an ally?