Chapter 324: God King Harvey

Chapter 324: God King Harvey

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Clap Clap Clap~

A round of applause came from the hall, Han turned towards the voice and saw Ceng Deng. Ceng Deng was the butler and housekeeper of Li Xiang. It was rumoured that Ceng Deng did not have any superpowers, and was thus left out of the team for the mission.

He somehow arrived earlier than them to the God King Sanctuary. But, Han recalled that when the expedition team departed, Ceng Deng was still bidding his farewells to his superiors. But, he somehow arrived earlier than the expedition team.

Han also recognized the other man. He was the bald and blind man guarding the God King’s Temple.

Han frowned, the battle today was truly weird, everyone from Vortex Beehive seemed to have gathered here.

Ceng Deng and the bald blind man seemed to have nothing to fear. They both barely gave Han a second glance which was a surprise considering only a few days ago, Ceng Deng was following Han around like a lapdog.

"Ceng Deng? Why are you here? Why are you with the old bald blind man?" Li Xiang asked in a deep voice.

Even though Li Xiang and Feng Wanzhou did not get along, they had one thing in common – they both hated the old bald blind man deeply.

Ceng Deng smiled and stood up tall, "How could I miss such a lively party?"

"Li Xiang! You are a big fool. How did you not realize the strangeness of this situation? Do you remember who told you to scheme on Feng Wanzhou?"

Li Xiang’s expression hardened. "It was you." He said.

"Who told you about the God King’s treasure?"


"Who suggested you bring Feng Wanzhou into the expedition team?"

"You again."

Following each of Ceng Deng’s questions, Li Xiang’s expression worsened. He suddenly realized, all the important decisions he had made in the past few years were all under the influence of Ceng Deng. He had literally been a puppet for Ceng Deng!

But still, Ceng Deng’s questions did not stop. "Who told you about the Soul Beast on Han?"

"Soul Beasts never travel close to the Wall of Sighs. Why is it different this time? Why would the Soul Beasts run to the Wall of Sighs and wait for you guys there? Have you thought about these questions?"

"You have been tricking me all this time?!" Li Xiang pointed at Ceng Deng and yelled.

Ceng Deng laughed coldly and said, "Tricking you would be a compliment for your intelligence."

At this time, the old blind bald man said, "Ceng Deng, you are the chosen one to be our next Guild Master. You should have some class towards these dying men."

Ceng Deng bowed towards the old blind bald man and said in a low voice. "Sir, you are absolutely correct. I just have a lot of repressed anger towards Li Xiang after being his slave for so many years. I will act with more class from now on."

"Old man, who are you really?" Feng Wanzhou could not help but ask. He thought the situation was becoming more strange by the second.

The old blind man smiled slightly and replied, "You guys are now standing in the sanctuary I once built. Who do you think I am?"

"You are the God King!" Feng Wanzhou froze and said, "That’s impossible! God King Harvey died years ago! There’s no way you are God King!"

The old blind man nonchalantly said, "If I was dead, how could I protect this big secret?"

"Back then, I came to Vortex Beehive alone and found the entrance from Vortex Beehive to Soul City. It is here where I gained the pinnacle of success and wealth in my life"

"Unfortunately, after me, there were more and more warriors who came to Vortex Beehive."

"At first, I killed them all. But I quickly realized, there was no way I could kill each one of them. Therefore, I decided to fake my death and control things from the dark."

"It didn’t matter what horrible things these warriors did, or how many Soul Beasts they killed. I did not care. All that mattered was that no one touched what I buried under the Diamond Pyramid."

"After all these years, Vortex Beehive and Soul City were still not strong. Whenever Soul City gained some power, there would always be tragedies, and they were all designed by me."

"What I seek is balance. Take this time as an example. You and Feng Wanzhou are the two strongest warriors in Vortex Beehive. If you two and the 200 members of the expedition team die, Soul City will lose its biggest strength. For the next one hundred years, no one will be a threat to my fundamental secret.

"As to what happens after the next hundred years. The same situation will reenact. I will once again use the God King’s treasure as a bait to bring Soul City’s strongest warriors into the pyramid. I will kill them all and restore peace for another hundred years."

