Chapter 181: Migration ad Robot Cemetery (Part One)

Chapter 181: Migration ad Robot Cemetery (Part One)

Right now the Earth Federation’s power had become stronger than the government, even if the president and the parliament’s power added up, it was still comparably less than the 5 military generals composed of the 3 giants plus Ke Lake and Han.

So for Han, passing the migration plan was simple, as long as the three giants and Ke Lake aren’t opposed, was it was the real implementation that needed a lot of energy.

On the second day after the migration decision was made, Han went to the Sichua province in China, and planned to carry out an experimental migration of 10 million people, 2 million each from the China district, Europe district, North America district, South America District and Africa District.

And for the China district, the first group of population selected was in Sichuan. The reason Han came here was to see how ordinary citizens would react to this plan.

If there were violent protests and movements about them not wanting to leave, then the military has to reconsider and make arrangement to the plan.

After some make-up and an outfit change, Han followed a group sent by the army and came to a small village in the mountains.

The village had a hundred and forty households. After Earth stepped into the galactic era, the majority of the young people went to join the army, and now there were only 37 households currently living in the village, and the population was less than 120 people.

The sudden arrival of the military placed the honest and humble village chief in both surprise and fear, and he immediately gathered the whole village together, letting the captain of the small group present the news of moving to a new colonization planet.

“New colony? We aren’t going to live on Earth anymore?” The confused chief asked in surprise.

“Yes, after all, Earth is a very small planet. Although we had made every effort, but Earth’s population, resource, industrial scale, all couldn’t support the development of the Earth’s Federation. Fortunately, General Han found a planet in the distant and remote part of the universe that we can develop, so the five giants of the military together wanted to convince everyone to migrate to the new colony.” The representative from the military politely said.

Han listened quietly on the side, and when he heard they addressing him as general, he felt a little awkward. He just slightly frowned and didn’t say anything.

“Can you show us that piece of paper to see?” A villager asked carefully.

“Yes.” The military representative of the five giants handed over the paper with the five giants’ signature on it.

“Talin, Li Yu, Long Chuan, Ke Lake, and Han Lang! Those are really the signature of the Big Five ah.”

“Uh huh, it seems like the Big Fives are experiencing difficulties and need our help, just look at how polite these words are.”

The villages started chatting, and whenever they mentioned the name of the Big Fives, they were using a pious tone.

The simple and modest village chief stood up and looked out the window.

Although it was already the galactic era, the village was still barren, not much different from the past. And because most of the people already moved to the city, the village became even more lonely.

“Since it’s the Big Five that wants us to move, then let’s move!” The modest and simple chief didn’t know where he got all that courage and said.

“But our land…” The chief’s wife, a stout woman said in distress.

“Why do you still care about the land, this is the big picture! If it wasn’t for the army and tough bone Han, Earth would have already collapsed two years ago. Now the army needs our help, how can we just stand there and watch? Both of our sons joined the army, you woman, you are not allowed to drag our sons’ leg behind.” The village chief was unusually strict and scolded his wife.

“Head of family (TL: a way for wife to refer to husband), should we move?” Another midde-aged woman in the corner whispered to ask her man.

“Of course we are moving! Didn’t you see the five giants’ signatures? They bleed for Earth, and we are not even willing to move home, are we still human?” The man raised his voice and the wife didn’t dare to oppose any more.

Overall, the results were satisfactory.

The opposing voice soon subsided, the reason why these people didn’t move into the cities was because they were unwilling to give up their home town.

But when the military’s representative arrived, these home-loving citizens quickly made the decision to move to the unknown distant planet, handing their future to the military, even though none of them have ever seen the Big Five, nor will they necessarily have the opportunity to meet them later.

The people just blindly worshipped them, they felt that Han bled to protect Earth so everything he said must be right.

Such blind obedience gave Han a lot of pressure. Even though he knew that he made the right decision, he still didn’t dare to make any guarantee for the future.

Han and the military representatives left the village, and left behind only one light alloy luggage box for every villager, told them to pack whatever they need into the box and the military will come pick them up in three months.

“General, are you still going with us to the next village?” The captain asked.

“Just call me Han, I actually have no rank. I won’t be going to the next village, thanks for your hard work.” Han deepened his voice and said.

“What are you saying, you are the one that worked really hard! I heard that in the past two years, you already traveled the entire galaxy, but we are just doing some work within our duty so it’s nothing at all.” The military official hurriedly responded.