Chapter 17: Zero-degree Brain Region Healing Potion

Chapter 17: Zero-degree Brain Region Healing Potion

“It only took 4 hours and 13 minutes?”

Han was staring at the clock, speechless. The two days after he got Void End, his ability to process complicated data became faster and faster, two nights ago he spent over 8 hours finishing up the index report, last night took 6 hours, but tonight, the time needed decreased to only a little bit over 4 hours.

And after the 4 hours of highly demanding work period that required intensive use of his brain, he didn’t feel tired at all. In addition, Han also participated in a battle yesterday but now he only felt a little bit of pain in his chest. This speed of physical and mental recovery was too surprising. Han attempted to justify this improvement, but he couldn’t find any other reason but the new power that he got.

According to the web, there exists some special powers that can increase the metabolism rate of espers, which can in turn increase the recovery rate of wounds. As well, the espers would become more energetic, and replenish energy faster and so on.

Han went downstairs and bought 4 meat buns and a large bowl of wonton soup.

Meat buns were his favorite, it’s something his mother used to make for him when she was still alive. The delicious smelling braised pork were chopped into small pieces, mixed with a bit of pepper, all put into freshly baked bun, one bite and the amazing taste will linger in your mouth.

Maybe it was also Void End’s side effect, Han’s energy significantly increased and his appetite also got really big. He quickly finished four meat buns and the large wonton soup with added egg and shrimp. He logged onto the dark net and started looking for medicine to cure Li Qi’s 4th grandpa.

Han’s first subscriber, Night Walker, ran a medicine store that was decent in size with a favorable pricing. Night Walker gave so much motivation to Han and had also once pinned his post to the top, so Han of course visited his store first.

Night Walker’s medicine website had an artistic name, it was called the Light Breeze of Autumn Night (LBAN). The medicine were all showcased on the online shelves. Han had already looked at them multiple times since LBAN was one of the 200 stores he used to collect his data.

The screen flashed and a chat box showed up, Night Walker saw Han visiting his store and approached him first.

“I saw you visiting just moment ago, are you visiting again because there’s something wrong with the index number?” Night Walker asked in curiosity.

Han answered, “Nope, today’s index report has all been done, after a few hours it will be sent according to schedule. Now I’m just shopping around.”

“Oh, welcome welcome! If you need anything feel free to ask me.”

“I have a friend whose grandpa has a case of atrophy in his zero-degree brain region. I want to buy some zero-degree energy revitalizer.”

Very soon, Night Walker sent a picture to Han. Han took a look and saw that there was an esper tied to a metal chair, his mouth was sealed by a metal ball, and there is a toilet right below his butt. A metal rod pierced the back of his skull and a drop of transparent fluid would come out from the rod every few minutes.

Han only knows that the revitalizers used the brain fluid from young espers as a base, but he never knew that the extraction method was that cruel.

The victims were tied to the chair so they couldn’t even move an inch. To maintain the quality of brain fluid, he can’t even eat anything, and nutrients were directly injected into their bloodstream to keep them alive to live a life that’s worse than death.

“The Brain Fluid source is specimen 3219, a four star strength descent who is 21 years old. He has good physical properties but the zero-degree revitalizer doesn’t work 100 percent of the time. For you, I’m going to use this sample to prepare one serving of revitalizer, with little side-effects, immediately effective and doesn’t require any complementary medicine.” Night Walker was really a professional, and gave Han the best solution.

Han said, “Yep, that would be the best. But isn’t he in a lot of pain?”

Night Walker answered as if he does not care at all, “You want to say cruel right? Don’t joke with me, this is the dark net, the shadiest place in the galaxy. I will be honest with you, this guy is a pedophile. He committed great sins with his power, and countless little girls and boys died in his hands. Allowing him to continue living would be the real cruelty. Now he’s just repaying for his sins, if one day the quality of his brain fluid decreases and I have no more use of him, I will sell his organs to body parts dealers. Slaughtered like an animal and have its organs sold, that will be his ultimate end.”

Night Walker continued, “After all you are in dark net, you have to get used to this lawless world. By the way, your drug index number is getting more and more famous, recently a lot of people started copying you to do index numbers for other industries, did you know?”

Han was still trying to digest the information fed by Night Walker, to a certain degree, Night Walker was the good guy. He saw Han was in need of help and he took the initiation to help without expecting any returns. But if you change the perspective, Night walker was also the typical dark net dweller, doing illegal activities and deeming lives to be simple resources. This might be the two-faced nature of humanity, light and dark exists deep down in everyone.

Han took a second and answered, “More people doing index isn’t a bad thing, after all the dark net doesn’t allow data search or extract tools. Everything relies on being done manually. Some people are willing to work for money, some are willing to buy the data they need to save time. In the business world, everyone takes what they need.”

Night Walker nodded, “You are pretty open about it, but they won’t be a threat to you no matter how hard they hard. After all you started really early and your data bank has far past theirs in both reputation and quality. They can only be your copy cats. Every day I look forward to your update. Before this, I had to visit so many other medicines websites every day to gather information myself. Now, I still do, but I don’t have to spend so much time on it anymore, saved me more time for the wife and daughter.”

Han laughed, “That’s the benefit of outsourcing, I help you bosses with some work to save your time, and you guys subscribe to my service and give me some money to buy food.”

Night Walker laughed too, “You really know how to talk, don’t worry, a small boss like me won’t mistreat you. The revitalizer I will prepare it myself, won’t delay anything. Aside from this what else do you need?”

“I also want some low side-effect training medicines, source energy amplifying medicines, and reflex-increasing potions.”

Night Walker hesitated, “What you asked for are all for soldiers, they have low side-effects. Could it be that you are using it yourself?”

Han said, “Yep it’s for me. Recently I realized, this world is actually really dangerous, so….”

Night Walker nodded, “You are right, this galaxy had always had the rule of the strong devours the weak. It’s fate that we met, I will try my best to help you. But you should understand, the medicine with the best effect also comes with higher risk, and the medicines alone won’t be enough to ensure survival. You also need to learn the best skills, use the best weapons. All of the elite warriors are forged by mountains of money.”

“I understand that logic. I am also looking to get the skills, weapons and whatever else I need to become powerful. But to be honest, I’m still not too familiar with the dark net, and I spent too much time on learning about medicine, so that’s the only field I have some understanding in. About skills, equipment, and training techniques, I know nothing…”

Night Walker had a mysterious smile, “If you want good equipment, coincidentally I just know the right guy. But about where he got his equipment from… you understand.”