"It will be a cycle. Soul City will never become strong. My secret will forever be safe. The God King’s treasure does exist, but it will never belong to anyone."

Everyone gasped a cold breath. What a sinister plan!

To protect his secret, God King Harvey pretended to be a crazy man, but no one knew of the maliciousness within him.

Generations of the strongest Soul City warriors have been killed in this manner by Harvey.

Li Xiang yelled with his face pale, "Old man! I don’t believe any of what you have said! Don’t forget. There’s only two of you guys and five of us!"

After hearing his words, Feng Wanzhou frowned slightly, but did not remark.

For Feng Wanzhou, killing Li Xiang for redemption was important. But to survive, Feng Wanzhou would have no choice but to work alongside Li Xiang.


Suddenly, the situation changed.

King Harvey appeared like a shadow behind Li Xiang, used a bullhorn-shaped sword and cleanly cut through Li Xiang’s neck.

Blood gushed out like a fountain, and the entire hall was filled with the smell of blood.

King Harvey lightly moved the bloody sword and said, "There are only four of you left."

"Li Xiang does not know his own strength. Until his death, he never realized that the four of you, each one of you are stronger than him. He only had the God Armor Protector. Without it, he would not be anyone’s opponent, including his teacher, you, Feng Wanzhou."

"Now, who should I kill next? The chick who knows the Yao technique seems to be delicious."

God King Harvey’s image was disgusting. He was a skinny old man with eyes as white as a dead fish. His head was forward and he was smelling with his nose, like a blind wolf.

Clap Clap Clap~

This time, Han started clapping, and he said, "It is truly an excellent scheme. When I first met you, you advised me to bring Feng Wanzhou onto the team. It was only because you wanted him dead."

"I have to admit. As a Soul Beast, your intelligence and deceptive skills are first class. However, your deception is not perfect."

"What are you talking about?!" God King Harvey shouted.

"I said you are not human. You are a Soul Beast." Han calmly said.

Everyone was aghast. Han said that Harvey was a Soul Beast. That made no sense! How could a Soul Beast have such intelligence and deceptive skills? Even Feng Wanzhou who have lived his life dealing with Soul Beasts could not believe Han’s words.

"You must give me a reason!" Harvey shouted. He appeared to be very angry.

Han laughed and said, "The first time I met you, Black egg kept howling, as if he had met his natural enemy. I was still uncertain at that time."

"When we later met a Soul Beast, Black egg’s reaction towards it was the same as his reaction towards you. But I still was not fully certain."

"But now, I am 90% certain that you are a Soul Beast. It is because you are not afraid of my void domain. My void domain can strip away all super powers, with no exception. But just now, within my void domain, you used teleportation to kill Li Xiang."

"Now I can be certain. No matter what you are. You are definitely not a human or any human-like intelligent specie."

"Then, I started to think deeper. Why do you care so deeply about the secret beneath the golden pyramid?"

"If there is a treasure buried underneath the pyramid, you could simply take it away. You do not have to stay here and guard it, spending so much time and effort to hide your secret. It does not make sense."

"Maybe what was hidden underneath the golden pyramid is not a treasure but something you do not want others to see. Soul Beasts are proud. I guess, once we know your secret, you will feel embarrassed. So, you will die to protect your secret."

"Stop talking!" Harvey yelled, his wrinkled fingers clawed the pillar and the black igneous rock was immediately crushed.

As for Jian Jia, Luo Ying, Feng Wanzhou, and Ceng Deng, they were all in shock!

God King Harvey, the strongest Soul Beast hunter in history, the first man to reach Vortex Beehive, was not a human but a Soul Beast?!

How could that be possible?

Feng Wanzhou and Jian Jia wanted to dissect Han’s Brain and examine if it was mutated. How did he reach such a scary conclusion from all these tiny details?

Luo Ying on the other hand, was looking at Han admiringly. When Han revealed Harvey’s true colors and enraged him, Luo Ying thought he looked cool.

"Things were not as simple as you think. But it doesn’t matter anymore. You are all going to die today. No one will walk away alive!" Soul King Harvey was furious beyond belief.

Feng Wanzhou subconsciously looked at the path behind him…and his expression changed!