Chapter 368: Seeing Linda Again

Chapter 368: Seeing Linda Again

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9527 smiled, pointed to the distance and said: "I have no idea, but you do."

"I do?"

Han remained skeptical, he looked at what 9527 was pointing at, and there he saw Luo Ying, Ye Weiwei and Black Egg. They were teasing Black Egg. But surprisingly, that little fellow Black Egg was not angry at all, but appeared to be very intimate instead.

This was very peculiar. In common sense, Han was the owner of Black Egg, but Black Egg fought with Han all the time. It felt like Ye Weiwei and Luo Ying had some unknown magic cast on them or something. Black Egg liked them a lot, hanging out with them all the time all happy and giggling.

The clever Silver Fox also liked these two girls, leaving Han with only the two dummies Ghost Claw and Demon Claw, with no smarties around. Yuan Yuan was also assigned some tasks by 9527 and stayed in the command center.

"You mean Black Egg?" Han startled, murmured.

"That’s right." 9527 scratched his chin and said," Black Egg is a picky eater. He likes authentic advanced energies the best. We can search for the Training Dimension using this characteristic of Black Egg."

"Black Egg is absolutely a godsend treasure. Even the mightiest in the All Gods Corporation doesn’t have someone like him. The most primitive way to find Training Dimension is to check the dimensions one by one, which is time and labor consuming."

"But we only need to bring Black Egg. If Black Egg gets excited suddenly, there is a good chance that there is a Training Dimension with natural power nearby!"

9527’s words made Han eager to try. He nodded repeatedly, " What you say makes sense. I’ll get a team ready right away. Just in case, let’s leave Sima Hunfeng here. I’ll only take Lance. After all, the less the people, the more convenient it is to maneuver."

9527 thought for a second and said, "Take Pluto as well."

"Why?" asked Han.

"Not sure. But I always felt that Pluto seems to be different from us." 9527 said.

On the reverse side of the universe, the Dark Net.

Black channels as wide as the galaxy were like human blood vessels, and those countless forked intersections were like capillaries. Each end of a capillary was a large or small dimension that was known as the world.

Han chose to enter from a world in the Cursed Triangle area to escape the chase of the All Gods Corporation, and the entrance was closed after they entered the world.

At this moment, there stood a person, a woman, a beautiful woman, outside the Seal.

If Han was here, he could have recognize her right away. This woman was the one who stole his particle module – Yue Linda. According to 9527’s judgement, Linda was probably not human, nor a human-like intelligent being of any race, but a Soul beast with a special ability.


A thin figure went through from the seal which should have prevented invaders, and came to Linda\'s side.

It was a skinny guy with a hawk-like nose and mung-bean-like eyes. His six eyes are arranged into an equilateral triangle shape. Additionally, he also had four ears. Obviously, he was an alien among the humanoid intelligent beings.

This skinny guy showed Linda a clip, which was secretly recorded in the world where Han and people were hiding using a remote optical device.

Linda looked at it, laughed and said, "It really is them. I didn’t expect them to come to the Cursed Land."

That skinny guy frowned, "So, you know them? If they are your friends, then they are friends who brought us trouble. I haven’t seen a Dark Net starship of the All Gods Corporation show up in the cursed land for many years. These starships are coming after them this time. "

Yue Linda shook her head and said, "No, they are not my friends. I should even say that they are my enemies. "

The skinny guy nodded, "Actually, it doesn’t change anything even if they are your friends. These guys have a lot of good stuff in their hands. See, that space station, there are a lot of good things in it. I will report to the tribe truthfully, and the tribe will not let go of this fat piece of meat. "

Linda made no comment. She, as if suddenly thinking of something, asked that skinny guy, "Did you see a strange little thing? It can fly. It’s very fat, with black scales, and a pair of golden eyes. "

The skinny guy recalled, "I don’t think I have. According to your description, it should be a Soul Beast, the legendary Twin-Golden-pupil that should have died out."

Linda, with a bright smile on her face, said in a clear and loud voice, "Believe me, I know soul beasts better than you. That little thing is definitely not some extinct Soul Beast. "

"Then what is that?" skinny guy asked curiously.

Linda shook her head and said, "I don\'t know, that’s why I\'m curious."

The skinny guy shrugged and said, "Get out of here as soon as possible. That group is tough to handle. We need to return to the tribe soon. Hopefully the elders have some good ideas. These guys must have brought a lot of good things."

He waved, and a shabby boat flew over from a corner nearby.

The two went on aboard and disappeared quickly into the dark world.


Two days later.

The mechanical arm from the bottom-level warehouse of the Space Station released a newly-built spaceship and placed it onto the crimson moor.

"This is the Dark Net star ship." 9527 said to Han, "It is equipped with a Hyper space transition jump engine, and Dark Net search arrays in all frequencies. It is fast, flexible, but does not have enough fighting power. But it should be good enough to carry out the search."

Han nodded: "I will try to avoid fighting with anyone. In terms of operation, is it different from cosmic battleships?" "

9527 said, "The main difference lies in the transition jump and the radar system. Don\'t worry, with your technique, there won’t any problem controlling this Dark Net star ship. After all, you can even operate this space station."

"Yuan Yuan will not go with you this time. I still need his help. There are many areas to be repaired in the command center, which involves some confidential information. So I need Yuan Yuan to stay for work. Your task will be in Queen’s charge. She will be involved in the search through remote control. "

"Something to clarify is that the hyper space transition jump requires a lot of fixed coordinates, but I haven’t been to 99.9% of places in this cursed land. So in this trip, you may want to rely more on normal transition jumps."

Han smiled and said, "It doesn\'t matter, in fact I’m more used to driving star ships in the normal universe. And again, we are searching, not running, so we don\'t need a fast speed. "

All things were ready to go. Han, along with Pluto and Lance, were ready to depart. Certainly, Black Egg, Silver fox, Demon Claw, and Ghost Claw followed Han.

Luo Ying seemed a little unhappy, pouting. In contrast, Ye Weiwei seemed very understanding, comforting her constantly, but her eyes were always inadvertently looking at Han’s chest.

"Be good."

Han reached out one hand and put it on Luo Ying’s head. Luo Ying knocked off his hand unhappily, and muttered, "I’m not a child anymore!"

"Right, you\'re not a child. You\'re a little girl." Han said to Ye Weiwei, smiling, "This child is close to me. Take care of her while I’m away. "

Ye Weiwei nodded and said, "Don’t worry. I will take care of her, but you ... take care of yourself as well."


The small-size Dark Net star ship took off quickly and left the crimson planet, flying further away.

Lance followed Han all the way from the Milky Way to here, so he was very familiar with Han’s stories. He also knew the relationship between Han and Ye Weiwei. He could not help but remind Han, "Make some time for Ye Weiwei. You two have been together for about three years."

"Ah, if only there was a girl so infatuated with me."

Han laughed, "What are you talking about?"

"Isn\'t it true? She\'s the Miss of the Ancient Maple Leaf, she didn’t keep her grandpa’s company and came to the Dark Net to suffer with you. What do you say this is for?"

Han felt that Lance was pestering, and simply ignored him. Instead, Pluto listened attentively, and noted down every word in his heart.

"Black Egg, it all depends on you to find the Training Dimension. Little guy, don’t embarrass me." Han said to Black Egg out of habit.

"Little guy?"



Black Egg was furious. A guy and a Black Egg started fighting again...